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ShareAsale Affiliate: Sign Up to Make Money & Enjoy $30 Per CPA Leads

ShareAsale is the best and one the easy Affiliate to make legitimate and cool money online. Are you a beginner who is searching for new methods of making money online, or an expert who which to get more channels to earn every day? Meanwhile, I am telling you that ShareAsale is the right place for you all.

What is ShareAsale?

ShareAsale is an Affiliate platform to link Global merchants with publishers around the world, with a single reason of monetizing their content.

ShareAsale has created a trusted network, with long-lasting, profitable partnerships by promoting relevant products and services to your audience.

How to Make Money on ShareAsale?

They are numerous ways to make money with ShareASale, but for the purpose of being a beginner, I share here ways to make money from the ShareAsale Affiliate Program.

  1. Pay Per Lead (PPL) — You get paid every time a visitor follows your affiliate link to a merchant’s lead capture form and fully completes it.
  2. Pay Per Sale (PPS) — You earn a commission when visitors follow your direct link to a product or webpage and then make a purchase.

You can see that Pay Per Lead (PPL) which is sometimes called CPA lead is the simplest and easiest way to make money with ShareASale.

In a simple form, what Pay Per Lead (PPL) or CPA lead means is that you will get pay for anyone that click on the unique link that ShareASale generated for you. This is the simplest thing everyone can do online.

The question could now be, how much can I make from this unique link, this answer to this is simple, you can make up to $45 for a lead and as well as you can make as low as $0.01 depending on how much the merchants you are telling people to visit his or her brand wishes to pay.

You don’t need to worry I will work you through how to earn and even get paid to your preferred payment channel. Just follow me up.

ShareASale has created a reputation with over 20 years of growing network by nurturing relationships, building cutting-edge technology, and guiding merchants and publishers to make money in a stress-free manner.

I am assuring you that ShareASale is not just an Online Market Place, but one of the best in the business.

You may ask, how is ShareASale make their money and how are they getting their partners and prospective affiliate like you all this money? Well, the below statement explains it all

  • For merchants, signing up with ShareASale has a bit of a steep price tag. It costs $650 (which includes a $550 initial “network access fee” and a $100 minimum deposite
  • Over 16,550 merchants promote their peoduct and service on ShareASale
  • More than 225,000+ are publishing and promoting ShareASale (This people are making cool money from it) So what are waiting for?
  • 182m sales generated in 2020
  • Enough of all this story and let get to the business of the day

How to Start Making Money with ShareASale Affiliate

As I clearly stated before, below are ways to make money as an affiliate:

  • Pay Per Lead (PPL) — You get paid every time a visitor follows your affiliate link to a merchant’s lead capture form and fully completes it.
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS) — You earn a commission when visitors follow your direct link to a product or webpage and then make a purchase.

I have already done some homework for you on which product accept you to share and make money without you waiting for their approval

So you too can join:

  • Over 260 affilaites that join ShareAShare daily
  • 16,550 brands that you can promote and earn money and
  • Pool of people making money from over $1billion revenue with ShareASale

What are the CPA Leads Brands to Promote on ShareASale?

ShareASale Affiliate

There is over 300+ Cost Per Action that you can join immediately and start to make money within a very short time.

Here are over 40 brands you can register on and get your affiliate links and start to promote and make your first dollar.

  • The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a laptop, as your smartphone is okay.
  • You don’t necessary need a website to start
  • Your social media account is okay
  • Valid email address and browsing mobile connection
ShareASaleCommission to be Earn by You
General Web ServicesPer Sale $150.00
Per Lead $30.00
General Web ServicesPer Sale $150.00
Per Lead $30.00

Fast Products that gets Registration Approve immediately are

I carefully select all the below brands that you can get automatic approval for you to promote their products and get paid for just signing up with them.

Note the following meanings of terms used in the table below

  • Commission: This is the amount the merchant pays you for their sale product
  • Merchants: Is the owner of a business you are promoting
  • Cookies: It is a time your unique link will last on the referral phones or laptop browser. This means you can still make more money as far as the person that clicks is still active with the browser
  • Pay Per Action: This is the amount you will earn for any sign up by your referrals or any action they take with your unique get generated link from ShareASale.
  • Category: This is the niche that you are promoting.
  • Registration link: The unique link to my affiliate

Magic World

MagicWorld – the current leader of quality magic worldwide has now branched out, thus offering a superb affiliate program. Now YOU can benefit from the quality sales generated through the MagicWorld shop. At MagicWorld we sell everything, from small/bar magic, right through to large illusions. Magic Appeals to everyone, and ALWAYS makes the ideal gift for ANY occasion.

