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Best Cheap Items on Jumia Black Friday 2023 + (Free N3000-Vouchers)

This is the best time to get the biggest sales of the year with the Jumia Black Friday 2023 Sales. Recently I created a post where I shared monthly shopping vouchers you can use to get up to 10% discount on anything you buy on the Jumia App and website. You can check this month’s free Jumia Shopping Voucher from the page here now on Jumia Shopping Voucher with a Free 10% Discount.

In the article, I am sharing you free tips on how to get the best of this year’s biggest Jumia Black Friday Sales and how to be stress-free on getting only the cheapest deal of the Jumia Black Friday 2023 in Nigeria

Best Jumia Black Friday 2023 Sales

Many have lost hope in the nature of the yearly promotional offers most of the shopping malls do offer, where the prices of items have always been the same if not overpriced. I have been in such a situation where I waited for 2015, the same Black Friday to purchase a laptop I have seen before for N68,000 but had to buy it at N73,000. I was so furious and disappointed on the Jumia Black Friday.

But what did I do differently to start now to get the best cheap items on Jumia Black Friday with a free shopping coupon code worth N3000?

I joined their Jumia Affiliate to be able to get inside knowledge about their products I came out with these facts.

Jumia is a marketplace just like our local markets where items are sold at different prices by different sellers at different shops, but the uniqueness of Jumia Shopping mall just like any other online shopping store is that you are on your phone searching all stores without moving out of your room or office. Meanwhile, as people can register to sell for free on the Jumia website and App which is called Jumia Vendors, they are allowed to sell at their preferred prices.

But the good news is that some trusted big brands like Coca-Cola, Infinix, Oraimo, Oppor, NEXUS, BINATONE, SKYRUN UMIDIGI, APPLE, NIVEA and many others have their Official Store on Jumia for them to reach out to more potential customer, it is from this kind store you get the i. Originality of products, ii. The best prices and iii. the true free discount on the checkout if you buy from their page. Below is the banner for the page for all the trusted Brands on Jumia Black Friday 2023 Sales Stores.


Jumia Black Friday 2023 FlashSales

Another way to get the best cheap items on Jumia Black Friday is to visit the Jumia Black Friday Flash Sales page where other sellers have the opportunity to discount some selected items you might have been hoping to buy but at a cheaper price. This Jumia Flash Shales is time-bound where items are only available at a particle period of time at the cheapest price for a limited set of items.

Jumia Black Friday Flash Sales are always from 10 a.m. with 10% OFF from 12 noon to 3 p.m. for the following categories: Appliance, Television, Phones, Games and Console, Fashion, and Computing. You have a wide variety of sweet and hot offers to promote

Below is the Jumia Black Friday Flash Sales Banner to link you to the recently added flash sales items that make you get the best of the biggest sales of the year.


Jumia Black Friday 2023 Treasure Hunt

Jumia Treasure Hunt is another best platform to get the cheapest items on the Jumia App, where a specific very low discount will be placed on hidden categories. What you are expected to do is to search for such named items in various categories and win it by buying at a very ridiculous price with up to a 99% discount.

How to Win in the Jumia Treasure Hunt (The Ultimate Guide)

As I said I got this information as I am an affiliate of Jumia and based on the details I gathered from their blog site.

The Jumia Black Friday 2023 comes with a lot of goodies and you don’t want to miss out on any of the amazing deals on offer. Last year 2022 Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunts were amazing but this year comes with even better jaw-dropping offers and more opportunities to be a winner.

2023 Jumia Black Fridays Treasure Hunt offers you the chance to hunt for jaw-dropping offers Every Friday at 12 am Midnight and 6 pm, from the 3rd to the 30th of November. Want to know what is up for grabs this year and when? Click here

How to Win the Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt

Jumia Black Friday 2023

The timing for the Jumia Treasure Hunt for today is by 12 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM and 6 PM this makes Jumia Black Friday 2023 better with more time for searching the Treasure Hunt than in previous years.

This year, there will be 7 items up for grabs at 99% OFF at every Treasure Hunt launch. On the winning table will be the latest Apple iPhone at just ₦1000, Best TV at only ₦500 and more. 

Tips For The Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunts

  • Jumia Black Friday 2023 Treasure Hunts will be held on the 3rd to 30th of November at 12 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM and 6 PM. 
  • There will be winners in each session (12 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM and 6 PM) to make a total of winners every Friday.
  • Items up for grabs at 99% OFF are an Apple iPhone, TV and more.
  • These items will go live on the deals page at the stated times ONLY on the Jumia App. Ensure you have the Jumia App on your mobile phone to participate. 
  • Update your account information and Jumia Pay Details before D-day to lessen the time it will take to complete the transaction before someone else does.

Jumia Black Friday 2023 Phone List

Jumia Black Friday was honoured by many best brands for this year’s biggest sales event. Notable brands on Jumia’s Black Friday Phones List are Infinix, Apple, UMIDIG, Xiaomi, Oppo, Tecno, and Samsung to name but a few. Below is their store where you buy your dream phone from the manufacturers.

How to Benefit From Jumia Black Friday 2023

Part of the benefits of getting on the Jumia Black Friday the biggest sales of the year include;

  • Buy original products through the official makers page (Check the Official Page Here)
  • Get fast delivery on all Jumia Black Friday tag items
  • Enjoy up to N3000 on checkout on some selected brands like Infinix (Check it Out)
  • Use the free voucher code to enjoy an extra 10% discount on the checkout page. See the free voucher code below.
  • Free Delivery on all items to all locations
  • Enjoy the best Jumia Black Friday Deals of the Year with the cheapest price from the manufacturer’s official pages.

