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How to Make Money Free $75 for Watching Funny Videos

I can bet that you can make more than $100 for free just by Watching Funny Videos Online from this site that I will be unveiling to you here today. Yeah, This is the free way many people online have been making real and cool money with their phones. You don’t have to waste time on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or even almighty Youtube anymore.

Watch videos and earn rewards in cash and gift cards, capitalize your time on this App and start to be financially stable from a single mobile app. Get paid easily with the leading online Payment channel by just watching funny videos and playing lovely free games.

How to Make Money Online by Watching Funny Videos

ClipClaps is a free application that is an entertainment app that helps you earn additional passive income while watching videos and playing games on mobile devices. You only need to watch the videos to make money.

ClipClaps has become the best video player in the world that allows people to earn rewards by playing games, watching videos and uploading links to your favourite videos

Make Money Watching Funny videos

With a fun and funny video store, you will not be bored when watching videos, if you have a phone running Android or IOS, you can completely download the app and proceed to watch videos or play games to earn money.

The Benefits of Watching Funny Videos on ClipClap

  • ClicpClap has the hottest video content. You can even get lost in the infinite scroll of the craziest, funniest videos from YouTube, whilst getting rewarded for every second you watch
  • The more you watch, the more scratches you’ll earn. it isn’t hard to get lost and lose track of time when you are watching the amazing videos that are uploaded to the app each day.

On ClipClap everyone can make money, you can build yourself up to be a MEGASTAR! Upload your favourite content and instantly get thousands of views! Grow your audience to amplify your reward earnings even more just by downloading the ClipClap here on their official page ClipClap.com There is a $1 sign-up reward if you use this code 2821299227

Make Money on ClipClap

How do I Earn on ClipClaps by Watching Funny Videos)

If you have videos on your phone to share on ClipClap you can turn those funny videos into making money venture, as thousands of people are on ClipClap waiting to watch videos for the fun.

ClipClaps is your PERFECT video content community. From creators to viewers, from casual to professional, you can start your journey of making money online from ClipClap by sharing video content or by watching funny videos.

So if you are someone who loves to showcase your favourite videos to the world. ClipClaps works with a large group of professional content creators to foster a content-driven ecosystem and you start to make money online with ClipClap.

Making Money with Raffle Tickets on ClipClap

Apart from watching funny videos, ClipClap makes earning money online easy by opening boxes that contain raffle tickets and from these tickets, you can get $1 – $10, $10 Amazon Coupons, 500k clapcoins and so much more.

Other ways of making money without watching funny videos are;

  • Discovery channels for watching funny videos
  • Clap House is for people that wish to make money by sharing videos
  • Book Center for Reading and earn money and rewards
  • Spin and Earn
  • Bounty Research
  • Free Coin Zone
  • Invite & Earn and
  • Game Center

How to download and register Clipclaps get $ 1 free for Watching Funny Videos

Step 1: Download the app
To download the app to watch videos, play games make money you click the link ClipClap.com There is a $1 sign-up reward if you use this code 2821299227

Then click the Copy button to copy the code to get $ 1 as shown below.


Step 2: Sign up for an account
You can register for an account in 2 ways:

  • Register by phone number
  • Sign up with a Facebook account

Step 3: Enter the code 2821299227 to get 1 $
To receive $1 when signing up for an account, enter the Redeem code of 2821299227 and click Redeem >> Continue

Step 4: Complete personal information
Complete your personal information by entering your name, gender, and age.

Step 5: Instructions to watch videos and make money
When you complete the registration, it will display a video for you to watch. Now you can start watching funny videos to earn rewards.

Watching Funny Videos

To claim your earnings: tap Reward >> Open to receive the reward. The rewards you get in the chest are raffle tickets for cash, coins, amazon vouchers, etc.

Watching Funny Videos

Step 6: Enter the code, Redeem

If you did not enter the Redeem code at first, you can enter it by clicking Reward >> Redeem and entering code 2FJAZKD6 to receive a $1 reward.

Invite Friends and Make Money on ClipClap

You will be redirected to the page to invite friends to earn a reward that is up to $1 in value of a diamond chest

ClipClaps App

You can invite friends via Facebook, Message, or click on More to get your referral link. After opening the chest, you will earn tickets to unlock the rewards in the Raffle Tickets section.

How to Exchange Chests for Coins in ClipClaps

In addition to opening the chest for coins and tickets, you can exchange the chest for coins by clicking More in the Exchange section to have more options.

Sometimes in the Clapcoin Store, there are special offers for new members that allow you to exchange coins for cash at attractive prices, you should not ignore that offer.

You go to the “Rewards” Tab in Exchange and click on “More”

Click the “Cash Exchange”.

Select the number of coins to be exchanged for money and press the “Exchange”

Select the savings plan and then click the Buy button.

How to Withdraw Your Earns from ClipClaps

Click on the amount (… USD) in the “Reward” Tab, then Choose the amount you want to withdraw. If you withdraw $0.10 you will not be charged a transfer fee. If you want to withdraw $10 or more you will lose the transfer fee of $ 0.25.

Then, click on “Paypal”.

Enter your Paypal email and click Confirm.

Click on Continue to confirm and complete the process of withdrawing money from Clipclaps to Paypal (if this is your first time requesting for withdrawal, you may wait for 24-72 hours to receive the funds to your account).

You can view the payment history in the payment history section.


This is a legitimate app that will pay you for watching funny videos, upload videos, and join different challenges. You’ll also earn extra money when you spread the word and invite your friends and family to join the app.

It may interest you to earn more money, then read my 18 Free Gaming App that will make you up to $100 daily

It is easy to rack up Clapcoins because the videos will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you are looking for a fun way to earn passive income online, try this app. It will give you hours of entertainment and pay you to view the different videos.

Don’t forget that you can still Make Millions from Sidra, Glim and 3 other Free Mining Apps Today, check them all out.

I hope you are satisfied with this means of making some cool money online by just watching funny videos.

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