You earn $0.03 for your referral action when he or she registers, meanwhile, if anyone buys then you get 7% per sale

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
MagicWorldGames/ToysPer Sale 7%Per Lead $0.03 MagicWorld Never Expire

The Hair Styler

TheHairStyler.com’s FREE virtual hairstyling system takes the pain and risk out of experimenting with a new hairstyle, and makes sure members get the knowledge they need to clearly explain what they want to their stylists.

If you promote this product and someone sign up as a member or takes an action and you get $0.10

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
The Hair StylerHealthPer Lead $0.10 The Hair Styler 365 days
  • FREE to Join!
  • TheHairStyler.com’s virtual hairstyling system takes the pain and risk out of experimenting with a new hairstyle, and makes sure members get the knowledge they need to clearly explain what they want to their stylists.
  • To date, TheHairStyler.com has helped over 2 million members worldwide and there are more than 350 salons using their virtual hairstyling system with their clients.

California Beach Resorts

California Beach Resorts is proud to offer its a pay-per-lead affiliate program to the affiliates on the ShareASale.com Network.

CBR offers short term vacation rentals in the form of luxury beach homes on the California Coast from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

Any user that runs the search on the front page, and provides a valid telephone number, consists of a valid lead and will pay $3.00. The site currently steadily converts at 1:8 on PPC targeted traffic, and as high as 1:4 on geo-targeted vacation site links.

So, if you or your friend provide a valid phone number then you get $3 with Califonia Beach Resorts.

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
California Beach ResortsTravelPer Lead $3California Beach Resorts 30 days

Any and all suggestions from affiliates will be taken into consideration and are appreciated. Affiliates with the ability to drive high volumes will be given special consideration in the form of custom landing pages/lead capture forms

Crown Jewelers Inc.

Crown Jewelers is a leading online credit jeweler that began as a traditional retail chain founded in 1988. We offer a “no credit check” credit card program for consumers with challenged or no credit history. With low monthly payments, credit limits up to $2500 and a zero down program that helps consumers establish a deserving credit history with us, Crown Jewelers offers a program that is uniquely compelling. Why Join?

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Crown Jewelers Inc.AccessoriesPer Sale 10%Per Lead $1Crown Jewelers Inc. 45 days

This is a great opportunity to increase your revenue. At Crown Jewelers, we take an aggressive approach towards approving applicants for credit as well as ongoing promotions and campaigns that are highly effective in driving sales.

As a result, you will also find that our average sale is relatively higher than most retailers. Our base offer is 10% of the sale. Purchases and/or down payments must be made using a major credit card or PayPal to receive a commission. NO commission will be paid on fraudulent transactions.


Congratulations on wanting to become a lifesaving MatchingDonors.com affiliate sales representative. Please sign up as an affiliate by completing the form below. As an affiliate, you will earn great commissions on the following:

  • 25% commission from any patient membership on MatchingDonors.com referred by you.
  • $200 commission from any donor referred by you that goes on to transplant.
  • 25% commission from any donations (auto, boat, RV, plane, etc.) on MatchingDonors.com referred by you.
  • 10% commission from financial donations referred or fundraised by you.
  • 10% commission from real estate donations referred by you.
  • 20% 2nd tier commission on affiliates you bring to our program.
MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
MatchingDonors.comHealthPer Sale 25%Per Lead $0.01MatchingDonors.com 90 days

For example, you will earn $3,000 in commission from a donated auto that generates $12,000 for MatchingDonors.com. Also, for patient memberships, you will earn $148 in commission from a $595 membership on MatchingDonors.com. You can earn all of this while helping to save the lives of people needing organ transplants in the United States.

This affiliate program is great for anyone who wants to make money while increasing organ transplant awareness and help save the lives of people needing organ transplants. You can become one of our affiliates and earn these commissions from anywhere in the world. All tracking and commissions are done through ShareaSale.com, so you can see every day how much money you are earning. Feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions.


