Airtel Free 1GB Data to Airtel-Users (See How to Make it)

Better days ahead are what to be expected as many of our networks in Nigeria are giving out various incentive packages like this Airtel Free 1GB Data for their customers. This is an updated version of the article I made on 27 April 2020.

I stumbled upon an Airtel Jingle on Radio Kwara FM, on Airtel’s latest offer on giving out and knew that I had to share this with my website lovers and readers. And the big bang of the reloaded Airtel Free 1GB Data to all Airtel users.

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How to Activate Airtel Free 1GB Data

There are three (3) ways I will be sharing with you on how to get the full benefit of Airtel in this article today, The first part is how to get up to 2.5GB of data and the other two (2) approaches is on how to get Airtel free 1GB data which is what the title of this article about.

How to Get Airtel 2.5GB Data

This plan is for those who have not been using their Airtel SIM card for long and for you, this is the right time to join the moving train of Airtel Network. Below are tips on how to get Airtel 2.5GB of data.

1. Get Airtel Line

Go and find your old or even forgotten Airtel line as this is a bonaza period for you to enjoy plenty of data on your Airtel SIM

2. Recharge the Airtel Line

Start to recharge on to the Airtel line right away. Recharge at least N500 onto it and then go to the next stage below (Read my article on 3 Apps that give free airtime and see how to benefit You can also read this second article on how to make 3000 free airtime and data every day)

3. Get Airtel Line

Then dial the code *312# and you will get Airtel 2.5GB data just like that. That is not all, below is how to get Airtel free 1GB data.

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Just like the MTN App free bonus of 2GB, Airtel Nigeria is offering FREE 1GB data through their Application MyAirtel to her esteemed subscribers.

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Get Free Browsing with Unlimited Data

How to Get Airtel Free 1GB Data on MyAirtel App

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Airtel Free 1GB Data

With the My Airtel App, you can;
 Recharge your mobile phone
 Top-up Airtime and data bundle
 Self Care service and much more.

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Airtel has just updated its mobile self-care service app and is rewarding subscribers who download, install and activate their mobile phone number on the app,

Steps on How to Get Airtel Free 1GB Data Via My Airtel App

There are a few steps to take in order to enjoy the Airtel free 1GB data, and these include;

1. Download My Airtel App

The first step to take on the verge of getting the Airtel Free 1GB data is to have the MyAirtel App on your phone, You can download the Android App of Airtel Google PlayStore, and this leads us to the next step.

2. Install and Launch the App.

You are expected to have your preferred Airtel sim on the phone that MyAirtel App was installed on. This must be a registered Airtel SIM card. Register your Airtel number on the app, and an OTP will be sent to your line and confirmed automatically

  • After that, you will receive an SMS notification, that reads that you have received an Airtel app bonus data as shown in the screenshot below.
Airtel Free 1GB Data

Then, you can dial *140# or any latest code to check your Airtel data balance and see your Airtel free 1GB data! (written as Airtel App Bonus: 1024MB)

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How to Accumulate the Airtel 1GB Free Data

To accumulate this 1GB free data, you will need to own multiple Airtel registered sim cards. Use them to sign up on the My Airtel app one after the other. Each of them will be eligible for the free 1GB data

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The order way round of making Airtel free 1GB data is highlighted below for you.

Airtel Free 1GB Data is an exclusive data offer that is voice bonus-centric, you get up to N6000 for recharging with Airtel. Meanwhile, only one part of the recharging bonus of the Airtel exclusive plan comes with an extra Airtel free 1GB data, the others are only voice and SMS bonuses.

See The Below Table For The Free Airtel Exclusive offer

PackageFree Value ObtainableFree Data
1N2000No Data
2N2000 Bonus 200MB

Airtel Winback Offer and How to Get Airtel Free 1GB Data

Airtel Free 1GB Data

As you can see from the table above the Airtel Free 1GB Data comes in three (3) packages, and this plan is also known as the Airtel WinBack offer.

The offer was to reward Airtel customers who have not performed any chargeable activity in the last 15 days or more. Meanwhile, this reason by Airtel was not 100% true, as I received the message after my recharge. Anyhow the interesting part for us is that we can enjoy Airtel Free 1GB Data from this exclusive offer

How to be Eligible for Airtel Free 1GB Data on Airtel WinBack Offer

To confirm if your Airtel line will work with this Exclusive Data Offer, you need to simply dial the USSD *241*7#

Eligible customers will enjoy the following benefits:

After dialing the USSD *241*7# you can choose from the 3 above image options based on your interest as the last package comes with an extra Airtel Free 1GB Data bonus

For instance, if you pay N100 you get a N2000 Bonus

Just as simple as that, but if you want more offers then see the below package which is:

By paying a small amount as N200 Airtel will hammer you a N2000 Bonus + an Extra 200MB

This means you are getting both the voice and the extra 200MB data bonus, But if you still think this is not in any way satisfactory to you then see the 3rd package that comes with better robust bonuses

Pay just N500 and Get N6000 Bonus + Extra Airtel Free 1GB Data

To recap on How to Enjoy the Airtel WinBack Offer

Eligible customers can enjoy the Airtel WinBack Offer by purchasing via the USSD channel:

USSD *241*7#:

Price points and corresponding values with validity.

N100N200030 days
N200N2000 Bonus + 200MBN2000 for 30 days. 200MB for 3 days
N500N6000 Bonus + 1GBN6000 for 30 days. 200MB for 3 days

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For MTN Users, Here is how to get Free 10GB on MTN 4G + 100% Data Bonus

With the upgrade to MTN 4G LTE, you get Free 10GB on MTN 4G and many more bonuses for about 6 months. Hope you are still enjoying Airtel free 4GB, if not find that out here.

Almost every network in the country is working on rolling out the 4G network, Meanwhile, in a bid to give you an even better experience, MTN has gone further to launch 4G+ which essentially doubles the speed of 4G.

With 4G+, MTN has the capability of delivering speeds of up to 200 Mbps. This will translate to even much faster downloads, a better streaming experience, and even clearer video calls on MTN’s 4G network.

Free 10GB on MTN

Benefits of your upgrade to 4G on the MTN

  • Free 10GB upon upgrade to 4G SIM
  • 100% bonus on every N500 to N5000 data bundle purchased from month 1 to month 3 after upgrading SIM to 4G.
  • 25% bonus on all data bundles purchased from month 4 to month 6 after upgrading to 4G. Newly activated and existing 4G customers will enjoy only a 25% bonus for 6 months.

The free 10GB on MTN 4G will be valid for 7 days from the day of an upgrade while the validity of the 100% and 25% bonus will be the same with the data bundle you activated. To Activate the Free 10GB Data & MTN 100% Read the Full Post here

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  1. But I have tried installing the Airtel app I have registered my Airtel number and the OTP has been sent to me via SMS but I’m yet to receive notification of the free 1gb this is the third time I’m doing but it’s not working

  2. I have an my Airtel app but it’s refuses to work on my phone.

    It keeps telling me,
    ” it seems that your connection is not working. Please check your connection and try again”.

    • It may be as a result of network. Because currently Airtel network is as well poor in my area. I switched to Glo. And with Glo you enjoy better data bonus as well, just like Airtel. Most especially if you are using 4G

  3. I got the data but it’s saying expired in brackets and I had to use it for only a day before it stopped working.. I checked balance and I saw 750mb left with the expired still in bracket and I still can’t access the internet.. What should I do?

    It isn’t network because I’m using the same sim to access freebasics and it do go through

  4. I did this thing like two days ago and have not received any data. How long does this package take to get to the user and what’s the maximum days it takes??

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