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How to fix Android Touchscreen Not Working (Simple solution)

The guide below was originated on Yomiprof and it is a helpful tip to fix any Android Touchscreen Not Working whose screen is unresponsive, or not working.

Imagine your screen touch seize to work, a number of factors can be responsible for it. In this post, we are going to enlight you on what solution to apply to android touchscreen not working.

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Then the guide below will help you fix it.

How to Fix an Unresponsive/ Android Touchscreen Not Working

Android Touchscreen Not Working

For Unresponsive Android Touchscreen without Any Reason

Solution 1: Soft Reset

A soft reset may do the job for you. Simply Turn OFF the Android phone and tablet completely. To restart device with touch screen not working:

  • Press and Hold Power button until your screen goes black.
  • After 1 or 2 minute, press and hold the power button to switch ON the device again.

In most of the cases, the touch screen will work as usual after the device reboots.

Solution 2: Remove Memory Card, SIM and Battery

Sometimes, the fault could be in memory card or SIM card, hence remove the SD card and SIM card from the device.

Solution 3: Boot Your Device into Safe Mode

To enter safe mode, just press and hold the power button, just like you would when turning off the device. Once the power off icon pops up on your screen, tap and hold it for a second or two, select OK, and just wait for the device to reboot. That’s it.

If your device touchscreen works properly after you enter into Safe Mode, then it is confirmed that recently third party app is culprit. Once you locate the troublesome app, uninstall it and confirm that problem is solved.

Solution 4: Factory Reset

If the touch screen totally unresponsive, then it’s time to factory reset your device into Recovery Mode. Though this will erase all data stored in your Android device, hence, you must apply this solution as a last resort and if possible

Watch this tip

Fixes For Touchscreen With Physical Damage

If your smartphone or tablet screen has been physically damaged due to several reasons such as a dropped device in water, on the floor from a high distance, smashed the screen or broke the device then the touch screen could be damaged and thus stop responding.

Try the Following Fixes Before You Think of Replacing it:–

Solution 1: Knock The Touch Screen

If your device has fallen or dropped or smacked, then the main cause for touch screen, not the working problem could be due to losing digitizer cable.

If this is the case, then you can fix the issue by gently knocking on every corner of the touchscreen for several times. This method has solved the problem for many users.

Solution 2: Test The Touchscreen

Simply dial the codes, to open the device’s diagnostic mode. Once you enter into diagnostic mode, you can test the touchscreen for bugs and dead zones.

  • For Samsung phones the code is *#7353#.
  • For HTC phones the code is *#*#3424#*#*.
  • For Sony Xperia smartphone the code is *#*#SERVICE#*#*or *#*#7378423#*#*.

Solution 3: Replace The Touchscreen

If all above-mentioned solutions fail to fix the issue of your touch screen not working problem on Android, then you must replace the touchscreen with a new one.