Giftsnideas offers a full line of unique products including Gifts, Apparel, Jewelry, Gadgets, Pet Gifts, Floral arrangements, Gift Baskets, and Art and Crafts for everyday occasions like Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

You get $0.10 on anyone that registers with GiftingInc, and 15% commission on sale

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
GiftingIncGiftPer Sale 15%Per Lead $0.10 GiftingInc 60 days

GiftsnIdeas makes gifting-giving easy. With only a click, you can have gifts delivered to over 184 countries!

GiftingInc Pickup Flowers

A Brand of Gifting Inc., the world’s leading international eCommerce gifting company aims to be the one-stop solution for flower gift givers to send flowers online to any city in the world, delivered through the local florists.

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
GiftingInc Pickup Flowers GiftPer Sale 15%Per Lead $0.10 GiftingInc Pickup Flowers 60 days

Visual Visitor

In these tough economic times, salespeople are looking for every edge they can find. VisualVisitor gives them that edge. VisualVisitor is one of the highest Return On Investment (ROI) sales tools available on the market today. VisualVisitor identifies ‘who is visiting your website (without logins or registrations), then looks up 14 pieces of social media data (Jigsaw, LinkedIn, others), including their phone number. VisualVisitor then emails all of this information to the salesperson while the prospect is still on their website.

Through our affiliate program, you can benefit from this unique product.

  • We are paying up to $354 per sale
  • ($59/month retail * 25% commission = $14.75 per sale, per month they stay with VisualVisitor).
MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
VisualVisitorHealthPer Sale 25%Per Lead $0.01 VisualVisitor 60 days

As an affiliate with ShareASale, you can give away as many free 14 day trials as you like, to VisualVisitor.  When the trial converts to a paid account, you get paid. Build a recurring annuity revenue stream with VisualVisitor! You can see a slide presentation of how it works here:

Sign up as an affiliate today!   Program highlights include:

  • 25% Commission for up to 24 months
    • 90 day cookies to our affiliates
    • Professionally managed program
    • Do not encourage phone orders.  We actually require the customer sign up online.
    • Always willing to work with affiliates to minimize overlapping of PPC advertising.


ClipClap gives you $1 for anyone that signup and use their App. This is my simplest way of making money online, you to can start to make money from the ClipClap App here today. See below link in the table to join

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
ClipClapMobile AppN3,500 – N20,000 Per Lead $1 ClipClap 30 days


MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
ClearScreeningReal EstatePer Sale 10%Per Lead $0.01 ClearScreening


We are offering $20 for each client you refer who makes a deposit. Even if the client only deposits $10, you still get $20. In addition to this, we are also offering a 10% commission on any other affiliate you refer to us through ShareaSale.com

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
HireWriters.comMarketingPer Sale 20%Per Lead $0.01 HireWriters.com


Book lender
  • When a referral joins BookLender and becomes a member, you earn $15.00
  • If a referral purchases something you receive 5% of the sale.
  • Benefits: – Earn commissions for leads and purchases
MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
BookLenderBook & MediaPer Sale 5%Per Lead $15 BookLender 30 days

From this BookLender alone for registering you get $15 now imagine your friend joining this site and registering, then I can’t calculate how much you will earn in a day.


ShotByShot.com Complete Game Analysis is very simple to use but has unique intelligence. It will accurately identify the player’s strengths and weaknesses and clearly explain why.

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
ShotByShotSport & FitnessPer Sale $10.00Per Lead $0.01 ShotByShot 60 days


Sunsky is a lead wholesaler from China, we focus on electronic products specializing in mobile phone & accessories, Digital Camera accessories, Car accessories and LED light, more products on the website:

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
SunSkyComputers and ElectronicPer Sale 8%Per Lead $2.00 SunSky 45 days


Customon is one of the most growing marketplaces that provide custom apparel and accessories. Our biggest power is our artist community and basically, they are uploading daily trend artworks into Customon and selling on our platform.

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
CustomonClothingPer Sale 15%Per Lead $0.10 Customon 90 days

Our transaction volume has increased 300% in the past 6 months. Another good reason for our affiliates is that when our customers visit our site for a particular design and product, they will see all other product options with the same design and they will mostly add more items into the cart and this means a higher cart total and higher affiliate commission. Our average transaction amount is around $38.00-$42.00.


