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How to Watch Live Match on Phone: EPL, La Liga, Seria A with Free Data

Are you searching on How to Watch Live Match on Phone be it on Android or PC? I will share with you the best app for live football streaming, other sports, premium TV shows and much more.

In a new update, you can now use hesgoal.tv to stream live matches on your browser or download Live Football TV. Also if you wish to get quality without downloading any Apps, but watch live matches through your phone and PC, then try using https://on.60mins.online/

It was observed that the paid TV station are doing everything within their capacity to block all free channels and App to watch and stream live sport channels. To this end, some of the App and channels shared here many not be currently working but I will as well give you the tips I use to watch live matces for free on my phone in the last paragraph of this post.

Many sports lover sometimes find themselves in a situation where they may not be able to find a showroom to watch their love teams playing. But here is one of the best online App to use in streaming live matches.

The Latest Update on How to Watch Live Match on Phone

Since Mobdro is currently not working, you can now stream live sport channels, live football match, Golf, Tennis and the likes with another great platform.

Watch live sport with a great streaming experience on your phone. You can now stream live football matches on hesgoal.com

Just click on the URL hesgoal.com and start to stream all the premium channels that televise various football leagues in the world.

The advantage of hesgoal is that you can stream from your browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and the likes.

You can as well use the site to scream live premier league matches, La Liga, Seria A, French league and much more from your smartphone and PC.

How to Scream Live Matches with Free Data

Gone are the days when data for browsing are so expensive and difficulty to be use for streaming live channels, but that was then. Now there are simple and even cheaper ways to use data legitimately.

I shared ways to get free, cheap, and even double data on my website.

Check my browsing data page to see your preferred data network provider, and choose what you know is good for you.

All this data works for browsing, downloading, surfing and streaming live channels like hesgoal.com

How to Watch Live Match on Phone by Install Mobdro App

Getting the Best Live streaming football app for android is one part of the deal while getting free WiFi or free browsing completes the deal. However, I will show you various ways to get free browsing data on Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and some other cheap data plan on Glo as well.

What is the best app for live football streaming & How to Watch Live Match on Phone

Mobdro App comes to be people choice since it allows users to stream videos for free on Android device.

How Mobdro App Works

Mobdro works by continuously searching YouTube for the best videos and then provides the users with all the links in just one place. The Mobdro App can be used to easily discover streams worldwide on different topics in various languages and this makes it best to reckon with.

Mobdro is currently exclusively available for Android devices. Mobdro can be used on any Android device that is running on Android 4.2 even as we now have Android versions 10 and above. Different categories of videos and live streaming are available on Mobdro include channels, shows and news.

How to Watch Live Match on Phone
How to Watch Live Match on Phone with Mobdro

6 Great Features of Mobdro App

  1. It allows the users to stream videos online for free.
  2. Mobdro supports videos in different language and topics.
  3. The videos present on Mobdro can be recommended to other friends with just a tap.
  4. Videos present can be bookmarked.
  5. Videos can be sorted on basis of language and topic.
  6. The videos which are present on Mobdro are divided on basis into suitable categories.

How to Watch Live Match on Phone by Download Mobdro for Android

You can download Mobdro APK File here, Meanwhile, Click “Security” and toggle on “Allow installation from this source”. Return back to installation and tap on “Install”. Also, wait for the installation to complete and click “Done”. Now Launch Mobdro by tapping on its icon on the main menu.

Sports channels to stream live football for free without a subscription & See How to Watch Live Match on Phone

How to Watch Live Match on Phone
How to Watch Live Match on Phone for free

The list of channels and shows to enjoy goes on and on, this include, premium sports channels such Sky Sports, Bein Tv, BT SPort, Fox, ESPN, Setanta Sport, Star Sport and much more.

You are to enjoy movies, news, discovery channels, cartoon, religious channels, music channels and many other great channels of your choice.

Free Data you can use to Stream Live Channels on your Smartphone

The first on my list that is absolute free Data is the Airtel Free 3GB Data to all Users that works for Airtel TV Streaming with (Best video-on-demand) I believed you do watch advert on National Tv stations.

