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3 Best Crypto Airdrops to Make Free Money Online

Are you searching for free ways to make money online, one of the best options to make money nowadays is through Cryptocurrency and the best cheap option is through Crypto Airdrop.

Meanwhile, what is Crypto Airdrop?

Crypto Airdrop is a way of distributing new coins or tokens to existing cryptocurrency holders or users who perform certain tasks. It is a marketing strategy used by blockchain startups to raise awareness and adoption of their projects.

Here in this article, are some trusted Cryptocurrency exchangers with long years of experience in the Cryptocurrency market with reputable but have now launched their Crypto Airdrop as a way of distributing new coins or tokens to existing cryptocurrency holders or users who perform certain tasks. This in return serves as a free way to make money for you.

I will recommend you start making money together with this Cryptocurrency exchanger on their journey to establish their coins or tokens through Crypto Airdrop.

This implies that you have the opportunity to make fast money and get a quick listing of the coins and tokens. Another notable aspect is that their whitepaper roadmap always stipulates how focused and determined their Crypto Airdrop project is within a short time as they have the platform to promote their coins already to Crypto traders on their platforms

Best Crypto Airdrops to Make Free Money Online

The below are prominent and prospective Crypto Airdrops you need to start claiming for free and make money online with your phone. The list is not exhausted but few ones that are known to me at the time of making this article. However, updates will be made on the list of the Crypto Airdrop as time goes on.

Below is the list of some Crypto Airdrops, how you can start to Participate in the Crypto Airdrop and make money through airdrop and the steps needed to complete your registration.

1. Biswift Crypto Airdrop

Biswift is a very popular wallet that now launched its own crypto airdrop, but the good news is that you can start to claim money as soon as you register to participate on their crypto airdrop.

How to Make Money Claiming Free Biswift Crypto Airdrop worth $50,000

As part of the way to motivate their App users, Biswift is rewarding people with their $50,000 cash giveaway on their leaderboard. To claim yours;

  • Visit www.biswift.com to download the App
  • Copy the display code as you will need it below
  • Download your phone OS version of the app
  • Install and insert the code Q9EB92GMNZN2

Now click on Claim the $BSF and see how your reward can be claimed daily for free. Biswift is a very reliable and best free app to make money online due to its time on the cryptocurrency market with a reputation built already.

2. CoinSavi Token Crypto Airdrop

CoinSavi Token Crypto Airdrop

CoinSavi is one of those Crypto Mining App that has a great user interface coupled with the simplicity of its mining process. Talking of new crypto coins to join along the likes of BOTC Mining App is the Coin Savi Token. And there is a saying that if you missed out on mining Remitano RENEC you should not miss the new SAVI COIN TOKEN.

How to Start Mining the Coin Savi Token

Going beyond being just a cryptocurrency exchange, CoinSavi’s strategic partner has introduced a feature: free SAVI mining.

  • To create a CoinSavi account, you can follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Visit the CoinSavi website/app here.
  • Step 2: Use the Invitation code 77535185 to complete your registration
  • Step 3: Click on “Create a new account.”
  • Step 4: Verify your account KYC. Remitano users who have already completed KYC will have their KYC information synchronized with CoinSavi.
  • Step 5: Start trading and mining the SAVI Token

Benefits of Mining Coin Savi Token Crypto Airdrop

Savi Coin Token made the user KYC simpler something that is not easy on the BOTC Mining App, but as strategic partners of CoinSavi, Remitano users will enjoy exclusive benefits such as:

  1. Access to a diverse selection of over 350 cryptocurrencies through CoinSavi.
  2. A simple KYC process (Users who have completed KYC on Remitano can synchronize their KYC on CoinSavi).
  3. High liquidity for optimal pricing.
  4. Free cryptocurrency transfers between Remitano and CoinSavi, and vice versa.
  5. Free SAVI mining within the CoinSavi app.

With these privileges, Remitano users can diversify their investment portfolios with over 350 cryptocurrencies from CoinSavi. CoinSavi’s security measures, including over 23 layers of tight security, have also been assured by Remitano to safeguard investors’ assets.

3. OpenEx

The OpenEx is a newly added Crypto airdrop project on the highly rated Satoshi Mining App is OpenEX, and as earlier highlighted you only need to start using the app without necessarily downloading the Satoshi Mining App but you can update it.

