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See How to Make Free 460 Satoshi Core Without Mining

Yes you got it right, this is a new update on how to earn free Satoshi Core, while the process and procedure are not new, what is now unique is the free Satoshi Core to be earned through a recruitment bonus

Satoshi App rebranded its reward to their miners and recruiters with a brand new App update that comes with free Satoshi Core in form of a GIVEAWAY as an appreciation for their work done in inviting and introducing one of the most recently accepted Cryptocurrencies in the market to friends and families

How to Make Over 460 Free Satoshi Core

Free Satoshi Core

There are so many ways to earn Satoshi Core for absolutely free and these include;

  • Mining Core
  • Buying of Core on the Cryptocurrencies Exchangers and
  • Earning through rewards and giveaway

Getting Core through mining has ended, while you can still buy Core from exchangers, which is not free but the viable means to get a huge amount of Satoshi Core for free now is through the rebranded Satoshi App Giveaway (Proof of Work (P.O.W).

How to Benefit from the Satoshi Core Giveaway

If you wish to join the Core Giveaway of more than 400 Core daily giveaway, then don’t be left out behind.

  • Joining the #CORE Satoshi community here is a chance for you to earn core on the giveaway
  • Use this https://www.btcs.love/ link to download the New Satoshi App
  • Register with Email
  • Fill out KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Click on the App menu Me and click I am not a robot Do face verification and
  • Participate in both GIVEAWAY and AIRDROP
Satoshi Core Giveaway

To Complete your Registration and Verification Faster (See This Video Guide)

Rules of Participation in the Satoshi Core Giveaway

If your battle team recruited new miners last week, you will be able to participate in the CORE giveaway this week. If you are not qualified, please recruit miners for your battle team as soon as possible

Calculation Rules

New recruits last week = new miners registered last week and participated in the airdrop + miners register previously but participated in the airdrop last week. The time of starting to participate in the airdrop will be valid starting time.

Satoshi Core Giveaway Rules

The giveaway is held once a day. Miners will automatically receive vote ticket corresponding to the number of new miners recruited last week (available vote ticket per day = the number of miners recruited last week * 100). The number of available vote tickets automatically restores at 12:15 (UTC) every day.

Miners need to vote for three alphabet [P, O, W]. The system will randomly pick a lucky alphabet at 12:00 (UTC) every day and send rewards to those with the right bet.

The more votes you put in the correct alphabet the greater the chance of getting thereward. For example, if the lucky alphabet has a total of 10,000 votes and you put 100 on it, the probability of you getting a reward is 1%. (If there are 50 winners, your total probability of winning the reward is 50%).

Giveaway Reward

The system will announce the daily total number of lucky miners and the giveaway sum using USDT as the monetary unit (1 USD = 1 USDT). Lucky miners will have a chance to win the reward, the USDT amount will be calculated by real-time CORE price and lucky miners will eventually receive CORE as a reward (able to withdraw without limitation).

It is necessary to know that you can only use MetaMask as at the time of making the piece for receiving your CORE directly to wallet, so see How to Add your Core to MetaMask wallet and Make instant Withdrawal.

CoreDAO recommend staking to earn more free Satoshi Core without mining, the process is simple and straight forward. You can see my guide on How to Claim your CORE to your to MetaMask wallet.

Further resourceful article for you is on How to Boost Your Satoshi Mining Rate Quickly in 24 Hours as well as See How to Make Money Selling your Satoshi CORE quickly

Share Your Luck

The rewarded miners can share a lucky poster. Users registered through the poster’s QR code will become your battle team member.

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A Quick Reminder on How to Make Free Satoshi Core

  1. Joining the #CORE Satoshi community here is a chance for you to earn core on the giveaway
  2. Use this https://www.btcs.love/ link to download the New Satoshi App
  3. Register with Email
  4. Fill out KYC (Know Your Customer)
  5. Click Me and click I am not a robot Do face verification and
  6. Participate in both GIVEAWAY and AIRDROP

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