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5 Remitano Alternative Apps to Make Free Crypto coins

Ever since Remitano ended its RENEC token mining, many people have been searching for other sure Remitano alternatives online.

To lessen your task of searching further on the best alternative Apps to be used for mining, then here are more than 5 mining Apps to check out and to use for free to mine on your phone.

Notable new free mining apps to have are:

What are the Best Remitano Alternative mining Apps?

What is a Remitano wallet?

Remitano is a service provider and one of the most reliable multi-currency wallets in the crypto space. This wallet is a software wallet as it can be used online. Remitano is been trusted by millions of online crypto users.

As a wallet for performing transactions, Remitano upgraded its App to also accommodate the mining of their token which is called RENEC. And ever since September 30th this year, Remitano announces the launch of its Mainnet and sequence listing of its RENEC on Cryptocurrencies MarketCap, as they stopped their mining platform.

Here are 10 Alternatives to Remitano as a Wallet, as I will still list below the other 5 Crypto coins to Mining and make free crypto coins

  • Gate.io.
  • Mara Wallet (Get free $2) for sign up
  • Binance.
  • SuperEX (Register for free and get 100ET) and an extra 150ET crypto coins reward
  • Coinbase Exchange.
  • CoinDCX.
  • LocalBitcoins.
  • Poloniex.
  • Kucoin.

However, as Remitano stopped its mining and the only available channel to get RENEC is to buy, then we need to look for the best way to earn free crypto coins.

5 Best Free Mining App

1. Shiba Inu Mining Coin

Shiba Inu mining is one of the most searched queries on the internet since it is now being traded online. You can now send, receive and sell Shiba and get your money in your local currency or any currency you wish.

The Shiba Inu coin is already on the MarketCap and listed on almost trading platforms like Binance, Remitano e.t.c

Instead of you googling searching the value of 1 Shiba coin to a dollar, just download the App here and get the latest price of the Shiba Inu coin instantly.

What are the Benefits of Mining Shiba Inu

  • If you join the Shiba mining team you get free 1 Shiba coin free. (use the code this 8-digit code (18353096))
  • You mine at +4.0 Shiba/hour
  • Get a free reward every 90 minutes (Up to 50 free Shiba coins)
  • Mine twice within 24 hours (12 hours mining interval)
  • Get an extra 1 Shiba coin for every miner that joins through you

How to Boost and increase your Shiba Inu coin mining rate

  • To boost your mining rate on Shiba, invite your friends and family to get more percentage of the mining rate
  • Get 1 free Shiba coin on every miner that joins from your invites
  • Mine at 1.25 if the speed reaches 10 Shiba/hour
  • And mine at 1.50 if your mining speed reaches 25 Shiba/hour
  • mine at 1.75 if your speed is 50Shiba/hour
  • As 100 Shiba/hour gives you 2.0 speed

Shiba Inu coin can be withdrawn immediately when you wish to do so.

You can join the Shiba mining team by downloading from the link below

To join the mining team use the code this 8-digit code (18353096) and get a free 1 Shiba Inu coin and add it to your wallet.

If you have a wallet like Remitano, all you have to do is withdraw your earnings to your bank account instantly when you reach the minimum payout.

2. Satoshi Core

Satoshi Core Mining is a crypto App that was designed to solve the problem that BTC couldn’t solve, by ensuring fair distribution of the coin among miners. The Core is the cryptocurrency project that started operation on December 12, 2020, and is scheduled for the mainnet as it will stop the mining process on the mobile phone by December 12th 2022.

What makes the Satoshi Core Mining App one of the Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in is the reward and incentives that were attached to the mining, this includes you getting free BTC that you can convert to dollars or any of your preferred local currencies. You also get a free Giftcard and Hashcard that can improve and boost your mining rate.

The beautiful part is that Satoshi Core Mining is free, and right now the mining is only on Android smartphones. If you missed Bitcoin BTC, then take Core BTCs.

To start Satoshi Core Mining

  1. Register through link
  2. Download the App (Android Only)
  3. Login to the App
  4. Click start mining and verify your identity (Face Verification)
  5. Click start mining
  6. Receive your Core block every day, and free benefits BTC

3. Pi Coin as know as Pi Network

Pi Network has constantly been a top and Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in with an energy-light mobile app. The Pi mining app allows you to mine every 24 hours.

The best part of the Pi Coins is that Pi makes crypto mining easy and its breakthrough tech allows you to mine Pi on your phone without draining your battery.

Pi network

Pi Network comes to solve the problem created by the invention of Bitcoin that makes Bitcoin fix its supplies to only 21M in circulation within a population of over 7.5B people. This is certainly not going to go around the people and it causes its scarcity and that is what is driving the Bitcoin value. (The higher the demand the hight the price)

The good news is that the Pi network is heading to another milestone with the plan of over 500M Pi circulation just like Satoshi Core, active downloads recorded by Pi mining App is 54M+

To start Pi Mining

4. Sigma Network

Sigma Network: rewards its users with a free 5 Sigma token for joining, and the team join code or invitation code can be found online, use can use my generated code Kinfo1 so you can claim your free 5 Sigms tokens. Register for free with Sigma Network.

The simplicity of the Sigma Network interface is top-notch, all you need is just a tap and you are done for the next 23 hours and 59 minutes.

