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Secret Behind Owodaily Success and How to Make N17,000 Daily

You are on the right page if you want to start to make money through Owodaily. First, let me briefly explain what the site is all about.

Owodaily is the fastest growing digital platform in Africa as well as in some American and European countries.

What is Owodaily


Owodaily is a digital marketplace like the popular Amazon website, Clickbank, WarriorPlus just to mention but a few of those that are known to affiliate platforms. This type of digital space allows business owners to promote their products and services. And create job or task opportunities for people on the Internet to make money.

It may interest you to know that the word Owo means Money in the Yoruba language and daily can easy be translated to everyday things.

Owodaily allows three different sets of people to make money through the website. Initially, when I came across the name Owodaily my thought was that it is one of those gambling or betting websites which I will never promote on my website. Without further delay let’s jump to how to make money on Owodaily.

How to Make Money on Owodaily

You can start to make money in more than 4 ways on this platform as;

  • Business owners
  • Vendor
  • Affiliates Marketers and lastly
  • Freelancer

Business owners are those that want to sell their products or services, be it physical or virtual products and services. Just like the Jumia and Konga, where you buy and get your order delivered to you. Owodaily allows business owners to sell their products on this platform. And people can start to buy and sell and that is what is known as a marketplace

Affiliate marketers are a set of people who are willing to get buyers to a product and service. If someone buys that product then the seller will compensate you with a commission. As it is not also limited to referring and getting paid from the business owners based on their commission matrix.

You promote someone else’s product and services and Earn high commissions (That is all what affiliate is all about).

While freelancing is the simplest and easiest way to make money all your task is to perform a duty and get paid as simple as that. Take for example on Owodaily you may be asked to like an Instagram post and get paid, Subscribe to the YouTube channel and get paid. And this is how it works.

Complete any jobs of your choice from hundreds of advertised daily jobs and get paid based on the instructions by the advertiser

As shown from the above image, the job on the platform is so simple and easy to make a lot of money within a very short time. See for example if you complete a job of liking a Telegram group you get N30, if you subscribe to YouTube you get paid by the advertiser, they are a task that I will be showing below that earn you N2000 for a simple job done.

Then what are you waiting for, you can see a lot more money tasks being posted every second.

Let me share with you a secret, right now Africa Magic TVAMVCA 2022 award is on and most of the Award nominees are rushing to the Owodaily website to pay people to vote for them and they pay as much as N2000 for a single vote.

This to me is the best opportunity and right time to join Owodaily to make a lot of money during this period of their TV award. You all know that the winner of the Africa Magic TV award is based on the highest vote and these celebrities can go to any length to get to win and which boosts their reputation in the music and movie industry.

Women's Fashion Category

How to Get Register for Free on Owodaily Today

To register and join Owodaily is free but to participate in making more money requires your commitment. I will guide you on how to make up to N17,000 in a short time just follow up with me

To register, you can log in to Owodaily through your phone, tablet and or with your laptop. What is required to register is;

  • Your name
  • Username
  • Email
  • Your bank details
  • Check you email to verify your registration (immediately) You can verifiy the sent email in your Inbox, Spam folder, Promotion, Priorty.
  • After your email account verification then you are done with free registration

You can start the free registration from the link below (with the invitation from SERIKI Mustapha).

Top Secrets on How to Make up to N17k on Owodaily Today

I believed you are done with your free registration on Owodaily-Website, follow my trick to get real money easily starting from this minute.

Always go for a little money job that is been posted, as those tasks that can be finished in less than 10 seconds, must of those kinds of job is to follow an Instagram page, Retweet a Tweet, Liking YouTube videos.

Now imagine the time it takes to do all this and see how many of such can be done in 5 minutes. This kind of tip lets you make money in less time.

This can be done while chilling with your friends, why in the showroom watching football matches, on public transport and what have you. See samples of this type of job in the image below.

Owodaily post job

So by completing digital jobs such as social engagement, CPA offers then you get paid into your account that you input during the registration above. The payment is done weekly every Friday, so there should be no week for you without having more than enough for your weekends.

Most jobs are being posted every second and people are hunting for jobs, so it is first to come first to be serve.

The more job you completed the more money you will be withdrawing on Friday.

Most jobs on this website require no skills, no brain work. Just see your money into your bank account on request on Fridays

How to Participate on Owodaily Car Contest

Owodaily is given out a Car in the Owodaily+ (plus) membership plan. There are two plans on Owodaily

With this Membership, you can join thousands of members already on the Network to earn working from home, in your free time or anywhere of choice with an internet-enabled device, like what you are using to visit my website right now.

The benefit of the Owodaily Membership Plan

  • Lifetime membership
  • Full access to all digital academy
  • Access to thousands of work (unlimited ways to make money)
  • Daily jobs offers shared by members
  • 24/7 support
  • Affiliate bonus of N1600 for your new friends that join

The benefit of the Owodaily+

Some jobs on Owodaily+ earn you more than N2000 and you can do as many as possible daily

The Owodaily+ offers you everything on membership and access to promote affiliate offers from verified Nigeria Entrepreneurs to earn high commissions per sale and also get cashback for all your personal purchases annually.

On Owodaily+ you can win a new car from the contest. See how to join the contest with an invitation from SERIKI Mustapha

You can share this with your friends and family, as this is a win-win situation.

Summary on Owodaily

Owodaily is a platform where business owners bring jobs/tasks for people to do and get paid. Some online sites, ask you to give a comment on their product and you get paid. Some Apps developers will ask you to go to Google Playstore to give a good review about their products and you get paid for that.

Most of our celebrities want social engagement by you following their Twitter account, and Instagram and paying you for that since they need more followers to boost their recognition online.

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These are what we do for free before, for an instant, you give reviews on products purchased online, while many never mind doing so, then the seller needs to pay some people to submit good reviews with 5start and you get paid.

As I shared before as many celebrities want to win this year’s Africa Magic TV Award they now placing money to get your vote so that they can win. This is the appropriate time to make more than N10k daily from this platform.

See your invitation by SERIKI Mustapha below to start the free registration and if you want to participate in the Owodaily+ Car Contest register and join from the page link below.

The registration is easy and simple

How to Add your Bank Account Details to Owodaily

You can add your bank account details to Owodaily by inputting your Bank Name, and the Account number while doing the registration make sure your bank name is correctly spelt to avoid delay in your weekly payment.

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Payments are done weekly on Fridays.

As a member, you can let people help you build more followers on your social platforms or business as well, as the opportunity on Owodaily is unlimited, as the Economy and Technology have brought it to us and even make money doing simple tasks.


I believe you are excited already about this information and opportunity and before you jump to register on Owodaily, let me ask you to help your friends by using the share button below to SHARE this article on your social media and let people benefit from this piece of article.

Remember that your SHARES will surely help a lot of your friends on your social media platforms and this also motivates us on Kinfoarena, to do more research and deliver better content for you.

Note, that there is love in sharing, as SHARING is CARING

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