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How To Start Mining BOTC Coin and Make $250 Daily

BOTC Coin is one of the most lucrative free mining Apps to have and it can make you rich in a very short time. Even though it is tough to register. This article is to guide you on how to sign up for BOTC Coin in a very simple way.

First, what is Botc Coin Chain

BOTC Coin Chain was founded by Bascomb H. Bennett worked as a cashier at the Bank of Spokane Falls with the digital concept to provide the next generation of cryptography in the form of random number generators and cryptographic products.

Sidra Bank coin
See how to start mining Sidra Coin for free on your phone

BOTC Coin Price

It will interest you to know that BOTCCOIN is one of the very rare coins with a listing price of $10 and within a short shoot up to $250. Just in July 2022 The internal beta version of the application was launched in the middle and priced at $10

BOTC Coin listing price is $250 per 1BOTC. BOTC was financed back in February 2021 with fund Raising and in the month of May 2021 received US$500,000 in financing from ADNLT Fund.


It will be very okay to understand what you are to benefit and that is the reason I am taking you through all these tips. BOTC Coin is planned in November 2022 for its launch on My Token Top 10 Exchanges. They are now on CoinW, and waiting to be listed on MEXC, Kucoin, Huobi, Gate.io, CDEGlobal, Lbank, BitMart, CITEX and XT.COM

BOTC Coin is in the advanced stage of its negotiations with the aforementioned. Do you know that Gate.io which is on the list above will reward you with free Bitcoins and US dollars if you register with them for free today? Take this opportunity to earn free dollars and coins. Complete your free Gate.io registration here

BOTC Coin App

You can download the BOTC Coin on their official website, botccoin.com and by March 2023 Plan to start the development of BOTC CHAIN” as the period April 2023 Plans to issue BOTC-pegged stablecoins” with by then the price of the coin could have been massive.

How to Start BOTC Coin Mining App Registration

As I earlier said, creating an account on BTC Coin App is somehow difficult, you need to be very careful not to be banned.

  • Visit their official site to download either for Android, iPhone and Chrome Web version
  • Select your phone OS
  • Use the Invitation code 5066587
  • Select Chins – Hong Kong on the popup (that is after clicking on your preferred download OS)
  • Open the downloaded file and install
  • Click on Allow, for any of the pop-up notifications while installing the BOTC Coin App
  • Click on Register
  • Enter your email and password

While inputting your password, note that symbols are not allowed. The password must not be below 8 characters, and at least 1 uppercase, 1 numeric character, and 1 lowercase. See the example in the video below.

Watch this short video as a guide

You will need a referral link to proceed, and here is a referral code to use 5066587 on your way to earning more than $200 per 1BOTC Coin. Also, note that the code is 7 digits, as any mistake may lead to you being banned from using the App.

The second platform I will be sharing with you next is an App will also be listed and you can start to mine and withdraw your earns sooner.

CatStar Mining App

CatStar is a byproduct of ChatAny which is said to be the first virtual social platform of the next-generation metaverse that supports global users to make friends, live, and entertain without borders.

CatStar Network is now widely accepted as they are close to million active users at the time of making this article.

The fun-fil part of the CatStar Mining App is the ability to earn fast by mining twice within 24 hours. Trading of the CAT coin will be official as soon as the accumulated active users hit 5 million. This milestone is the reason why you need to join as soon as possible today. See the below requirement.

You can quickly see the active users of CatStar from its official page here so that you can know how fast you need to act.

  • Download CatStar Mining App
  • Get 5000CAT per referral
  • Here is a CatStar referral code to be used to boost 17GPKB
  • Perform your CatStar KYC to be eligible for Withdrawal
Mara Wallet
Join Mara Wallet to Get Free Dollars daily

Rubi Mining Network

Rubi is a newly invented coin from Vietnam, register users get 5000 mana to start. You can simply join and enjoy a free 5000 mama coin, the equivalent of your mined coin in dollars will be shown to you on the mining page, which makes it very impressive to mine.

  • Let’s click on to site link to start www.rubi.click
  • Enter the code KINFO1 to claim your free 5000 mama instantly


I am so happy for all SEIDD miners, as the coin was launched for transaction on 18th November 2022. If you have not been mining SEIDD then this is the best time to go on and join the moving train.

SEIDD now boast over 1.8 million users that mine on their platform for free. Join and see how the SEIDD reward calculation formula is been done.

See their official App link

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Even though Sidra Bank Coin worth been waiting for, you still need something right? Then there are the most talked about Best and Free Crypto Mining for Android to join right away.

Note: You need to do your KYC (Know Your Customer) and it is after then you will be able to withdraw most of your mined earnings.

It is also important to go through any App dashboard, read all information to know much about the App and see how much you can start to earn.

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