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How to Claim your CORE 75% Balance (See details)

After the initial CoreDAO airdrop, you all need to claim your Core to your MetaMask wallet and even the 75% balance that will be released for a period of about 2 years.

In this article, I will share the detailed steps to claim your Core to MetaMask and eventually stake and delegate for profit making.

Reminding the newbies not to sell their core but rather stake and delegate it to make more money, in the long run, is essential.

How to Claim Your Core Dao Balance

It will be recalled that on February 8th 2023 the first airdrop of CORE tokens was enabled for trading. While those who missed out on the claim of their Core have to wait till the month of March and the last will be the month of May. However, this detailed guide is on how to claim your airdrop is both for claiming via mobile app and almost the same step for browser users

Claim your Core to MetaMask App

Open your MetaMask app and make sure you are connected to the Core Mainnet.

claim your core

Go to the browser within the MetaMask app and to the https://rpc.coredao.org homepage.

How to claim your core

Once you are on the Core DAO homepage, choose the “Airdrop” option on the top right.

claiming your core airdrop

Next, you have to choose your country of permanent residence.

The website will automatically select a country connected to your IP. If it shows the correct country please confirm with the “Confirm” button.

If the automatically detected country is not your country of residence, please use the drop-down next to the country displayed to see the whole list of countries and choose your country of residence.

After choosing the correct country you’ll be directly transferred to the next step.

Once it shows the correct country, please confirm with the “Confirm” button.

Connect wwallet to Metamask

Choose the displayed option, the MetaMask wallet.
Once you select the MetaMask option, the “Connect” button is enabled.

claim your satoshi core

Confirm connecting to the side by pressing the “Connect” button.

After that, you should jump directly to the view of the Vesting Schedule.

Please make sure that the wallet address displayed to claim your core is the same one that you linked in your Satoshi App account.
You will see your total amount of CORE, as well as the amount that is available to claim now.

Click the “Claim” button to proceed.

Claim your Core

Every user will get up to 0.1 CORE sent to their wallet ahead of enabling the Airdrop to cover the gas fees.

Please note that the network could be congested during the time you claim your token. This most likely will be due to the fact that a high number of users are trying to claim the Airdrop at the same time.
Please consider one of the two below options:
1. If you want your claim transaction to be confirmed sooner, you might raise your gas price.
2. If you want to avoid high gas fees try to claim your airdrop at a less busy time.

There is also the option of choosing a different rpc URL, as already mentioned in the beginning. The available ones are:

  • https://rpc.coredao.org
  • https://core.public.infstones.com
    • https://core.positron.network
  • https://core.nodeproviders.com

Click on “Confirm” in your MetaMask to claim your Core.

Once you click on “Confirm” you will see the claim process at the bottom of the screen.

Disclaimer by CoreDAO

To claim your Core see the terms and conditions attached. The airdrop is only available to persons outside of the United States, Canada, and non-OFAC-sanctioned countries and is subject to all applicable local laws, rules and regulations of the applicable jurisdiction.

Each recipient shall determine which laws, rules and regulations are applicable and shall undertake all necessary efforts to comply with all such obligations. Core and its affiliates make no representation of the legal status of the airdrop under any jurisdiction and this airdrop is void where prohibited.

Furthermore, nothing in this post should be construed as advice of any kind, including legal, business or tax advice. The airdrop does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase any investment.

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