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Defuny: How to Make Quick Money (CashOut $100 Daily)

Defuny in the Cryptocurrency market is a way of changing life to what you want and not what you get. Defuny will lead you to start making money from the Crypto Coins, How? DeFuny lets you be a stakeholder in the Crypto market, bringing liquidity to the big Crypto Coins and getting rewarded with cool $DFN tokens daily.

Defuny is claimed to be a Scam project: See details here Defuny Scam Alert: See How to Withdraw Your Money (Defuny.io) Why you need to do due diligence in investing your money. Disclaimer, I am not a financial advisor but just a content creator.

You can accumulate more than $1000DFN Defuny coins within a 12 calendar month, as your cashout is $30USDT and more, every month along with many other making money opportunities that come along with Defuny.io in the Cryptocurrency liquidity. This works for everyone, you contribute liquidity and get rewarded with cool $DFN tokens

In this article, you will get equipped with a concise review of Defuny.io on how to make money on Defuny as a legitimate platform, also how you can withdraw your earnings daily into your Crypto wallets and subsequently to your local bank accounts.

(Update) See my video in the last paragraph of this article on how to join the DeFuny Platform for free!!!

Defuny Overview

What is Defuny: In a simple sentence, Defuny is a breakthrough innovation, a DAPP that completely combines liquidity mining and intelligent market maker technology. According to the information gathered from their web page, DeFuny was incorporated in Florida, USA in 2021. An integrated company of intelligent market making and liquidity mining invested by American CRYPTO FUND MANAGER LLC.

It is a liquidity pool and computing power network centre with an advanced, large-scale, professional, and intelligent nature. It is an innovative Web 3.0 project in the industry that combines liquidity mining and smart market making. The public beta is currently being highly recognized around the world and has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life.

Is Defuny a Scam or Legit?

DeFuny is a legit platform that operates on the BNB Smart Chain smart contract, accessible for registration through a browser wallet (Metamask is the recommended choice). The platform has a social media contact on Facebook, Telegram and Twitter now (X) and you can communicate directly with the admin and the support team on WhatsApp which you can access from the link that I shared below.

How to Register and Participate to Make Money on Defuny

If you are ready to enter the DeFuny world of opportunity and cryptocurrency rewards. This is like a thrilling game where you make the rules and your smartphone is your magic wand.

  • Every new member initiates their journey in the LTC liquidity pool, operational for 3 days, yielding a daily $4DFN (totalling $12DFN).
  • Once the initial bonus period concludes, to continue earning, members can explore other liquidity pool options. The BTC Liquidity Pool requires a minimum of $25USDT, generating a daily profit of $4.6DFN.
  • Defuny DFN tokens are readily exchangeable for USDT at the ongoing exchange rate on the DeFuny platform (view DFN price on the DeFuny Homepage and use MetaMask Browser to access the link for better results).

Step 1: How to Register on DeFuny.io

You are required to have a MetaMask browser, if you are into Crypto you will realise how important to have MetaMask on your phone, but if you do not have MetaMask then download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, or you can download it on the official website:https://metamask.io/download/

MetaMask Wallet Setup
Zoom to view clearly

Step 2: How to Setup MetaMask

MetaMask is the best crypto wallet browser to use on Defuny.io so see the setup process below

Zoom to view clearly

The above process is for those who are new to MetaMask, while for old users of MetaMask, all you have to do is change the wallet address to BNB smart chain.

Then complete the switch to the BNB smart chain in your wallet. Then use the MetaMask Dapp browser in the crypto wallet to log in and register using the DeFuny invitation link given to you by your superior market maker Kinfo.

If you don’t know how to do it, you can contact me and my team will guide you through it. We will teach you to complete it. Your own DeFuny account will then be generated. Contact Us on WhatsApp

Step 3: How to Setup BNB Smart Chain on MetaMask

Zoom to view clearly

You are almost done, so let’s finish up

Step 4: How to Login on Defuny

Copy the link https://defuny.io/?c=0x828c03f899ebd7163722b03b25183cff44f72603 and paste on the MetaMask browser

Zoom to view clearly

After successful registration, enter the main page of the DeFuny platform. You can see the liquidity pools of major cryptocurrencies that cooperate with the DeFuny platform. Your LTC gift mining pool has also been sent to your account, and the trial time is 3 days.

Your future job is to inject liquidity into these mining pools to complete the corresponding tasks. You can view the $DFN token rewards you received on your asset page.

Bonus for New Participant

New members get a gift (LTC liquidity pool) and experience the workflow for 3 days.

Join DeFuny to get LTC liquidity pool rewards, and you can get 4 $DFN tokens every day, worth 0.4 US dollars. Experience the work cycle for 3 days. Receive 12 $DFN tokens as rewards. At the same time, it helps partners to quickly become familiar with the use of DeFuny.

