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How to Make $500 in Mara Refer and Win Contest

If you are yet to start making money through Cryptocurrency then you are not yet facing the reality of modern life. Here comes Mara the fast-growing pan-African company crypto wallet that allows you to transact with crypto coin. Mara introduces a rewarding program for people to make real money through Mara Refer and Win Contest.

What is Mara Wallet?

Mara Wallet is a portal to the crypto economy focused on helping people begin their journey towards managing their crypto-finance needs, and financial freedom, and learning more about cryptocurrency and blockchain in Africa. And how to participate in the ongoing Mara Refer and Win will be adequately shared with you in this article.

Mara refer and win contest

The Mara Wallet is a fast and secure multi-currency crypto wallet that gives Africans control over their cryptocurrency. Mara reveals a product roadmap that enables users to easily buy, sell, send, withdraw, store, and protect a wide range of fiat and crypto assets including cryptocurrencies and NFTs in real-time and without any prior crypto knowledge.

How to Participate in the Mara Refer and Win Contest and Win $500

Maraverse as it is usually called rewards people through Mara contests and participates in their Mara Refer and Win.

Watch How to join the Mara Refer and Win Contest

Mara is said to be committed to the financial empowerment of the individuals that use our products and services to meet their various crypto-finance needs, and take responsibility in building an informed community seriously.

You can make up to $500 for participating in the free Mara Refer and Win, as Mara is focused on helping people begin their journey towards conveniently managing their crypto-finance needs, take a major step towards financial freedom, and learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain in Africa

How to Participate in Mara Refer and Win

All you have to do is just refer as many people as you can to the Mara project which is the Mara Wallet App, and that is all. The person with more referrals gets the bigger prized. The Mara App can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.

You can download the Mara Wallet from the link below.

The more referrals you get the more steps you move up on the Mara Refer and Win Waitlist.

All the amount to be won in this Mara Refer and Win contest is $1000 prize pool, which will be won by three categories of users that join the Mara wallet as the link to participate will be shared in this article.

What to be won in the Mara Refer and Win Contest

  • 1st winner gets $500,
  • 2nd winner gets $300
  • while the 3rdwinner get $200

All this amount makes up the grand prize for the contest. What are you waiting for?

To participate and get the grand prize in the Mara Refer and Win, see the Download button below;

Take the steps one by one. You need to firstly sign up for free and get to claim, your free $2 to your Mara Wallet, then go to the next step of registering your family and friends to the platform. Take the advantage of social media and promote the App, as Mara is ready to reward you for a job well done.

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  • Remitano: This is just like Mara, and that is why in for the business with their Mara Refer and Win Contest. Remitano on the other hand is a world-known crypto wallet that gives you free RENEC coins for joining. You can get the coin and Mining Remitano for free here
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How to Activate Your Mara Wallet and Get Extra $2

Here are 5 steps to take in activating your Mara Wallet.

How to sign up for Mara Wallet

You can sign up for Mara Wallet in 5 simple steps,

  1. Download the Mara App. You can download it from this link or from the download link above
  2. Enter your email and click continue
  3. Verify your email
  4. Enter your name and phone number
  5. Congratulations! You’ve earned $2 (You are now on the Mara Wallet Waitlist)

That is how to sign up on Mara Wallet and get a free registration bonus of $2.

In Summary

Mara Wallet (Maraverse) is the new world of decentralized finance, ownership, and creativity. And in a way to get more people to use their App in the crypto and NFT world, they want to woo people to use their platform over other established rivals. And that is why they are giving out free $2 for every sign-up made on Mara Wallet.

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