Just like Maldorini Network that I will discuss below, you can join the Sigma mining Team Cluster in other to boost and increase your daily mining rates.

To join the Sigma Team Cluster

Register to the Team Cluster from this page Sigma Network Cluster Page

Use the invite code Kinfo1

Then you are good to go and mine at a very high rate, compare to some that don’t join the cluster. You can see this page to get more benefits of Sigma Network

5. Hi App

Hi App: reward you will free coin, as you can join a make free coin and more rewards, Join the Hi App from their page here

Hi App is one of the next-generation, Web3 financial services that you will love to have on your phone if truly you want to make a lot of money in the cryptocurrency era.

Hi App reward you based on the KYC and activities that you do on the App as well as interval bonuses. You can start to earn immediately on the Hi App

All you need to use Hi App

  • Your working phone number for verification and
  • email address
  • get to register on Hi App through this page Hi.com

6. Start Network

Star Network: is your all-in-one app with decentralized finance, and social. network and mobile game feature for you to earn, trade, social. You can download StarNetwork here and use the referral code Kinfo1 to start earning and boosting your mining rate.

The Star Network reward system also gives everyone a fairer chance to grow their mining, as assurance is given to new miners, as you will be rewarded based on your contribution to the network and not on how far they have joined the platform.

As Star Network was launched in 2021 just like Remitano, the platform has been giving the new miners chance to participate in the system as Star Network will be getting to Mainnet soon. If you have yet to mine then join the platform from this link download.starnetwork.io and use the code Kinfo1 to get more contributions to the platform and boost your mining rate while completing your registration.

7. Cheatmoon

Cheatmoon: is one of the top crypto mining Apps with a lot of incentives, it gives rewards 20 minutes intervals. You can join and start mining Cheatmoon by downloading their app on www.cheatmoon.com and using the code Kinfo1 for you to get 10 Cheatmoons for free.

Just like Sidra, Cheatmoon is a great alternative you can get for Remitano, as its mining process is still ongoing. The App is fun-packed with numerous as you earn from both mobile App and PC, giving you a better mining rate than the Remitano RENEC.

8. Sidra Bank Mining

Sidra Mining: This is the new mining that gets you rich as time goes on, it is coins that start to get much more mining, and it will be very good to join before the mining stops. Download the Sidra App

All that you need to mine Sidra coins are;

  • Working phone
  • Internet service (Data)
  • Browser
  • Working Email (For verification)

Get your Sidra Bank Coin now and start mining FREE from www.minesidra.com

Sidra as an alternative a Remitano offers you a better way to become a million. You can read and get all you need to know about Sidra Bank, the first Islamic Digital Cryptocurrency in the world.

Based on expert speculation on the worth of the Sidra coin, it is been assumed that 1 Sidra will be $525 when eventually listed. The acceptance rate of the Sidra coin is alarming and it is worth having that now for free.

9. PeakPok Club

Just like the PeakPok partner, the Cheatmoon allows you to spin and earn either Mega Prize, a higher mining rate per hour or even PeakPok Tokens of up to 30+

PeakPok rewards any of their users that follow their social media accounts with free coins, PeakPok is on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and even Telegram. This shows you that you can get updates from their various social media platform and watch the latest through their YouTube channel.

You How to Join the PeakPok Club

To register and join PeakPok Club, you will need an invitation code and you use the one I will be sharing below.

Remitano might have stopped mining, but PeakPok allows you to be relevant and earn free coins to sell and trade online.

Join the PeakPok Club on www.peakpok.com and use the invitation code Kinfo1 to get free 100 PeakPok Tokens

10. Maldorini

Maldorini is a Remitano-like platform that many people underrated based on it popularity, and what is shocking to people now is how successful people are in mining and making a lot of free crypto coins and tokens from this platform.

Maldorini comes with the most simple and fine interface and the task on its page is only to mine and see your earnings.

To Register for free on Maldorini Mining Networking

You can visit download the Android version of Maldorini and the iOS version of Maldorini below.

Maldorini Network as a Team platform allows you to earn free Maldo [MLD]through a unique code, to start free mining, you this generate code during your registration Mu92207074Se you can just copy and paste the code while doing your registration.

Download Maldorini App
Download Maldorini App

You can as well join the official Telegram account of the Maldorini

Why people lost their Remitano RENEC after Mainnet

A lot of unverified account on the Remitano mining App lost their mined RENEC, this was due to their unseriousness as Remitano always remind their miners to do the KYC to Level 2 at least. As we all know the importance of KYC means Know Your Customer.

Binance was said to have lost over $600 million to hackers, and with proper KYC such may be traced that is I gave kudos to the Pi Network KYC process, which helps you to secure your currencies and protect your future.

Bottom line

For any of the businesses, crypto and the likes that you are engaging on, the first thing you need to do is to do all the verification and KYC required so as be able to secure and don’t loss your coins and businesses.

If you fine value from this piece of write up, please help us share to your friends and family. This unique and genuine kind of information may not be available for people to benefit from. And remember that Sharing is Caring.

Remitano is a great coin to have with high market value, if you share and like this article, it will go a long way to help many of your friends and family in life.

Also, let me inform you that your Shares and Likes really motivate and encourage us to do more research and find in serving you with much better content like this.

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