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How to Make Money on Coinpayu and Up-ads (See the Best 1)

The earlier it is clear to sites that promote how to make money online, that to convenience people as a referral in making money it now getting harder, the better for their business and that is what Up-ads does and the same way to Make Money on Coinpayu. You don’t need to refer friends and family before you make your commission on these two websites.


The nice thing about the same website is that you can earn raw crypto coins such as BTC, Ethereum, Satoshi and the like and withdraw it directly to any of your trusted wallets such as Binance, Mara, Remitano and the like. Don’t forget that when you sign up for Mara you get an instant $2 as SuperEx and Hi App give out a lot of bonuses and incentives for making use of their platform.

How to Make Money on Coinpayu

How to Make Money on Coinpayu

What is Coinpayu

Coinpayu is one of the legitimate and leading platforms to make money online through the viewing of adverts. It pays its user with free crypto coins.

It’s a popular rewards platform where you can earn crypto by viewing advertisements or doing offers with millions of users engaging on the site day in and day out.

How to Register on Coinpayu?

You can earn multiple cryptocurrencies from this platform and withdraw them through any of your trusted wallets like Mara and Remitano as stated earlier.

Parts of the coins you can make money on Coinpayu are;

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • TRX
  • Binance coin and many more as the list on going on and on.

I believe that is one of the benefits of making money with Coinpayu over Up-ads. There are numerous earning coins to make money on Coinpayu.

I am so excited to share this and all you have to do is to make money on Coinpayu by joining the platform for free.

To join Coinpayu, have either their App or use your phone browser to visit the site and start to make money on Coinpayu. I will also drop a short video below for you to see how to withdraw your earn coins and convert them to your local currencies even if you want them in dollars.

Now register by visiting the site link Coinpayu.com

  • Mind you, it requires a working email address
  • and create a password for your Coinpayu account

I believed you have done the registration by now and if not then firstly do your registration from the Coinpayu website here and follow up with me. If you are done then Congratulations and let’s move to how to start to make money on Coinpayu.

You then go to the site or App menu where you will see a list of items, you will make money on Coinpayu through View ads and faucets on the menu.

You can firstly click on the Faucets to claim some coins for free, there will be a lot for you to earn and that is while I love to make money on Coinpayu and up-ads.com

If I were you, I will first claim the BTC, since we all know our powerful it is to earn BTC nowadays, so no dulling claim all the available BTC right away guys.

Watch the video that I will be sharing below to also see how to claim your earned and free BTC right away now.

Now you can claim the Dogecoin and Cardano coin and see how much you have made within that short time. Don’t forget to watch the short video on how to withdraw your earnings right below.

Make Money on Coinpayu.

Now let’s see how Up-Ads can earn you more than N30,000 and which of these ways to make money online is the best. See the second part of the article that I will share on this page. Which do you think is the best to make you much better money today

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