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Defuny Make Money: How to Make $700 Working From Home

Defuny Make Money is a get-rich-quickly company for those looking for a livelihood or for persons who want to double his/her hustle in making money working from home with their phone or laptop.

Defuny is claimed to be a Scam project: See details here Defuny Scam Alert: See How to Withdraw Your Money (Defuny.io) Why you need to do due diligence in investing your money. Disclaimer, I am not a financial advisor but just a content creator.

In this article, I will share with you how to make money as shown in the table below, as you can earn daily, and with an additional monthly salary for 365 days coupled with incentive bonuses.

Note: This article is for those who want to be recruited to Defuny and get monthly salaries from $30 to $30,000

Liquidity PoolInject Amount (USDT)Daily RewardMonthly SalaryTotal Daily Earns in 365 daysDaily Earns + Salary (365 days)
1BTC Liquidity$25USDT$0.677/day$30USDT$247USDT$607USDT
2ETH Liquidity$100USDT$1.55/day$100USDT$565USDT$1765USDT
3BNB Liquidity$300USDT$4.75/day$300USDT$1710USDT$5310USDT
4XRP Liquidity$500USDT$8.11/day$500USDT$2960USDT$8960USDT
5ADA Liquidity$1000USDT$16.4/day$1000USDT$5986USDT$17986USDT
6DOGE $3000USDT$49.85/day$3000USDT$18195USDT$54195USDT

I am making my monthly salary with an add-on bonus on the platform already and it is worth sharing for content creators, YouTubers and Social Media Influencers that jump into this making money opportunity that is created by Defuny.

How Defuny Make Money Works

Defuny make money

In the 4th Quarter of 2023, the company DeFuny launched their Global Public Beta Recruitment Partner Reward Program with the sole intention of democratizing liquidity mining with partner rewards.

This exciting development is set to transform the landscape of liquidity mining and market making, allowing ordinary users to participate in the most advanced technology while rewarding partners for their involvement. Then is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated global public beta recruitment partner reward program.

Eventually, this caught the interest of investors and the platform a comprehensive intelligent market-making and liquidity mining company invested by American CRYPTO FUND MANAGER LLC.

How to Participate in DeFuny Make Money Recruitment Partner

To participate visit the official website with a MetaMask Wallet Browser (Open or Copy and Paste) the link Defuny.io

This innovative program is designed to empower users, providing them with the opportunity to join DeFuny’s advanced liquidity mining technology.

  • It aims to break down barriers,
  • Making liquidity mining accessible to a wider audience and
  • Offering incentives to partners who actively participate.

Register members will earn from the platform partner rewards for their active participation and contribution to the network.

Recruitment Program Requirements

  • On every new member you refer you get paid $2 instantly (Withdrawable to your Crypto wallet)
  • Get $0.1DFN every day for login to the platform
  • Enjoy monthly salary (if) a total of 5 members join your team
  • 12 calendar months salary (terms and conditions apply)
  • Make as low as $1USDT on your liquidity pool daily

See full details on how much you can make on Defuny’s earns calculation here


DeFuny’s global public beta program represents a significant leap forward in the world of liquidity mining and market making. It offers an unprecedented opportunity for users from all walks of life to engage with cutting-edge technology while reaping rewards. watch about the project in the video below.


Ensuring accurate and reliable information remains our unwavering commitment.


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