  • Cloud Hosting Commission: Upto 8%
  • Dedicated Server Hosting Commission: Upto 8%
  • Shared Hosting Commission: Upto 10%
MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
TEMOKWeb HostingPer Sale 8%Per Lead $1.00 TEMOK 60 days


Commission incentive plans with abundant bonus

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
ShieldonComputers and ElectronicPer Sale 8%Per Lead $0.5 Shieldon 15 days

I believe at this junction, you should be thinking about how to start making your first $1 online with ShareASale Affiliate Marketing.

You have more than 300+ CPA Lead to make money with on ShareASale, and those that I have shared above and this below once will accept your registration on ShareASale without any extra requirement, you just join the ShareASale for free and start to promote these products and services

Accumulate all these earnings on ShareASale and get your commission paid into your account or other preferred payment methods you like.


NGUYEN deals in selling bags directly from the factory to customers.

  • Buy bags directly from wholesale
  • No hidden price.
  • No middle price.
  • Straight from factory to customers
MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies


Get $50.00 per sale as an affiliate with SellerMobile. Recurring Commission Rate: 10%. Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a commission increase, reach out for more details.

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
SellerMobileBusinessPer Sale 50%Per Lead $0.01 SellerMobile 90 days

Shirtframe, LLC dba Shart.com

Get a flat commission of 8% for all purchases made on our website by customers using your affiliate link. Additionally, we have a second-tier commission that pays $.03 for each NEW visitor you send to our website

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
ShirtframeHome & GardenPer Sale 8%Per Lead $0.03 SellerMobile 120 days


Rype is the world’s leading membership where members can book private language lessons online with handpicked professional teachers via a flat monthly subscription. Our mission is to enable everyone to learn a new language around their busy schedule to break down communication barriers around the world.

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
RypeEducationPer Sale 50%Per Lead $0.01 Rype 30 days

Chicloth CO., LIMITED

For each new customer, you get a 20% Commission and 60 Day Cookie Tracking. Chicloth.com is the leading one-stop online shop for today’s most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel and accessories. They offer a complete range of cutting edge fashion at preferential prices with Worldwide Free Shipping.

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Chicloth CO. LTDClothingPer Sale 15%Per Lead $3Chicloth CO. LTD 60 days


Airistech is a worldwide popular brand for vaporizers( Dry herb/Wax/Oil Vaporizers) It offers its Affiliates Partners:

  • 10% Commission
  • 5% Extra Commission for New Customers
  • 30 Days Cookies
  • $5 Bonus for Any Order $100+
  • $50 Bonus for *1000+ Monthly Sales Average Sale Amount: $50 Join them now!
MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
AiristechFood/DrinkPer Sale 10%Per Lead $3 Airistech 30 days

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the #1 place online for your audience to earn rewards for their opinion.

Our current affiliates enjoy great success monetizing their traffic with our low-risk and high-reward affiliate program.

Here’s what separates us from the rest:

  • High Conversion rates: Our high conversion rates set affiliates up for success.
  • Converts on 1st survey complete: No long funnels.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support: Optimize your campaign with consistent support from our dedicated team of experts.
MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Survey JunkieCareer/Jobs/EmploymentPer Lead $2 Survey Junkie 1 day
  • Survey Junkie is the highest rated survey site on Trust Pilot.
  • Acceptable Traffic Demographics:
  • Ages 16 and up
  • Opt-ins must live in the US, Canada, or Australia


MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
MUST TECHNOLOGY INC.Computers/ElectronicsPer Sale 10%Per Lead $1 MUST TECHNOLOGY INC. 90 days


MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
ETUDEHealthPer Sale 10%Per Lead $5 ETUDE 90 days


MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
modlily.comClothingPer Sale 8%Per Lead $0.01 modlily.com 60 days

Marco Polo Hotels

  • Why promote Marco Polo hotels on ShareASale?
  • – Get a 5% commission on each validated sale.
  • – Promote an award-winning company.
  • – Best quality promotional materials: Banners, Offers, voucher codes, text links etc.
  • – All properties are rated as 4 or 5 Star category accommodation.
  • – No cost to join the affiliate program.
MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Marco Polo HotelsTravelPer Sale 5%Per Lead $0.01 Marco Polo Hotels 60 days


  • Sale Commission 0.5%
  • Lead Commission: $1
MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
CowCow.comHealthPer Sale 0.5%Per Lead $115 days

HGmart, Inc.