Best Jumia Black Friday 2023 Sales Deal

Selected below are some of the best deals to benefit from at a lower discount on the Jumia Black Friday.

Oppo Official Store on Jumia Black Friday 2023

Are you searching for where to get the latest Oppo smartphones in Nigeria? Search no further. You are in the right place! The Oppo Official Store on Jumia Nigeria offers a wide selection of smartphones sourced directly from the manufacturers. Quality is assured at the most affordable prices.

Another benefit of shopping from the store beyond originality and affordability is exclusive access to the newest phone releases. You get to experience the unboxing of newly released devices and enjoy exciting brand-day deals on Oppo smartphones. Get the price from N114,900


Binatone Products on Jumia Black Friday 2023

Binatone is committed to bringing you innovative, affordable and well-designed products that add value to your life. Helps to prepare your favourite fruit juices, milkshakes and other cocktails, quickly and easily grind coffee beans, nuts, spices, meat, and coconuts. See Binatone Official Store for more of its products



SKYRUN was established in 2005. It is a local manufacturing company in Nigeria. There are 6 high-efficiency production plants in the country. Products include TVs, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Smart Electric Meters, Small Appliances, etc. The Smart Electric Meters received a manufacturing certificate issued by Nerc in 2016. SKYRUN is a leading supplier of technology and services in Nigeria. See the SKYRUN on Jumia Black Friday 2023 Official Store here


UMIDIGI Official Store on JUMIA.  

UMIDIGI is a smartphone manufacturing-based company founded in China Shenzhen in 2012, which commits to delivering exquisite mobile electronic devices. That is focused on premium products, differentiating innovation, achieving technological breakthroughs, and delivering global customers an extraordinary mobile experience with meticulous designs and advanced technology. To make premium products accessible to everyone at an affordable price. See other best phones on the UMIDIGI Official Store on Jumia Black Friday 2023.


Oraimo Official Store on Jumia Nigeria

Are you in search of high-quality mobile accessories at prices that are very affordable? The Oraimo official store on the Jumia Platform is the perfect destination for you. The store has a wide range of products like wireless earphones, chargers, Bluetooth speakers, Oraimo cords, power banks and more. Enjoy the originality and affordability of the Oraimo official store today. For this year’s Jumia Black Friday 2023 you are getting the best cheap price on all Oraimo products.


Xiaomi Official Store on Jumia Online

Xiaomi has a diverse catalogue that includes mobile phones, mobile accessories, electronics, smartwatches, and more. Founded in 2010, the brand has gained global recognition for delivering high-quality and durable products, making it a popular choice among tech enthusiasts. See all the above-listed brand products on their Official Page on Jumia to check on their cheap items.


Official Nexus Store on Jumia Nigeria

Explore our carefully assorted collection of high-quality home and office appliances and electronics designed to enhance your home and elevate your daily routines. From kitchen essentials like fridges to home electronics like rechargeable fans and air conditioners, Nexus offers reliable solutions that combine performance, durability, and affordability. See the Official Nexus Store on Jumia Black Friday 2023


Nivea Official Store on Jumia

Jumia and the Nivea brand have an amazing partnership that guarantees customers straight-from-the-brand products at the most affordable prices. That means that quality and originality are assured. The official store features a wide range of beauty products, including the popular cream, Nivea Natural Fairness, now known as Perfect & Radiant lotion and all Nivea products on it Jumia Official Store come with free delivery.


Best Phone Accessories on Jumia Black Friday 2023

The official page for the Jimia Black Friday 2023 phone accessories and manufacturers of top phone accessories play a crucial role in this year’s biggest online sale on Jumia Black Friday with a lot of mouth-watering phone accessories to buy from. See all the latest phone accessories on the Official Store Here


Jumia Black Friday 2023 Phones

Top-selling items on most Jumia Black Fridays are always Phones and that is when I will show you another way to buy the best brand phone at a cheap price on Jumia Black Friday 2023. The likes of Infinix are fun of giving up to N3000 free discount on any of their phones you buy on Jumia Official Store with the tag Jumia Express.

What this means is that you get both fast delivery and a discount on the checkout of the payment, while you can also benefit from a free delivery. See the Official Store the Phones on the Jumia Black Friday 2023.

Products like Itel, Tecno, Infinix, Oraimo, Infinix, Oppo, Xiaomi and more are delivering their phones for free and you also enjoy payment on delivery at your doorstep. This is truly a great deal to explore on this year’s biggest sales on Jumia Black Friday 2023.


Original Tecno Smartphones

Tecno smartphones at unbeatable prices is assure on today Tecno Brand Day on Jumia Black Friday 2023 with a glance on The Tecno Official Store on Jumia Nigeria its offers a wide selection of Tecno smartphones sourced directly from Tecno manufacturers.

That means that you are getting highly authentic products at the best prices you can find.One of the top benefits of shopping from the Official Tecno Store aside from an assurance of originality and affordability is the exclusive access to the newest Tecno phone and tablet models.

You get to experience the unboxing of these amazing devices and enjoy huge brand-day deals for newly launched Tecno smartphones or for already existing ones


If you find this article helpful, please consider sharing it with your loved ones, this will assist them a lot to get the best shopping experience on buying online from malls like Jumia.

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