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18 Free Crypto Games to Make You $87 Daily

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, is a common proverb we all say as a child. But this innovative 24th-century Play-& Earn makes Jack a rich boy. Gaming is part of our life and here come the best Crypto Games to earn your real money from free Crypto Coins Airdrop Mining platforms.

All these Crypto Games are free to play and what makes this article so different to many of such on the internet is the genuineness of how you will make money from these Crypto Games.

There are currently numerous manner people make money through blockchain (Cryptocurrency) but making such in a free way like playing gaming is what most blockchains are dancing towards and making the best of those with Mining to Earn and Play-&-Earn.

The Top 18 Free Crypto Games

Why should you be taking the risk of buying Crypto when you can earn it for free? Many of these Crypto Games to be mentioned here are developed by trusted big wings in the Crypto industry. So be rest assured that you will make money 100% free and legit with no hidden cost and play a game with no in-app purchase.

1. Illuvium

Illuvium is one of the 7 Crypto Games on the Omega Crypto Mining App, the games can be located on the menu of the App under the popular project of the utility submenu Omega OM App.

Join the fight for ETH, as you are welcome to the world of Illuvium. The world’s first interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG) universe including an open-world exploration game, industrial city builder, and auto battler, all on the Ethereum blockchain.

Illuvium Crypto Game is designed with graphically-rich sci-fi adventure, exploring 7 dazzling alien landscapes and conquering the wilderness to uncover the cataclysmic events that shattered Illuvium and help crash-landed crew flourish!

You just download the latest version of Illuvium Crypto Game on the Omega Mining App for free with code Kinfo1

2. Cyber Arena

Enjoy massive rewards by playing the PVP Cyber Arena Battle today, which is powered by Battle Wave 2323. Play to Earn, own the value you create. Battle Wave 2323 empowers users to become owners in a DeFi-based social gaming economy and earn real money.

Own from $55M+ Gaming TVL Game token and staked to play. So far $2.75M+ has been Earned by Gamers from Cyber Arena Crypto Games. What are you waiting for, follow the step in the Illuvium gaming above to download Cyber Arena on Omega Mining App with code Kinfo1

Win Epic real money rewards by battling with your teammates to achieve the highest APY and destroy your enemies. By pooling your team’s APY together you can win even more real money rewards. Only achievable with Battle Wave 2323.

3. Ninneko

Ninneko is a leading-edge NFT game that combines Idle RPG gameplay and a Breeding system. Play and Earn NINJA CAT GAME on Binance smart chain.

Play to Earn

Ninneko Crypto Games
  • Make Money by playing Ninneko
  • Summon, breed and trade Ninneko on Marketplace
  • Stake NFT Ninnekos and NINI to earn & redeem in-game rewards and
  • Trade game items with other players.

Follow the steps for Illuvium and Cyber Arena to play and make money on Ninneko

4. Crypto Unicorns

Another game from Omega App is the Crypto Unicorns game, a digital pet collecting and farming game, built on Blockchain.

To play follow the steps from the previously aforementioned games and locate Crypto Unicorns and create a wallet to keep your earnings.

Emback into a magical world, discover, create and own a world that’s all yours

Join a vibrant community, meet, interact and play with other passionate members.

5. Summoners Arena

Summoners, Behold! Summonia! Every single shred of Summonians’ existence in the last millennium was destined for this ultimate moment.


Summoners Arena is another Crypto Game on Omega Mining App with a set out to be a multi-genre game universe made into a franchise, based on the antique lore of Summonia, Players truly own the experience of what they grind to build in Summonia.

Summoners Arena Crypto Games

Immerse yourself in Crypto Games of Summonia Land by summoning forces using the Sealed Scrolls and the Ancient Summoners Gem.

Own the Sealed Heroes and NFT Heros to start the adventure journey. Summon now

6. Ultiverse

Ultiverse is a new-era game without limits. Ultiverse the web3 pioneer gaming metaverse, utilize METAFI, UE5 and WEB3 Technology to create immersive Crypto Games.

Ultiverse is an integrated platform combining AA social gaming, NFT, DeFi and DEXs all in one. Ultiverse aims to build the next-generation Metaverse Web3 with an immersive VR-compatible virtual world.

You can play and earn on the ENDLESS LOOP by Ultiverse also from the Omega Mining App.

What is Omega Mining App

OM (Omega) is a mining App that allows everyone, anywhere to claim OMN. It is an innovative and powerful public chain for everyone that outshine Bitcoin in adaptability and strength.

The meticulously designed OM makes it offers unparalleled flexibility and robustness. Omega will unveil a game-changer in the world of Crypto

The next game hub I will explore with you is Star Network, this is the future of Socia DeFi with close to 10 million explorers worldwide as of the time of making this post.

Star Network Crypto Game comes with tournament games with almost half a million people engaging in various levels of tournaments on the network. Current games on the Star Network Game Center for mobile and PC for game lovers and those who wish to earn digital currency are from no 7 to no 12 below.

7. Block Puzzle

Star Network Game Centre adds fun to your DeFi experience as you can earn extra tokens by playing the crypto games.

8. Sudoku Block

9. Brain Workout

10. Game 2048


12. Flappy Star

You can play the above Star Network games with friends online, as you win if they win. To join Star Game Center www.starnetwork.io/ you can code Kinfo1

Let me reiterate here that from both Omega Mining App and Star Network you can as well make bountiful money in Crypto with their mining platform which to me is my area of making money.

