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CPAgrip vs CPAlead the Best CPA to Make Quick Money

CPAgrip vs CPAlead which is better?

CPA simply means Cost Per Action, this is an online marketing term, is a style of the affiliate marketing model that offers a commission to the affiliate when a specific action is taken.

CPAgrip and CPAlead are some of those affiliate marketplace out there that pays you for some kind of action you perform. Actions expected to take may range from;

  • Generate leads,
  • Drive website traffic, and
  • Build brand awareness with LinkedIn Ads. Others could be Target audiences by job title, function, industry, company, education, interests, and more

And the most interesting part is that you get paid for all this action.

CPAgrip Review

CPAgrip allows you to earn money by promoting their service, this could be in form of free giveaways, referring friends and receiving an extra 5% commission.

CPAgrip review

How do I start making money on CPAgrip?

You can only make money on CPAgrip by getting people to complete offers. Examples of those offers were listed here in my previous article. You will receive money in your CPAGrip account when you can get an internet user who lives in that offer’s country to engage with it in the manner required by the advertisers.

What are the Actions that can earn me money on CPA?

It depends and the action you expect from the people to perform on an offer could be;

  • email submit
  • survey offers, the user needs to answer the questions on the survey and fill in their email address.
  • With CPA cost-per-click offers, the user needs to click on specific button on the offer’s landing page (IE, “Play Fortnite Now!”).
  • With the mobile install offers, the user needs to download the app.
  • With the credit card submit offers, the user needs to enter their credit card information.
  • Also, with the pin submit offers, the user needs to enter their phone number and accept a small mobile billing charge. Depending on their carrier, they might have to answer an additional confirming text message.

CPAgrip vs CPAlead Their Similarities and Differences

CPAlead is a leading CPA Affiliate market with over 12years of existence in this business. This money-making platform works for those who have a website, as well as for you that don’t have a website or mobile app, you can use their CPA affiliate products or promote our lead generation offers directly.

In one of my previous articles, I explained how to join CPAlead and How to earn a lot of money from the platform.

Unlike CPAgrip that offers you 5% on your referrals commission, CPAlead gets you paid a 10% bonus for every lead your referral generates.

Based on my latest finding during this article writeup, it was realized that both platforms are doing really great and publishers are seriously promoting this affiliate platform this was all because they are paying their partners.

It is worth knowing that you get many more offers to promote on CPAgrip than on CPAlead.

With the CPAgrip affiliate, you get to participate in live chat if you are able to make your $25 on the platform. And get support faster.

CPAlead on the other hand got a lot of high CPC offers Cost Per Click offers, meaning you get more money faster with the platform.

Which of the CPA to join

I will advise you join the two, there is no harm in doing such, this give you much opportunity to explore more offers to promote, so far they have same payment methods

How to join and register on both CPAgrip and CPAlead

Join CPAgrip AffiliateJoin CPAleadd Affiliate

Other benefits and advantages of CPAlead over CPAgrip are stated in this article, on how to make $50 daily on CPAlead.

How do I get CPAgrid payment?

To get your CPAgrip payment just follow the below steps

Go to the “Payments” section. There you will choose which payment method you prefer. We can pay you via

  • PayPal,
  • Payoneer Prepaid Card, or
  • Payoneer Direct Wire Transfer.

To get paid you need to upload a tax form to the Account section. If you are a US resident, upload a W9. If you are not a US resident, upload a W8.

Once you have earned a minimum of $50, your first payment date will be scheduled for approximately one month later.

How much can I make with CPAGrip?

A whole lot. With hard work and dedication, you can end up earning hundreds of dollars per day, and sometimes even thousands per day if you find the right niche and traffic.

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