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Get Professional and Proven Services For Your Blog And Business

 Service I offer are below:

 1. Blog Setup: I can help you design and set up your blog for a token.

2. Change Your Blogspot To.Com :

3. Setup WordPress Account

I will change your blog address from to and I will also create a customized email address for you e.g. [email protected].  This service costs just N 3,500

Blogger has updated the CNAME setup settings for Custom domains which now requires that you have two CNAME records entered in your DNS settings for your custom domain to work with your Blogspot blog.

Hence, only Blogspot professionals like me can now set up a custom domain for Blogspot blogs. If you try doing it yourself using the old method, your domain name will not work with your blog. So, don’t stress yourself. Let me do it for you.

3. Admin for your blogs: If you need an admin for your blog, hire me, I can work for you.

4. Logo For Your Blogs And Business: Logo is the identities of any blog or business. I can design a professional logo for your blog or your business.

If you are interested in any of the service I offer or you want me to work on for you that is not listed here, You can contact me by using the contact us page. Alternatively, you can contact me on WhatsApp: +2348065852042 or Text Message / Telegram

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