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How to Win Free Vouchers in Jumia Black Friday 2023

This year Jumia Black Friday Sale is at another level with Jumia Game, the game is not betting nor gambling but another way to make up to N9000 this Black Friday Season. See how it works.

Jumia comes in a new look with Jumia Game that allows you to earn points and literarily exchange points for real cash, to spend as you wish.

How to Participate in Jumia Black Friday Game

The number 1 leading shopping mall in Nigeria, is making it’s Jumia App users earn free points by making their App. All you need is to Download Jumia App or update the Old Jimua App to participate.

Jumia Black Friday

Downloading the Jumia App, leads you to numerous games and opportunities and enjoy access to games: Wheel of Fortune, Puzzle, find the pairs and lots of gifts await you.

Three Important Tips for Jumia Black Friday 2023

Jumia Shopping Voucher is limited.

The voucher code is valid for the first 200 customers so fastest fingers first.

Use the code: AKOLBFV

The voucher gives a 10% discount and is valid in all categories except groceries.

The minimum order value for the voucher to be valid is N10,000 Naira.

The voucher is valid on both the web and the app.

The voucher is valid from Nov 3 until November 30, 2023.

The maximum Discount is N1,000.Reminder for all the sweet deals for today.

How to Win the Jumia Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt for today by 12PM, 2PM, 3PM and 6PM

So try to search for those Treasure Hunt items.

Finders Keepers for 2PM

Flash Sales on Jumia Black Friday 2023

Flash Sales from 10 am
10% OFF from 12 noon to 3PM for the following categories: Appliance, Television, Phones, Games and Console, Fashion, and Computing.

You have a wide variety of sweet and hot offers to promote

With Jumia Black Friday Sales, you can now explore and shop effortlessly with our comprehensive assortment of over 50,000 products. on your mobile App.

Do you even know that when you shop on the Jumia app, you save 5 times more data than on the mobile site? Less data consumption means a faster and easier purchase. If you wish to get free data on MTN, Airtel, Glo and other networks, then check here for free data.

How to Accumulate Points on Jumia Black Friday (Jumia Game)

Jumia Black Friday Jumia Game

This point accumulation is for a short period, and the earlier the better for you to earn up to N9000. Jumia stars is a new innovation and you earn a game score and convert it to Naira.

See the image above for details on how to make more points and earn a lot of money for free.

  • 1000 Jumia stars or points earn you N500.
  • 2000 Jumia stars earn you N1000 and with
  • 3000 Jumia stars get you N1500.
  • Do you know that with just 4000 you earn N2000,
  • 5000 Jumia stars get you N2500
  • One before the last get 10,000 and convert it to N4500 and lastly
  • With 20000 you get the ultimate N9,000

How to Redeem your Jumia Stars and Convert to Naira

Jumia Black Friday

How to Play and Win Jumia Stars

  • Open the Jumia hero game on the App.
  • Click on play to check the game levels.
  • You can play 5 new levels every day, at the end of each level you can win Jumia Stars that you can exchange with rewards.
  • After completing the 5 new levels for the day you will not be able to play any new levels until the next day.

Also note that with Jumia Black Friday (Jumia Game)

  • You still can play the levels that you already completed before but you will not win any Jumia stars.
  • Once you access the level you can drag Jumia hero between floors to purchase the products available for this level.
  • Each level has a budget on the top right of the screen that you can use to purchase

Know that !!!.

  • To complete a level you have to purchase all the products within the level budget you will fail.
  • You will have power-ups that will help you get discounts and extra budget so you can complete the level, make sure to use them wisely.
  • Each level will have a countdown timer, you much purchase all the products before you run out of time

Other Jumia Games to Enjoy this Jumia Black Friday Season

Jumia Tower Game on Jumia Black Friday

Jumia Tower, this Jumia game is also exclusive on the Jumia App.

How it Works on Jumia Tower Game for Jumia Black Friday this Year

  • The game is only available for signed-in users with their Jumia account.
  • The game will show a Jumia box rigged to a crane hanging from the top moving left to right.
  • The game starts once the player taps to place the first Jumia box.
  • Players have to tap on the screen to drop the moving Jumia box on top of the last Jumia box.
  • Players lose one try/life if the Jumia box doesn’t place correctly on top of the last box.
  • The player has three tries/lives then the game will be over.
  • The score counted based on how many Jumia box players can place on top of each other until the game is over.
  • The player can redeem his prize according to the last score he gets.
  • The player can redeem his prize once per day. Players can play the game multiple times per day

How to Participate in Jumia Treasure Hunt on Jumia Black Friday

  • Open the Treasure Hunt page on the Jumia App during this year’s Jumia Black Friday.
  • Click the hunt button on the item. It takes you to the category the item is hidden.
  • When you find the item, place the order immediately.
  • The Treasure Hunt order is prepaid only.
  • If you find an item and it’s out of stock, someone else has ordered it. Try the other items.
  • A customer can only purchase 1 Treasure Hunt item during this promotion

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