YOUR BENEFITS with HGmart on ShareASale
• 10%~15% commission on each referred sale.
• New monthly profitable activities, updating banners and coupons.
• Newsletters when new activity and promotions update.
• 60-day cookie duration.

Soul Journey Jewelry

Sale Commission 15%

Lead Commission: $1

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Soul Journey JewelryAccessoriesPer Sale 15%Per Lead $1 Soul Journey Jewelry 30 days

Amoretti Brothers

Sale Commission 8%

Lead Commission: $10

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Amoretti BrothersHome & GardenPer Sale 8%Per Lead $10 Amoretti Brothers 45 days

fondlove.com is a business owned by a group of women who want to explore more possibilities of sex

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
fondlove.comHealthPer Sale 17%Per Lead $5 fondlove.com 30 days

Shop Software Keys

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Shop Software KeysComputers/ElectronicsPer Sale 5.5%Per Lead $5.50 Shop Software Keys 1 day

Shop Software Keys is a Certified Microsoft Partner/Reseller and Adobe Partner/Reseller and its sell all of their software from open license to operating systems, office and plenty more! Shop Software Keys average ticket sale is 300USD and You can get 5.5% commissions on each sale and 5.5% commissions on each lead! Here at Shop Software Keys, we are dedicated to serving our customers and putting them first.

iVIK Holdings According to their information on the ShareASale website, their starting commission is 15% but we are very willing to incentivise high-performing partners.

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
iVIK HoldingsHealthPer Sale 15%Per Lead $5 iVIK Holdings 30 days

Finch International Trading Limited

Sale Commission 19%

Lead Commission: $5

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Finch International Trading LimitedComputers/ElectronicsPer Sale 19%Per Lead $5 Finch International Trading Limited 90 days


This comes with no Sale Commission 0% on ShareASale

Lead Commission: $5

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
NursesimpleHealthPer Lead $5 Nursesimple 45 days


Join the ShareASale program now and receive a generous 15% commission on each sale!

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Incinerex.comHealthPer Sale 15%Per Lead $0.01 Incinerex.com 90 days

Freight Squirrel

With Freight Squirrel on ShareASale Earn 50% commission on each signup Freight Squirrel is a revolutionary yet simple and shockingly effective program that can do the entire freight auditing process for eCommerce companies in seconds

Maidesite Global INC

  • With the ShareASale get Sale Commission 10%
  • Lead Commission: $1
  • Deal Commissions (available via select Deal Creatives): 10%
  • Global Commission Rules
MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Maidesite Global INC Home & GardenPer Sale 10%Per Lead $1 Maidesite Global INC 90 days

Belongtail LTD


Sale Commission 0%

Lead Commission: $5

Global Commission Rules

MerchantCategoryCommissionPay Per ActionRegister HereCookies
Belongtail LTDHealthPer Lead $5 Belongtail LTD 90 days

Now let do some simple calculation on what you can make from all these extracted affiliate products to be promoted on ShareASale Affiliate Market Place

You need to remember that all the aforementioned brands will not ask for any registration requirement before they approve your partnering with them, also all you have to do is to direct people to their website and you make money.

And also don’t forget that people that you direct to their website needs to take or some actions, such as submitting their email, phone numbers etc. Then you will be paid for that simple task.

So in summary here is how much you will make if you promote this on ShareASale

S/NMerchants / Brands / ProductYou will be pay per Action (CPA)
2The Hair Styler$0.10
3California Beach Resorts$3
4Crown Jewelers Inc.$1
7GiftingInc Pickup Flowers$0.10
12BookLender $15
22Chicloth CO. LTD$3
24Survey Junkie$2 or $15
28Marco Polo Hotels$0.01
30Soul Journey Jewelry$1
31Amoretti Brothers$10
33Shop Software Keys$5.5
34iVIK Holdings$5
35Finch International Trading Limited$5
38Maidesite Global INC$1
39Belongtail LTD$5
Grant Total (40) Amount to make on this Affiliate$120.46

This shows that if you wish to promote all my extracted merchants products then you get $120.46, but meanwhile, you can select any product you may wish to earn money from. This is just my own way to simplify the process for you.