Zoom to view clearly

After you complete the liquidity task and the work arranged by the superior market maker, your account balance reaches the platform’s minimum withdrawal limit of “3USDT”. You can complete the withdrawal operation.

Since withdrawals are automatically executed by smart contracts, the process will be fast and will automatically arrive in your crypto wallet within 30 seconds. Then you can send USDT to your Crypto Wallet account through your wallet to sell it and exchange it for the currency you need.

Zoom to view clearly

The above is a way to make a withdrawal from the DFN platform and have your Crypto fund in your MetaMask wallet. See the below guide for further procedure, as you can then send it to your exchanger.

Zoom to view clearly

When you complete these steps, congratulations on becoming a partner of DeFuny. Please be sure to save your invitation link. You can directly use your link to log in to DeFuny’s DApp in the future.

At the same time, you can also use your invitation link to help more people join DeFuny and become members of your team to get more rewards.

This will qualify you to Make Money $2USDT for every person who registers and gets extra rewards as shown below

  • $30 monthly salary for the first 5 people that inject into BTC liquidity earn for 12 months plus (Extra Reward $0.677/day)
  • $100 monthly on 5 people that inject into the ETH liquidity pool this lasts for 12 months with an extra Reward of $1.55/day)
  • $300 monthly for the first 5 people that inject into the BNB liquidity for 12 months (Extra Reward $4.75/day)
  • Make $500 monthly for the first 5 people that inject into the XRP liquidity for 12 months (Extra Reward $8.11/day.)
  • $1000 monthly for the first 5 people that inject into the ADA liquidity for 12 months (Extra Reward $16.4/day) and
  • $3000 monthly for the first 5 people that inject into the DOGE liquidity for 12 months (Extra Reward $49.85/day)

This is a win-win opportunity for you.

On Defuny.io you can work alongside dedicated team members to drive your earnings. This will provide you with more opportunities to learn and grow, while also being able to work with like-minded people in the pursuit of a better future. Joining DeFuny is a wise choice that can bring more opportunities and possibilities for partners in the future.

Being a part of DeFuny’s journey is like stepping into a realm of opportunity. This isn’t just a job; it’s an opportunity to shape your future while working from your smartphone.

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking, “Why should I join?” DeFuny is a leader in blockchain technology. You can earn a steady income, rewards, and maybe even become a shareholder.

But there’s more to this adventure. DeFuny offers a three-tier commission system. You can earn commissions on your team’s liquidity contributions and daily work orders. It’s like building your own financial empire while helping others do the same.

How to Inject to $DFN Tokens

I will show you how you can inject and fund your wallet into any of the liquidity pools of your choice, be it BTC, ETH, BNB, RPX, ADA or DOGE liquidity pools, the process is the same but different in injecting amounts. DeFuny liquidity mining is a way to earn income by providing liquidity. By providing liquidity, partners can receive tokens issued by the DeFuny Foundation as rewards.

$DFN is the Defuny.io token and is the reward token of the DeFuny blockchain platform. You earn $DFN reward dividends. As of the time of making this article $DFN is getting close to a USDT.

How to fund your wallet and inject any of your preferred liquidity pool

Benefits of Inject to $DFN Platform

  • Register and receive 3 days to experience the LTC liquidity pool, Earn free $12DFN, worth $12USDT in the future
  • Sign in daily and earn $0.1DFN and continuously for 365 days $36.5DFN, future value $36.5USD.
  • Join the Official group and have a chance to receive daily rewards of $10DNF – $100DNF.
  • Just download the MetaMask wallet to complete the registration and receive gifts

In Summary

Liquidity PoolInject Amount (USDT)Daily RewardMonthly SalaryTotal Daily Earns in 365 daysDaily Earns + Salary (365 days)
1BTC Liquidity$25USDT$0.677/day$30USDT$247USDT$607USDT
2ETH Liquidity$100USDT$1.55/day$100USDT$565USDT$1765USDT
3BNB Liquidity$300USDT$4.75/day$300USDT$1710USDT$5310USDT
4XRP Liquidity$500USDT$8.11/day$500USDT$2960USDT$8960USDT
5ADA Liquidity$1000USDT$16.4/day$1000USDT$5986USDT$17986USDT
6DOGE $3000USDT$49.85/day$3000USDT$18195USDT$54195USDT
Note: You only get a salary if you register 5 members to a particular liquidity pool. If not you get just your daily reward that you can withdraw daily with a minimum payout of $3

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Defuny Referral Link with $0.1 daily bonus: Open or copy to MetaMask Browser Invitation Link

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser but a content creator with an interest in making money online. Do diligence while investing your money on any platform. Invest wisely

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