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Free Data App: See How to Make 10GB Data Everyday

Get up to 10GB on this Free Data App, if not more than 10GB free data daily if you are a greedy fellow. This is an opportunity to get on a Data Collection Free App like the one I am about to share with you.

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How to Get 10GB on Free Data App for All Networks

Free Data app
Free data App (Reachout)

Just like I highlighted in the second paragraph above, more than one thousand people who read from my site are currently enjoying free airtime to garnish it up, here is the latest update for you to start enjoying data from a free data app.

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4 Steps to take in getting data on Data Collection Free App

These are simple steps, just follow them and try not to miss out on them, Let’s see

1. Download Data Collection Free App

The first prominent step you need to take is to visit https://reachout.chat or go to Google PlayStore to search for Reachout App. This app currently works for some selected countries so visit the download page to you if your country is eligible for this free data app.

Reach out free data app
(Reach out) Free data App

2. Install the Free Data App

Install the App and input your details, such as the name, and phone number that you wish to be getting data on, and that is currently available to receive the OTP while completing your registration

3. Input the code and Get the Welcome Data Bonus

After your registration, you will be required to input an optional referral code and then enter these twelve-digit characters 509D492BA8A2 you will be rewarded with a 500MB instant welcome bonus for using the code above.

Invitation code for reachout free data
Referral Code for (Reachout) Free Data App

4. Start to Receive free data on the Data Collection Free App

Start to enjoy your data, to confirm the data bonus, tap on the settings on the menu, which can be located at the bottom of the app. That will be displayed for you to check your data bonus.

5. Ask Friends & Make 1GB

Is 500MB okay by you, I know the answer is capital NO, so this free data app allows you to make up to any amount of data for free.

This is through their tell-a-friend bonus that you will get 1GB on every person that you invite to this free data app and your friend gets free 500MB.

If just 10 of your friends download and use the Reachout App you get a total of 10GB of data, while they all get 500MB each.

How to Use the Data on Free Data App

Watch the full guide on how to activate the free data

Go to settings and tap on the Zerodata, it will lead you to where you will see tap to connect.

Note that you need to have up to 100MB to 50MB on your SIM before you can use this data work for you. Check out my article on how to get double data, so you can get a few data for the lowest price every and be able to use this free data app on your phone streamlessly.

This data works for all apps on your phone, so far you have a small data on the SIM that you use to activate the Reachout App.

How to Get Free Airtime

This special app can earn you Free Airtime to call all networks and some of these apps are also giving out free data. The great thing is that not only you can use the free airtime to call alone, but you can also transfer, sell or convert the free airtime to data.

These Apps are user-friendly, they do not use your data and don’t drain the phone battery. The App works on both Android and iOS. See the full details on How to Get Free Airtimes on All Networks here

See How to Win Free Samsung Galaxy A53

In my previous article, I wrote about how you can win yourself the iPhone 13 and a free Samsung Galaxy A53. Many people participate and the result is mouth-watering the offer ends soon, and you can also win a free Samsung Galaxy A53.

You can be a winner in the offer of How to Win Free iPhone 13 and Samsung A53 as more than 50 different offer is for everyone to grab for free, just by performing some specific task and the offer is just like that. See the details on How to Win Free Samsung Galaxy A53

How To Make MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data (My MTNApp)

This is not a cheat but a few tweaks that you can use to get up to MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data depending on how greedy you are and it is absolutely for free through My MTNApp. All you need to do is to download My MTN App from PlayStore or Apple Store and then follow the instructions below.

Before I proceeded on the MTN 50GB Free Unlimited Data, we all knew that MTN gives out free 500MB for using their My MTNApp another form of free data app and remembered that I shared it on this site, how to get MTN free 2GB through My MTNApp. But this is an update of that post. I will not be sharing the basics here again, but it’s important to read that before getting up with us here. See details on How to Make MTN Free 50GB Data with a free data app

Airtel Free 1GB Data to Airtel-Users (See How to Make it)

Better days ahead are what to be expected as many of our networks in Nigeria are giving out various incentive packages like this Airtel Free 1GB Data for their customers. This is an updated version of the article I made on 27 April 2020.

I stumbled upon an Airtel Jingle on Radio Kwara FM, on Airtel’s latest offer on giving out and knew that I had to share this with my website lovers and readers. And the big bang of the reloaded Airtel Free 1GB Data to all Airtel users.

As an update, I will be sharing the latest on all the best data offers from other networks as I have the latest on them, plus my recent articles on how to make money through your phone while working from home or school. I called it a side hustle that can turn you into a millionaire sooner than later. See details on How to Activate the Airtel Free 1GB Data to Airtel-Users (See How to Make it)

Migrate to Glo Berekete 10X (Make Free Data and N1000-Airtime)

Glo recently introduced another bonus-centric package called Glo Berekete. The term Berekete can be traced to surplus, awuf, or even overload bonus. The Glo Berekete is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards customers with an amazing voice and a 100% bonus on data. While in this updated article, I will show you how to Migrate to Glo Berekete

But the latest update to the Glo Berekete is the Glo Berekete 10X which means more bonuses for you up to 10 times the offer. So see below updates on how to migrate to Glo Berekete 10X. See details on How to Migrate to Glo Berekete 10X (Make Free Data and N1000-Airtime)

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