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    People are still expecting better data plans from our network providers, and here is the Cheapest 9mobile data plan, for you to enjoy. 9mobile comes up with its standard data plan for all its customers. The new data plan gives you the freedom to choose the bundle that works best for you and your needs. […]
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    Are you still seraching for Best Data plan in 2020? Well, stop the search as here comes the compilation of the Cheapest Glo Data Plan and the Cheap Airtel Data Plan for your delight. I called it compilation because I had once wrote about them all in my previous posts. To cut the story short, […]
  • Airtel Free 3GB Data to all Users + Free Airtel TV Streaming with (Best video-on-demand)
    A very pleasant time to all Airtel users, as you can now enjoy Airtel Free 3GB Data. The plan was part of the bonus that comes along with the Airtel TV App. You can now stream live and latest Best video-on-demand with the Airtel TV Hot News MTN Free 4GB Data + 100% Extra Bonus […]
  • New 9mobile Best Data Plan & Codes (Enjoy 15GB + Free night browsing)
    You can now enjoy the new 9mobile Best Data Plan and here are their codes. This comes at the right time as Airtel just start to give free 1GB data for all their customers. MTN double up their bonus to their customer with a whooping MTN free 2GB of data. Just a few months 9mobile […]
  • How to get 2GB Free Data Bonus on Airtel, MTN & Glo (For all customers)
    It’s no more news that you can now get free data bonus on almost all network. This is not a cheat or any hidden trick but legitimate ways to get free data bonus. This post is just an integration of articles on my browsing tips archive, that explains on how to enjoy free data bonus […]
  • Airtel Free 1GB Data to All Airtel Users (See How to Activate it)
    Better days ahead is what to be expected as many of our network in Nigeria are given out various incentive packages like this Airtel Free 1GB Data for their customers. Before going further, See Why People read our Popular Post How to make N3,600 – N20,000 for Watching Funny Videos & Get Payment in Dollar, […]
  • Glo Weekend Data Plan 1.25GB for N200 (Cheapest Data Plan)
    Glo just introduced a data plan known as Sunday Data or Glo Weekend Data Plan. The data plan offers 1.25GB for just N200 This is first of its kind from Grandmaster of Data in the country. Glo once introduced Glo Slaph that offer up to 2GB for just N300. And the cheapest from all data […]
  • Glo Special Offer: 11.2GB Data for Students (Its Activation Code)
    Glo Special offer is a special data plan, made for all youths and most especially students at all higher school of learning. This Data plan is known as Campus Booster but was just reviewed, as a change was made on all other Glo Data Plans. Let me work you through the new Glo Data Packs, […]
  • Glo 17GB for 30days & Night Browsing (Its Activation Code)
    Do you know you can browse for just N50 in a day and N100 to obtain up to 160MB of data in the new Glo Data Packs?. As Glo 17GB is now available for grab for big data users. You can also get 1.8GB of data for 14days validity period at low price N500MB for […]
  • How to Activate Airtel 10x (times) bonus plus 5GB data
    Here is how to activate airtel 10x (times) recharge bonus. And many other network bonuses package for your delight. Well, lets get started, I will love to share withyou the hottest browsing tips like the MTN Free 4GB Data + 100% Extra Bonus (Its Activation) and the people choice data plan of Glo data plan: […]
  • How to Manage Your Phone Data (Video Illustration)
    The rate of data consumption call for the need to manage our data. I have this discussion with a friend on why 6GB data finished within 3 weeks. The answer to this was simple, Imagine getting Smartphone with 32MP selfie camera, 64GB memory and the likes. The way we use, watch and download videos, pictures […]
  • MTN Free 4GB Data + 100% Extra Bonus (Its Activation)
    MTN 4GB Data Bonus is a free package for all customers. This was as a result of The 4G Upgrade Offer, Meaning What Will I Enjoy From? Free 4GB upon upgrade to 4G SIM valid for 7 days 100% bonus on every N500 to N5000 data bundles purchased from month 1 to month 3 after […]
  • Glo Data Code of 7gb | It Validity & Activation
    Glo network is here for you again, with a whopping data of 7GB for as low as N1500. This from Glo is a welcome development. Here for you is thr Glo Data Code In a moment, I will be showing you how to activate this plan, but before, then let me share with you other […]
  • Hot tips: How to let your callers feel you before you speak
    CallerFeel is a service that allows you to express yourself through short messages that will appear on your callers’ phone screen when they call your line. Glo Data Splash: How to activate Glo 1gb & 2gb data for N300 The message will appear as a pop-up notification. You can also use smileys and emoticons to […]
  • How to Register Your Airtel Sim & Do It Yourself
    Are you been stranded in a location and can not use any other network except Airtel. Here below is the way to Register Your Airtel Sim yourself. KYC self-help platform (SMS & USSD based) helps customers find the nearest KYC registration location to them. This is to create ease of access to information on nearest […]
  • Airtel 7GB offer & How to get Airtel 8x bonuses
    Data is life and here are 4 tips to get you data at an affordable price with a long validity period from Airtel network. You can now read on Airtel 7GB offer and much more. Standing on the right foot, let start the work from the cheap data plan for the year 2020 so far. […]
  • 9mobile 7GB + free social data for N1500 (Its Activation code)
    9mobile comes up their standard data plan for all its customers. The new data plan gives you the freedom to choose the bundle that works best for you and your needs. New 9mobile 7GB The monthly data plan ranged from the bigger 75GB data for just N15,00 and validity period of 30 days to activate […]
  • Glo 1GB data for N100 with 5days validity (Its activation code)
    It is the time of the year to enjoy data like never before as Glo reintroduced more data for less money with Glo 1GB for N100. Glo 1GB data Hi guys, if you are such that always surf during the midnight, Globacom is offering you a discounted data bundle to enjoy during the night, with […]
  • Expensive error as Glo gives free 23.4GB of data as a bonus
    As mixed-reaction hit the social network as what I will categorise as error of the year happened, where a Glo data subscription of N2500 was bonused with a whopping 23.4GB free data. Meaning Glo gives free 23.4GB Surprisingly, some Glo customers are truly seeing this as a promo to win more people to their network. […]
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