OpenEx came at the best time when people were familiar with the Satoshi Mining App and its acceptance with over 15 million active users already if you start to mine OpenEx on it then it is a big step in the right direction for you.

OpenEx Crypto Airdrop is a new way to get free cryptocurrency through mining, while OpenEx is a revolutionary open trading with A WEB 3-based Decentralized Exchange Design.

First-time user of the Satoshi Core Mining App uses the Download Link, and old users of the Satoshi Mining App use the Update Link here.

4. Alpha Network Crypto Airdrop

Alpha Network is an easy-to-use mining app with a fast and secure interface, meanwhile, you can start to mine Alpha coin on your phone on the go.

How to Claim Alpha Network Crypto Airdrop

  • To start mining Alpha Network visit the link www.minealpha.net
  • Use the invitation code Kinfo1 to earn yourself free 1 Alpha Coin

See more updates from my previous articles on Alpha Network below list of articles;

New Airdrop Crypto to Make Money Online

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain, airdrops continue to be a source of excitement and potential rewards. We’re diving into four (4) intriguing Crypto Airdrops that have recently hit the radar: Over Protocol, PXR Network, aZen Connect, and Athene. Buckle up, because we’re about to unpack their potential and help you decide if these airdrops deserve a spot in your crypto portfolio.

1. Over Protocol (OVR)

Over Protocol airdropped its OVR token to early adopters of its cross-chain bridge solution. This airdrop aims to incentivize participation in the network’s governance and incentivize liquidity provision.

If you’re an advocate for seamless interoperability between blockchains, Over Protocol might be worth exploring. Just keep in mind that the project is to be launched in the middle of 2024.

How to Download Over Protocol

  • Go to PlayStore and download Over Protocol Network
  • Invitation to get your free Over Token reward: 7G6XNUP4K9

2. PXR Network (PXR)

PXR Network’s airdrop of its PXR token targets developers and users interested in building decentralized applications (dApps) on its scalable blockchain platform.

The network boasts fast transaction speeds and low fees, making it a potentially attractive option for dApp developers seeking an efficient and cost-effective environment.

How to Start Mining PXR Network

  • To go PlayStore and download the PXR Network App
  • The invitation code is [8ac98] 

3. aZen Connect (ZEN)

aZen Connect’s ZEN token airdrop caters to users interested in the convergence of the physical and digital realms. The project aims to build a decentralized identity (DID) network that bridges the gap between real-world identities and digital interactions.

If you’re intrigued by the potential of DIDs and their role in shaping the future of the internet, aZen Connect might be worth keeping an eye on.

How to Claim aZen

Download the aZen AI here

4. Athene (ATH)

Athene’s ATH token airdrop focuses on users passionate about empowering content creators in the digital age. The project aims to build a decentralized publishing platform that gives creators full control over their content and monetization.

If you’re a supporter of creator rights and decentralization in the content creation space, Athene might be worth exploring.

How to join Athene Airdrop

Go to Playstore to Download Athene and use the 390193c542

Final Thoughts:

Airdrops can be a great way to discover promising new projects and potentially earn some free tokens.

What are the Crypto Wallet Apps to Make Free Money

Another way to make quick money is by registering with top Cryptocurrency exchangers by creating wallets. (This is not making money in the form of Crypto Airdrop) but as a way of getting a bonus for registering and using their platform for cryptocurrency transactions.

There are several crypto wallet apps out there with numerous functionalities and incentives for their users. However, not all Crypto Wallet apps are created equal, so you have to be careful when choosing which one to install on your mobile device. Here are 7 different Crypto Wallet apps you can use to make free money.

1. Binance

Binance is one of the top crypto wallet apps that allows users to store, buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. It is a secure, user-friendly and highly reliable crypto wallet app that supports more than 100 different digital currencies.

Binance Referral commission

Binance Exchange is the largest crypto exchange by trade volume and one of the fastest in the world. Beyond operating the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance also spans an entire ecosystem.

