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Kobobid Auctions | See How to Bid & Win Big + Make Money on Kobobid (Video Evidence)

Kobobid Auctions is currently the newly launched bidding platform like the popular eBay with many high-quality products and offerings to help you afford your best life.

Based on the information gathered on Kobobbid Auctions, from a sponsored posts on Nairametric The Kobo Bid offers various favorite gadgets at unexpected prices. with quality and eye-catching items such as iPhone, the latest Infinix Smartphones, Plasma TV, Games, Cars, Cash, and much more.

You can start to know much with this sponsored video clip by Taaooma, as she won herself iPhone 12 Pro MAX on Kobobid Auctions. See the below video

How to Register, Signup on Kobobid Auctions

Kobo Bid is Nigeria leading Best Online Penny Auction platform that offers large-quality products and plenty of auctions, ranging from clothing to mobile phones to electronics. Whether you are in need of

  • MacBook Pro
  • Bone-Straight Hair
  • iPhone or Samsung Galaxy,
  • You can as well bid on your favourite household items like microwave ovens, gas cooker, blender and much more.

To Register on Kobobid logon to www.kobobid.com or signup for free from the box below

Bidding on products online can be a great way to get a discount you would not find in-store. Think how jealous your friends will be when you tell them you got your Samsung Galaxy S20 for One Thousand Naira (₦1,000) on KoboBid. Be rest assured that you will get the best value for your money.

There’s no better time to bid online than today. This season Kobobid auction anything you would need for the perfect gift, all of highest quality at affordable prices.

How to Win Big on Kobobid Auctions

After you might have successfully signed up and log in to www.kobobid.com you can go on and bid for any item(s) you want and in other be rest assure of winning Kobobid provides you with a robot that can do the bidding for you. In this short video below, see what Baba and Mama Efe, got themselves into:

Meanwhile, the innovative automatic bidding software (BidMate) develop by Kobobid will help you bid while you are away from your computer or your phone, and you don’t do anything like Mama and Baba Efe. You do not have to keep watching an auction all day long to win it. Get price discounts on a large collection of different items when you bid today. See more on automated BidMate functionality below:

kobobid auction
kobobid auctions

Kobobid Auctions comes at the right time when the current Nigerian economy is not that favorable, all things are now extra expensive, while budgets are low and pocket are not user-friendly. You can take the advantage of Kobobid to grab all those mouth-watering deals, that are growing increasingly popular on the Kobobid Auctions Platform.

5 Steps to follow to Start Bidding Right away

For an easy understanding of how the Kobobid works, see more from the below images

First Step – You need to sign up here in order to get in on the action

This gives you instant and uninterrupted access to numerous hot deals for all Kobobid Auctions across the site, and the power to request bids from your friends.

Second Step – Buy a BidPack (and get free bids)

This is your bidding power. You cannot participate in auctions and stand a chance to win great, discounted items without it. For a limited time only, purchase your first BidPack now and get up to 25 free bids!

Third Step – Choose your item

Check out available auctions, or search by categories to choose what you like. You can also add items to your Watchlist while you decide.

Forth Step – Click “bid now” to start bidding

If you’re the last person to bid when the clock reaches 00:00:00, you win the item.

Follow instructions to claim your win or “Buy It Now” and have it delivered to you. Then, sit back, relax and await your package delivery or digital transfer.

So, Kobobid Auctions created a BidMate for you to help bid on your behalf when you’re not around.

How to Make Money on Kobobid Auctions

You can now make money with Kobobid auctions by referring friends and family. Kobobid has a unique ID that you can turn into free bids.

How To Benefit Referral Bonus on Kobobid

Register for Kobobid Referral and Earn for every audience that joins through you, see below Referral page here.

Sign in to access your referral code and link to your account. You will find it to the bottom left of your profile.

Kobo bid profile location
kobobid profile

Invite your friends to join kobobid.com, and for each friend that comes on board and buys their first BidPack, you get N100. These referral credits can be tallied up and applied to your purchases on the site.

How to use BidMate on Kobobid Auctions

BidMate as it was said earlier is to help you place your bidding even if you are not readily available to be online. As you can’t always be on your device when auctions go live. Yet, you need to stay alert to stay ahead. In short, you need a BidMate. It’s basically your personal assistant on the Kobobid Auctions Platform, making sure you have eyes everywhere and are always ready for action. So, here are some things you need to know about your BidMate:

Kobo bidMate
  • You can activate your BidMate before or during auctions to help you bid
  • You can choose to do so before an auction goes live. So long as an auction is live on the site, you can #SetItandForgetIt
  • You can activate your BidMate during an auction, also while simultaneously bidding manually because why? Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • More BidMates = better chances. Take advantage of multiple BidMates to help you bid on multiple auctions (at the same darn time!) and increase your chances of winning.
  • Each BidMate activation allows a maximum of 30bids to be set at one time
  • You can cancel your BidMate activation at any time
  • Let your BidMate help you manage your bids – you get an alert once your BidMate goes down to the final 5 bids in your BidPack. This helps you decide if you want to continue to bid on the item in question or not.

Other things to know about your BidMate:

Your BidMate automatically bids on the item selected once the auction time drops anywhere below the 10sec mark. This means it could auto bid sometimes at the 10secs mark, 7secs mark, 1sec mark, and so on and so forth. Its algorithm is completely random.

The BidMate will use up your Real Bids first before Token Bids. Your Bids will be used in order of date purchased.

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