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How to Make Money $100 Doing Micro Jobs with Phone

If you want to make some income by performing some Micro Jobs Online from Home, there is a marketplace to access different Micro Jobs with your phone online and earn up to $5 in minutes to perform simple tasks.

In this article, I will open up with you tips on how to join some freelancing site that offers Micro Jobs that are better than some other platforms available out there. You can also view my article on CPAGrip vs CPALead which is Best CPA to Make Money and How to Make Money with CPA Offers Best Cashout $512.

How to Make Money Doing Micro Jobs with a Phone

The first is to better understand what is expected of you as a person who wishes to make money online.

What is a Micro Jobs? this is a short online task that you can complete in a short amount of time. The timing to perform tasks can range from 30 seconds to 15 minutes in length, but they can sometimes last up to two hours. The longer the duration the higher paid you get.

Sometimes pay for these jobs is very low, but they are a great source of additional income when you need it that can make you from $5 to up to $100.

1. Hire Talents

Making Money with Hire Talents is a better chance to make money as a freelancing, all you have to do is to create an account for free and verify both your email and phone number.

How to Register on Hire Talents as a Micro Jobs

  • You need to visit www.hiretalents.com
  • Go to the top right corner of the site and tap on the menu
  • You will see register and click on the Register
  • Input your details (Name, Email, Age and Country)
  • Verify your phone numbers and use your WhatsApp number for verification
  • Remember to verify your email address

How to Start Making Money on Micro Jobs Online

After you have completed the registration process as stated above, what next is to look out for tasks that are of interest to you and start to perform them in exchange for money.

Scroll down to the page of the site or tap on the menu of the site to locate where a list of Making Money on Hire Talents was listed;

  1. Talents
  2. Influencers and
  3. Micro Jobs

Since we are focusing on Micro Jobs then you are to click on the 3rd on the list. However, if you want to make huge money from this platform working as an Influencer if you have turns of an audience starting from 10,000 followers then people can use your page to advertise while they pay you.

As a Talent, you offer some skills and get paid for that, you can just surf through the site for details. However, if you need a little money to be able Micro Jobs is for you.

How to Make a Withdrawal

You can withdraw as low as $1 to $6 depending on your channel of withdrawal.

There are two methods to withdraw your earnings as a freelancer on Hire Talents perform Micro Jobs. This can be done through the;

  • CryptoCurrency and ($6 minimum payout)
  • Advcon ($1 minimum payout)

Watch the below video for details on how to complete your registration, make your withdrawal and pick the best payment suitable for you.

Also, see the withdraw proof from the video.

2. Answeree

Just as the name sound, Anseree is a platfrom where people with good knowledge drop answer to the questions. You get paid for every correct answer provide on the site.

How to Earn Bonus Rewards While Posting Answers On Answeree Q&A

If you are having an above average knowledge on any topic then this platform will be a rejoice for you to be a member on this website. Along with the ‘ask answer read’ slogan, Answeree brings you the opportunity to earn some rewards while sharing your knowledge by answering the questions.

This reward program is actually intended for students doing higher studies but not limited to students. Anyone one can join as long as they are eligible for this reward program.

How to be Eligible to join Answeree Rewards

Anyone can join as long as you can writing answers with respect to the Answeree writing rules then you are eligible to join Answeree Rewards.

See the writing rules for you to make money on Micro Jobs Online on Answeree

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

  • Payment can be requested once you meet the minimum payout – $2. 
  • You get pay through Paypal or Binance (Cryptocurrencies). 
  • To request a payment you may send a private message on Answeree profile page
  • Payments are made in manual mode after checking your questions and answers in compliance with all the rules.

Therefore, the payment can take up to 3 working days. All payouts for earnings upto 25th of a month are made between the 5th and 7th of the next month.

3. JustAnswer

JustAnswer was launched in the 2003 with the primary purpose of assisting people who have some questions to ask. And now you can render service and get paid for providing services that range from over 700 categoreis.

You can earn from $6 to $9 per session. See details from JustAnser.com

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