  • Lowest transaction fees for cryptocurrency exchange
  • High liquidity
  • Over 600 cryptocurrencies supported
  • Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU)
  • 24/7 availability for Customer service
  • Smooth UX/UI
  • A diverse range of products and to top it all is their; Educational resources that are available for new and old users to learn from

As of the time of making this article, Binance exchange is boosting 2.0 billion Average daily volume and 1.4 million transactions per second with 24/7 Support

How to Register on Binance and make money for free

If you register through this link, the Binance Offer Page you will be rewarded with the following benefits;

  • Token Voucher of 2 JST coin
  • Cashback Voucher of $20 USDT
  • $30 Cashback
  • First trade bonus of $50 and much more
Binance Reward center

With Binance you will rewards and you can claim them daily. While, in addition, you also earn up to 40% commission every time your friends make a trade on Binance.

One of the benefits of using the invitation code is that you can qualify for playing DOT DASH and Compete for 1 BTC. Get 100 USDT Trading Fee Credit Each

2. Gate.io

When it comes to securely your cryptocurrency, Gate.io is one of the most trusted Crypto Wallet Apps out there. It offers reliable and secure storage of digital assets with robust security measures and features like cold storage and two-factor authentication.

Gate.io referral bonus

With an intuitive interface, Gate.io also makes it easy to send and receive cryptocurrency.

  • It also provides users with real-time market updates,
  • 24/7 customer support, and
  • internal exchange.

Gate.io is the perfect Crypto Wallet App for those looking to easily manage their cryptocurrency portfolio in a safe and secure environment.

How to register and make money on Gate.io

You can get up to 40% on registering and introducing Gate.io to friends and family. To start register from their page Gate.io and gain your reward for using their platform to trade.

3. SuperEx

If you are looking for the perfect Crypto Wallet app to make free money? Look no further than SuperEx. It is one of the leading Crypto Wallet apps out there today. It offers a variety of features that make it easy for users to make free money.

It provides users with several options to make money including;

  • Passive income through staking rewards,
  • Interest-bearing tokens,
  • Referral programs,
  • Trading opportunities, and more.
SuperEx Crypto Wallet App


All in all, SuperEx is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable Crypto Wallet app to make free money. How to Start using SuperEx Crypto Wallet App: Register from the page www.superEx.live/

4. BitFada

BitFada is a global cryptocurrency trading platform where you can safely trade with millions of users around the world. At Bitfada we allow users to create advertisements and choose their payment method and exchange rate.

Introduce Bitfada to your family and friends and earn 40% of our escrow fee. For joining BitFada you instantly get a reward of 6,000BTD worth of BTC that can be converted to Bitcoin. Start your registration on their page www.bitfada.com

5. Mara Wallet

Mara Wallet is one of the new Crypto Wallet Apps available in the market today. With a simple and intuitive user interface, Mara Wallet makes it easy to manage your cryptocurrencies.

Mara wallet

Mara Wallet also has built-in support for most major exchanges, so you can quickly and easily buy or sell cryptocurrencies from within the app. You can set up recurring payments to keep your funds safe and secure.

The best part about Mara Wallet is that it’s completely free to make money, you don’t need to trade before earning, as you can use the CODE to join the $1000 Contest for free now from www.mara.xyz

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use Crypto Wallet App, this is the one for you.

How to Sign Up for Mara Wallet and get $2 Instantly

  1. Register on their site at mara.xyz
  2. Use the code YJN3PZ to claim $2 instantly and qualify for a $1000 contest

6. Glim Network

Crypto wallets are becoming increasingly popular in the digital age. The Glim Network provides users with a secure and reliable way to store their crypto coins with an offer of an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. With this wallet, users can store, send, and receive multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others.

There are two basic ways to make money for free on Glim Network without trading, that is to claim a Glim token every 12 hours and get free dollars on the watch to earn.

You can start to make money on Glim Network by following the steps below;

7. Remitano

What makes Remitano one of the other best Cryptocurrency wallets to use is the free manner in which it rewards its miners. There are some free games on the Remitano app that rewards you with free Crypto coins. Read full details on Remitano in my article The Best 5 Remitano Alternative Apps to Make Free Crypto Coins as well as my previous article The Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in for Free Today

Do you know that you still get an extra 40% mining rate on the recruiters in your downline? As you get more if your recruiters trade on the Remitano App as well.

To register and start mining Remitano RENEC, do the following;

  1. Download the Remitano app on PlayStore and AppStore.
  2. Register or log in to the app.
  3. From the list of menus that are displayed, click on “Mining RENEC”. This should take you to the mining page.
  4. Click on the “Mine RENEC” button to start mining.

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