If just a person apply to all these affiliates and perform an action required on them all, you earn yourself $120,46

Just imagine more people accessing or using your own generated link, then how much do you think you will be making every week, every day and not talk of your monthly earns on ShareASale Affiliate Market.

How to Register on ShareASale Affilaite Market Place

You need to sign up with ShareASale for free and you create a username and password that you’ll remember and enter your country of residence, then click Move on to Step 2. But before going to step 2, let me briefly explain some little things.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of referring people, friends to product or brands or even aa services and at the end, the merchant pays yours for that.

So merchants sell directly from their websites. Affiliates, meanwhile, place links to merchants on their websites; if someone clicks one of these links and then makes a purchase, the affiliate gets paid a small commission. Or if someone clicks on the link and do some registration like in the form of using this method of ShareASale Affiliate Market place

This creates an opportunity for you to make money through posting the Affiliate link to your social media account or your personal website owners who regularly create great content and enjoy steady visitor traffic. If you find an affiliate program that aligns with your visitors’ interests, you can direct them to merchant websites and make money in the process.

The key to affiliate marketing is trust: We’ve all seen sites that are nothing but sponsored links and advertisements, or business blogs with posts that are simply marketing copy for merchants. To make affiliate marketing work, you need to find the right affiliate partner and ensure the content you’re creating will capture user interest and compel them to click on merchant links.

Like, ShareASale it is considered to be a reliable source of online affiliate income.

So back to the business, after you might sign up as an affiliate successfully, as shown in the image above.

Step 2 on registration for ShareASale Affiliate Marketing, set up your affiliate account

Step 3 provide the means of promoting the ShareASale affiliate, merchants product and brand as well as the services

Step 4 verify your email address provided during the registration and the contact address, this I think is simple and the last step which the step 5 on the joining of ShareASale affiliate Marketing

Step 5 is completing your payment method.

How to Recieve Payment on ShareASale Affiliate Program

There are three (3) ways to withdraw your commission earned on ShareASale as an Affiliate marketer.

  • Direct Payment to your bank
  • Using Payooner
  • Send Check via Post Mail

Note that payments are made on the 20th of every month that you qualify for payment. ShareASale pays commissions monthly, and you can log into your account at any time to check your earnings in real-time. The ShareASale minimum threshold to cash out is $50.

  • Direct bank deposite is the fastest and easiest way to recieve payment as you get pay within a 1 business working day.
  • But Check via Postal Services can take up to 2-3 business working days

Have it in your mind that you can change your payment method at any time.

What Payment methods is Good for recieving money on ShareASale?

To me all the payment methods are very okay, depending on the situation and conveniences to use them. For instance not all country is included on the direct payment to the bank.

Payoneer is a very good alternative to withdraw from ShareASale Affiliate, you get your earn commission to your Payoneer account, as you can send the money to your own bank account or even use the Payoneer ATM card.

If you are not having a Payoneer account then open yours now from the link below. As Payoneer will also credit you with $25 if you register with them for free

Shareasale has been proven to be a reputable, reliable affiliate marketing program that offers substantial earning potential.

Turning this potential into profit starts with a plan. To make the most of ShareASale, get your WordPress website up and running.

Don’t forget to share this post!

Use the Social Medial Buttons below to Like and Share, This will encourage us to serve your better

If you have any questions, use the comment section below, as I will respond to any of your questions.

Bonus for making it to this end.

Here is some affiliates that I joined that also make me money.

Grammarly: Not everybody knows that they can make $0.20 for joining Grammarly for free and also get $20 for just upgrading to the premium version

Mobrog pays you $0.63 for anyone that joins their survey, the condition to earn from Mobrog.com. Why not tell your friends about MOBROG and invite them to become part of this community today.

With the link, you can easily invite many friends and earn money even faster.

Of course, you’ll get a little something for your trouble. For every friend that you recruit using the link above, you gain USD 0.63.

The money will be credited to you after your friend has filled in three surveys in full. Invite as many friends as you like!

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