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See How To Make MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data (My MTNApp)

This is not a cheat but a few tweaks that you can use to get up to MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data depending on how greedy you are and it is absolutely for free through My MTNApp. All you need to do is to download My MTN App from PlayStore or Apple Store and then follow the instructions below.

Before I proceeded on the MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data, we all knew that MTN gives out free 500MB for using their My MTNApp and remembered that I shared it on this site, how to get MTN free 2GB through My MTNApp. But this is an update of that post. I will not be sharing the basics here again, but it’s important to read that before getting up with us here.

So, you can read on how to get 2GB free data on MTN via (My MTNApp)

Thanks to Shelaf for sharing this tweak on how to get MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data with me, as I will be showing you in detail how to tweak and get MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data, this requires just two MTN SIMs, be it new or old ones.

How to Activate MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data on My MTNApp

In other to get the free 50Gb Data on MTN, you will need the MyMTN App but don’t be in a rush.

There are a few things you need to note when doing this;

If you want to use your MTN SIM card with the myMTN App, make sure you haven’t used it to create an account or login before.

If you originally signed up for the myMTN App on a different device, but now you have a new device and just want to log in, that’s okay. The new device is eligible because you’ve never used it to create a new account before.

Let’s get started if you haven’t done any of the above-mentioned things.

Yes! there is also a fix for Old users.

How to Get FREE 50GB Data on MTN

Here’s how to get yours quickly:

• Store.

• After it’s installed, open the app.

• Sign in using your MTN phone number, and they’ll send you a special code to make sure it’s really you.

• Once you’re signed in, a message will pop up to say hi and offer you 50GB of free data!

• To get this awesome deal, just tap on the notification that shows up in the MyMTN app. Enjoy!

How to Get FREE 50GB Data on MTN Using Old SIM

• Log out of your MTN account.

• Click on “Sign In with Gmail.”

• Use a new Gmail account to sign up.

• Add your regular MTN phone number.

• Refresh the app.

• Log out once more.

• Log in again using your regular phone number.

• Now, you can claim your 50GB of FREE data!

This way, you can get a sweet 50GB data bonus on your MTN SIM!

MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data

I would like to assure you here that this work for all device, and you can use the data for downloading, streaming, and surfing the internet and what have you, at no cost.

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See this short video illustration on how to get the MTN 50GB free unlimited data.

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Just follow up with me on getting MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data through My MTNApp

The process includes four things, these are

  1. Getting two MTN sim card (both of the SIMs can be old or new)
  2. Download the app called MyMTN App from Google Play Store (only if you are yet to install it)
  3. A good internet connection and
  4. Your patient and focus are highly needed.

How to get Free 50GB Data on MTN

Please follow the simple steps below

  1. Turn on your data connection and open the MyMTN App.
  2. Note: Make sure one of the sims has not been registered with the MyMTN app and find an extra phone and insert the MTN sim card that new to MyMTN app into that phone.
  3. Now, login to your MyMTN app with the SIM that has already registered on the MyMTN app.
  4. You will be sent an OTP password when you try to log-in.
  5. After you have successfully login, click on the menu tab that can be located at the top left corner of the app.
  6. Then, scroll down to Free Data in the menu option and click on it.
MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data

You will be provided with a page to invite new numbers to join MyMTN app.

Now input the mobile number that is on the other phone and tap on the Send invite button.

If the invitation is successful, you will be told that you will be given free 200MB when the person you referred does a successful registration on the app.

Now, log out from the app and log in with the second mobile number.

I believe you are getting it, as I used the images above as guide in other to make my explanation clear

Now How to Tweak and get to enjoy MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data

This is where you need to be cautious on this tweak of getting MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data. Please follow the steps carefully. Now request for OTP, and once it is sent, input the OTP and Proceed.

I repeat be patient and focused, don’t rush. Now, a pop-up message will display on the screen. This is the main part of this cheat, don’t click anything yet.

Read the message and click on the Remind me later button, once you click it don’t relax at all, quickly click on your phone back button again.

Don’t let it load, repeat the same step, again and again by clicking the remind me later button, and then click your phone back button.

As you keep doing it, your other line will keep accumulating with more refer data bonus, which is 200MB per successful click. You can accumulate the data up to 50GB, then you get MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data just like that.

You just need to focus and don’t let it process before you click the back button.

It is simple as that, check your data balance with *323#

NB: the data is valid for just 24hrs once you finish accumulating the data go straight and download movies and files that you might need with the free data you accumulated. With this, you can exhaust the MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data.
The tweak is tested and confirmed working before posting. It’s still fresh, so go ahead now to accumulate your own unlimited free data of MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data.

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Bonus for making it to this stage

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