Airtel TV offers you unlimited access to the best video-on-demand (VOD) content from around the world. Watch and stream thousands of popular movies, TV series, documentaries, sports events, skits, kids, music videos, gospel music and more from Nollywood, Bollywood, Zollywood and Hollywood (coming soon).

Airtel Free 3GB Data
Get free data on How to Watch Live Match on Phone

All you need to enjoy the service is a registered Airtel SIM, a data-enabled handset/device and an Airtel data bundle.

For You: Airtel: 4 things to do to get 7GB for 30 days + 8x bonuses

Subscription to the service comes at no cost to the user. You can stream and watch as many movies, videos or TV programs as you want whenever and wherever as long as you have an active data plan. Read more on it Activation here

How to Watch Live Match on Phone with Airtel Free 1GB Data to All Users with 7days Validity Period

Better days ahead is what to be expected as many of our network in Nigeria are given out various incentive packages like this Airtel Free 1GB Data for their customers.

Before going further, See Why People read our Popular Post on How to make N3,600 – N20,000 for Watching Funny Videos & Get Payment in Dollars, hope you will like to make money as well. Then, let’s see you on the page here

Airtel Free 1GB Data
How to Watch Live Match on Phone with weekly data plan on Airtel

You get free Airtel 1GB of data for streaming and downloading. You can see more on it activation here. and if you need full details on how to get free 4GB data N17,000 recharge bonus check out here

MTN Free 2GB Data Activation, another way How to Watch Live Match on Phone

I will share with you four means to get free data on MTN, this include getting 2GB data for free when ever you refer friends to use MyMTN App.

When you download the MyMTN app, you’ll be compensated with 500MB worth of free data, but MTN has just introduced a user-friendly referral program to all her subscribers and you have the opportunity to earn up to 2GB data for free. See full details here

MTN YafunYafun package comes with free data and voice bonuses of up to N7,000. Read more on how to benefit. However, there are other two free data bonus-centric called welcome back. The plan gives up to 2000% bonus with free data, see details here. While the last and not the least on MTN is the MTN free 10GB data, this is just a reward for upgrading your old sim to 4G LTE. To know more on how to upgrade and enjoy all this bonus (Check here now)

9mobile Free Data Plan

For 9mobile users, you can as well stream live on a newly bought or old SIM that is not more than 3 months from its last usage. Recharge your 9mobile with N200 and follow the instructions here.


Note: All the above browsing tips were working as at the time of making this post. However, in a situation whereby any of the above seize to work, check out all the new browsing tips here now.

You can share other Apps for streaming videos in the comment below for other people to benefit.

How to Watch a live match on the phone

It is the time of the season again when all leagues are engaging with one another for the glory of winning trophies as fans all over the world wish to see their teams prosper, but the constraint is on how to watch live matches on phone for free. This I have shared some Apps and sites to watch live matches above, but as we rightly know that some of those channels have been barred from streaming live matches.

You may be lucky to still find these Apps above and sites working but here is a tip I use that I knew will be very useful for you as well in streaming live matches for free on your phone without stress whatsoever.

How to Streaming Live Football Matches with Free tips

You can watch live football matches on your phone without paying for TV by downloading on the Apple play store or Android Google Store for free.

  1. Search for any of these terms on the App store (live football match now, live football tv, live stream tv free, live football streaming free online ESPN, live soccer tv, live stream, live tv streaming, live soccer tv free)
  2. I will advice you don’t pick anyone with Ad on its front (Those ones have sponsored Apps and are sometimes paid App that you need to make a subscription to before you can watch live matches on them)
  3. So go for those immediate listed below one with Ad

What you need to be careful of is the number of people that have downloaded the App, also check on the review section to see the comment that people leave on the App and the star ratings.

With all this being said I hope you get to watch a live football match on your phone for free. Please help to share this post as your share will help more people to see the ways to search on the App store to get the best of their love App quickly for free.

Your Likes and Share also motivate and encourage us to provide you with more informative articles like this.

If you are using any other methods to watch live football or stream movies, do share with other readers in the comment section below. Thanks for your love

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