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How to Activate Airtel Free 1GB Data (See its Code)

Airtel Free 1GB Data is an exclusive data offer that was voice bonus-centric, you get up to N6000 for recharging with Airtel. Meanwhile, only one part of the recharging bonus of the Airtel exclusive plan comes with an extra 1GB Free Data, the others are only voice and SMS bonuses.

See the below table on the free of Airtel Exclusive offer

PackageFree Value ObtainableFree Data
1N2000No Data
2N2000 Bonus 200MB

How to get Airtel Free 1GB Data on WinBack Offer

Airtel Free 1GB Data

As you can see from the table above the Airtel Free 1GB Data comes in three (3) packages, and this plan is also known as Airtel WinBack offer.

The offer was to rewards Airtel customers that have not performed any chargeable activity in the last 15 days or more. Meanwhile, this reason by Airtel was not that 100% true, as I received the message after my recharge. Anyhow the interesting part for us that we can enjoy Airtel Free 1GB Data from this exclusive offer

How to be Eligible for Airtel Free 1GB Data (WinBack Offer)

To confirm if your Airtel line will work with this Exclusive Data Offer, simply dial the USSD *241*7#

Eligible customers will enjoy the following benefits:

After dialing the USSD *241*7# you can choose from the 3 above image options based on your interest as the last package comes with an extra Airtel Free 1GB Data bonus

For instant if you pay N100 and you get N2000 Bonus

Just as simple as that, but if you want more offer then see below package which is:

By paying a little amount as N200 then Airtel hammer you N2000 Bonus + Extra 200MB

Meaning you are getting both the voice and extra 200MB data bonus, But if you still think this is not any way satisfactory by you then see the 3rd package that comes with better robust bonuses

Pay just N500 and Get N6000 Bonus + Extra 1GB

To recap on How to Enjoy WinBack Offer

Eligible customers can enjoy WinBack Offer by purchasing via USSD channel:

USSD *241*7#:

Price points and corresponding values with validity.

N100N200030 days
N200N2000 Bonus + 200MBN2000 for 30 days. 200MB for 3 days
N500N6000 Bonus + 1GBN6000 for 30 days. 200MB for 3 days

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