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See How to Complete Sidra Bank KYC in 2-minutes

Sidra Bank KYC can be completed in two simple approaches, this can be done from the mining app or through a dedicated website for Sidra Bank KYC. Also as a giveaway is a list of four (4) new mining apps to join and start making future out of it.

KYC by Sidra Bank like so many other financial-related platforms is to verify the authenticity and genuineness of your information. Meanwhile, before the end of this article, I will also share with you many other ways to make free money on some other mining apps

How to Complete Your Sidra Bank KYC

To verify and successfully complete your Sidra Bank KYC, you need to update your Sidra Bank App to the latest version and then follow the below guide.

Below are the two steps to follow to complete your Sidra Bank KYC.

1. Complete Using Sidra Bank App

After you might have updated your Sidra Bank App you go to your profile at the right-down corner of the App, scroll down and select Update your information

Sidra Bank KYC

2. KYC Port

The first step above after selecting update information will lead you to the next page of KYCport.com this is where you will be asked to add your documents.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to go through the first step above, you can just go to KYCport.com and upload your documents.

Sidra Bank KYC Verification

on the top right corner of the page click and you will see a drop-down menu stating KYC document. Click on it to start the upload.

What are the Sidra Bank KYC required documents?

In other to have your Sidra Bank KYC verified, you need to prove your identity this includes facia and real documents.

Part of the essential document require for Sidra Bank KYC are;

  • Personal ID; this can be your International passport, Driving licence, National ID, Voters Card and other means of identification
  • The next option is to select your country. This should be the country you are submitting your document with.
  • You are to select the language that was used on your submitted document
  • What is next in the requirement of completing your Sidra Bank KYC is to upload the means of your identity chosen above.

You are to upload the front page of your means of identity to the portion provided for the upload, while the next upload area is labelled for the upload of the back (rear) image of your means of identification.

Below is a short video guide on how to complete your Sidra Bank KYC verification process. However, before that, let me share with you ways to make more money ming cryptocurrencies.

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Watch the video below as a guide on step by steps to complete your Sidra Bank KYC verification process.

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