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The Best Free Crypto Coins to Mine (Rubi and Glim)

There are dozens of Free Crypto Coins out there to mine, some are to waste your time and resources while some are legit and worth giving a trial. In one of my popular articles on this site, I shared some of the reasonable free mining coins to start with. Meanwhile, if you are interested in the article. Check it out right away; The 5 Free Top Cryptocoin to Make your Quick Money

As we all know mining is like performing a task while by the end of every completed job based on the agreement you get paid and that is why you need a cryptocurrency wallet (wallet is like your bank account). I research the best wallet that rewards its users for using it. And here is my take on 7 Best wallets that reward their new users with up to $100 for free sign-up. Check them out here; 7 Crypto Wallet Apps to Make Free Money.

Best Free Crypto Coins to Mine

My pick on the Best Free Crypto Coins mining app to join was based on my research on many of the Free Crypto Coins out there, here in this article are my findings and why I came up with the below list, coupled with the benefits that come along the mining itself

1. Glim Network

Glim token has proven to be a mining app to reckon with, it allows its miners to claim glim multiple times daily, and its price has been announced as a motivation for all its users. You can check the current value of 1 Glim on their official website here.

Glim the Free Crypto Coins to mine

If you wish to make money for free and to start now, then the Glim Network Mining App is the right App to have. The reason is that Glim is for those who want fast money.

  • Glim has announced its price value
  • It will stop mining by the end of this month
  • It will be trading on major Crypto exchangers by next month (See Glim Network Roadmap)
  • The Glim is the coin of the present

The aforementioned reason above is what makes Glim the coin to mine for free. Glim allows you to claim a glim token every 6 hours (meaning it will not take you time to start earning big).

You can download the Glim App here or on Google PlayStore right now

Glim Network KYC Requirement

I believe this is a rush hour for those who are just knowing about Glim, so please don’t forget to do the Glim KYC. See below for how to do GLim KYC.

How to do Glim Network KYC and Make Withdrawals

Glim Network KYC

Glim recently rolled out their first round KYC tier 1 update, The KYC comes with a new development that enables you to be able to claim your earns as we are heading. Below are steps to follow and get your KYC done without stress.

  • You need to update your Glim Network App on (Google PlayStore) for the KYC features to display
  • Open the Glim Network App on the home page you will locate (Verify Account v1.0)
  • The screenshot must not be older than 5 minutes before you upload
  • Require Telegram ID must be properly generated

It’s important to note that any form of malpractice may lead to the permanent loss of your Glim Network account

To be of help, I will recommend watching the below illustration clip on how to do your GlimNetwork KYC

watch as a guide

2. Rubi Mining App

Rubi just like Glim announces its price even right before mining, like I said earlier this could be a motivation factor to know the value of what you are mining. And it serves as an encouragement to mine regularly since you know the reward is an eyesaw.

You can check my previous post on Rubi to see the value of 1Rubi to US Dollar and see why it was miners’ favourite free mining app out there with tons of users. I can only compare it with BOTC another Free Crypto Coins which was listed with a price value of $10 to 1 BOTC coin. Meanwhile, it may interest you to know that mining BOTC is now free, see my guide on how to mine BOTCCION and earn up to $250

How to Make Money with the Rubi Mining App

Rubi Mining App

Just like any other mining app on the outside, Rubi is been mined every 24 hours, and all you need is just 5 seconds per day to earn yourself free ways to greatness through this Rubi Mining App.

Below are Steps on How to Start Mining Rubi.Click

With over 100K miners of Rubi this newly invented coin from Vietnam rewards newly registered users 5000 mana to start.

You can simply join and enjoy a free 5000 mama coin, the equivalent of your mined coin as stated in the image above is $2 and that is the current value which will improve with time.

You can start your Rubi Mining by clicking on the Rubi App link below to join my team and get an extra 10% increase in mining performance. This means you quickly get a boost on how much money to make on a daily basis.

  • Let’s click on to site link to start www.rubi.click
  • Enter the code KINFO1 to claim your free 5000 mama instantly. The next and the last on my list on the topic of Free Crypto Coins is CatStar.

Important update: See How to Complete Your Rubi KYC Update in 2 Minutes

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See How to Complete Rubi KYC Updates in 2 Minutes

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3. CatStar

CatStar makes the list of Free Crypto Coins with some uniqueness in their mining pattern just like the aforementioned ones above. You will see why you are mining CatStar with sincerity of purpose as what you earn in mining will be displayed to you in its equivalent value in dollars.

All you need to do is to click on the display CAT token mined and get the full details of your mining activities as well as your dollar value price.

How to Start mining CatStar on your phone

The fun-fil part of the CatStar Mining App is the ability to earn fast by mining twice within 24 hours.

  • Download CatStar Mining App
  • Get 5000CAT per referral
  • Here is a CatStar referral code to be used to boost 17GPKB
  • Perform your CatStar KYC to be eligible for Withdrawal

Another benefit that comes with CatStar as free crypto coins to mine is the Six Degree Space that allows you to earn more CAT acceleration. These are absolutely free crypto coins to earn.

Mining Apps that are also free crypto coins to make you thousands of dollars are;

Free Crypto Coins ListMining App linkInvitation CodeKYC requirement
Omega mining https://omtch.comKinfo1
Pi Network https://minepi.com(To claim your 1 Free Pi, use (kinfo) as your invitation code )Identity card, Face verification
Bee Network
https://j.bee.com(Use code kinfo to join and get 1 Bee for free)requires
Star Network
PeakPok Club
Shiba Inu https://mineshiba.page.link(Use code 18353096)
Rich Continent https://play.google.com/store/apps(Use code V57UrfscZ6)
Wild Cashhttps://hsacw.xyz
Bondex https://bondexapp.page.link(Use code CIV9V)
Dot Chain https://dotchain.network(Use code kinfo1 to get a 1.5/hour base rate)
The King Life Coinhttps://thekingslife.com
Sigma Network
Ti Chainhttps://www.tichain.org
The Free Crypto Coins to Mine

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