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ICE Network KYC Step 3 and Its 21 Quiz Answers (See How to Complete It)

ICE Network KYC 2 was missed by many ICE App miners, which can be traced to many factors, like in my situation, my Twitter account has been suspended permanently, so no alternative for me to complete my ICE project.

Now part of the new requirement by the ICE project is for all ICE mining participants to verify and complete the ICE Quiz as a requirement to know if they are knowledgeable about their project.

The task is simple as it starts in February and ends within 14 days. So what are waiting for?

Thanks to the ICE team for seeing this unpalatable issue coming and rescuing the situation by providing a much-needed alternative for those who are unable to complete their ICE Project KYC Verification and providing the ICE Network KYC Step 3 as an alternative for ICE miners to have access to their ICE token.

Below are all the ICE Network Quiz Answers for those who missed out on the ICE Process.

ICE Network KYC Step 3 The (Ice Quiz Answers)

It is part of the requirement to score at least 18 out of the 21 Ice Quiz Answers. Below are the ICE Quiz Questions and Answers.

Disclaimer: I am not assuring you of 100% correct the ICE Quiz Answers here, as you need to do diligence and confirm the ICE Quiz Answers.

Certainly, ICE will not set the questions serially so do your findings before picking the answers.

One of the questions is How is the Pre-Stake bonus in the ICE project rewarded to users?

ice quiz answers

What does the term “halving” refer to in the cryptocurrency industry?

ice quiz

In the Ice project, what is the purpose of the “resurrection” feature?

ice network quiz answers

What is the primary role of the Ecosystem Growth and Innovation Pool Fund in the Ice?

ice quiz questions

Why did the Ice project team feel the need to create a new cryptocurrency?

ice quiz questions and answer

How many times can you benefit from the resurrection option in the Ice project?

ice network quiz answers today

What is the role of validators in the Ice governance and operation?

ice quiz answers

When are users notified about the availability of extra bonuses in the Ice project?

ICE Network KYC Quiz Answers

Does mining in the Ice require keeping the app open all the time?

How are validators selected and reelected in the Ice Network?

What sets Ice apart from other cryptocurrencies in terms of mining?

What does the term “halving” refer to in the cryptocurrency industry?

On what network will the Ice distribution take place?

What factors determine the total supply of Ice coins?

What is the primary focus of the Treasury Fund in the Ice financial ecosystem?

What is the bonus you and your Tier 1 friends receive when mining together?

What is the Ice approach to governance?

What blockchain technology does the Ice project use for its consensus mechanism, known for its speed, security, and scalability?

What information can you find on the team screen in the Ice Project app?

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What type of bonus do you receive for friends referred by you (Tier 1) and those referred by your friends (Tier 2) in the Ice project?

How can a user restore lost coins due to inactivity in the Ice project?

How does the Ice project aim to demonstrate the value and reliability of its digital coins to gain wider acceptance?

How often will the BNB Smart Chain distribution occur in the Ice Project Network?

How can users earn Ice in the Ice Project?

If you are new to the ICE Mining App, then visit Ice.io you can join my team on ICE and receive 10 Ice coins when you sign up using my referral code kinfo

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Disclaimer: I am not assuring you of 100% correct the ICE Quiz Answers, as you need to do diligence and confirm the ICE KYC Step #3 Quiz Answers.

Certainly, ICE will not set the questions accordingly so do your findings before picking the answers.

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