13. Pop Block

Pop Block is another earn with fun crypto games on Cheatmoon. With the Cheatmoon Mining App, you make money in CTM.

Cheatmoon Games

14. Seven Slots

Also from Cheatmoon is a newly introduced play and earn Crypto Games Seven Slots. To make your money in CTM from Cheatmoon gaming centre with your phone, you need to;

  • Download these Crypto Games on the Cheatmoon site www.cheatmoon.com with code Kinfo1.
  • Download from the Cheatmoon (Pop Blocks and Seven Slots)
  • Launch the game and link the account account
  • Confirm the complete setup
  • Then play Crypto games and earn CTM

15. MoonTouch

MoonTouch is a Crypto game you can play on Bee Mining App, this is a Web3 running app with fun games


You find your soulmate with MoonTouch on Bee Mining App.

15. Sweet Cash

As the name is sweet to hear, that’s how cashing out from this game is. Thanks to Alpha Network for this great innovative manner to earn big money through Crypto Games.

Love match 3 games and want to earn cash or crypto while you play? Look no further than Sweet Cash! With its fun and addictive gameplay, you’ll be hooked from the first level. And with the ability to cash out your rewards whenever you want, there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

Alpha network game sweet cash

So what are you waiting for? Download Sweet Cash and use the code (Kinfo1) today and start matching your way to sweet rewards!

Alpha Network promised to offer you the avenue to have fun, earn points and cash out on PayPal, Coinbase or the Blockchain. All you have to do is to play games such as Sweet Cash, Bitcoin Hit, loot Box and Park Inc on Alpha Network

16. Park Inc

Looking for a fun and rewarding way to test your multitasking skills? Look no further than Park Inc, the car parking management game where you’re the boss.

Keep the lot running smoothly, avoid collisions, and earn rewards for your success. With multiple levels and increasing difficulty, you’ll be challenged at every turn.

Park Inc Alpha Game

You can Download Park Inc and use the code (Kinfo1) now and see if you have what it takes to manage your own parking lot! And you get 1 Alpha Coin for free.

17. Bitcoin Hit

Another Alpha Network Game to make money with your phone is Bitcoin Hit Crypto Games. A fun and rewarding game? Check out Bitcoin Hit, the addictive knife-throwing game where you can earn Bitcoin with each successful throw.

Bitcoin it game

Test your skills by hitting the spinning log without hitting any of the previously thrown knives. With engaging gameplay and the opportunity to earn real rewards, you won’t be able to put it down. Download Bitcoin Hit and use the code (Kinfo1) today and start earning Bitcoin while you play.

Alpha Games

One of the trusted places to make money is Alpha Network with its mining and Crypto games centre. Alpha Games is a unique and innovative platform focused on turning one of your favourite pastime activities into a fun and lucrative opportunity. Why should you be taking the risk of purchasing crypto when you can earn it for free? With Alpha Games, you can do just that – 100% free-to-play games, no in-app purchases and no hidden costs.

How to Benefit from all Alpha Network and Make Money Free on the Phone

  • Download the Alpha App
  • Use the code Kinfo1 to get 1 Alpha Coin for free
  • Enjoy Ever expanding Crypto games selection
  • Get 100% free to play to earn
  • Request a Withdraw to your prefered platform
  • Payment platforms: PayPal, Coinbase or Blockchain

Alpha Network is a De-Fi platform focused on bringing an alternative to the cryptocurrency models that left so many out of the crypto revolution. Its vision is to provide each user with a simple, secure and robust experience in earning the next gen of digital assets – the alpha coin. The decentralized, non-countervailable, mobile-first experience that allows you to earn crypto risk-free.

18. P2E

P2E is a platform for so many interesting crypto games by DOTChain Mining App. Play-to Earn on DOTChain pays in ACE Crypto coins. The wonderful part is that every member gets paid based on the minutes play and you can claim your earns.

Crypto Games on DOTChain with P2E include;

  • Bouncing Ball
  • Hexagon Fall
  • Jelly Pop
  • Knife Break and
  • Magic Cube

DOTChain gives you the avenue to Play and Earn ACE, Play for 1 minute and claim your rewards. Download P2E and Earn ACE use the code (kinfo1) and get more rewards.

Bonus Crypto Games to Play-to-Earn

1. Wild Cash and Witcoin

Wild Cash and Witcoin are quizzes to earn Crypto. Answer questions correctly, and earn GOLDs easily on Wild Cash. While Witcoin also plays the card as Witcoin.

To play these games you can join from the link below.

2. Remitano Game Hub

Remitano is another great opportunity to earn money through an already established platform Cryptocurrency like RENEC, there are more than three ways to make money on Remitano. The best of all for now is the Game Hub, you can read more on Game Hub here

Summary of How to Make Money Daily for Free Crypto Games

  • All platforms to play-to-earn from Crypto Games are also having other various ways to make money through them so explore all the opportunities provided in it (eg. Mining, Play to Earn Crypto Games, Trading Cryptocurrency)
  • It is important to do your KYC so as to be paid on time (It is recommended to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • You can invite your friends to these games and play together and you still make extra money

Be the first to get the latest update on best of its kind Gaming platform on Pi Hackathon which is in the final stage with code (kinfo) and awaited Crypto Games to be soon launched on Satoshi A Mystery App

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