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How to Make $100 Reading Free Books Online daily

Making Money online from home as a beginner is now getting more exciting and easier with this way that you can now follow to make up to $100 daily by reading Free Books Online. The most interesting part is you make money based on your leisure time (you get the full control of your working hour).

It is a fact that some people are lazy reading books, this while many authors are now force to change their text to audio, visual or even to an audiovisual for better engagement with their books. And this is where you come to play a role and make a lot of money reading this books for free and earn based on what you read.

The good news is that you don’t need any special gadgets or device to complete this task, but just your phone and the steps that I will be sharing on this article to you.

How to Start Making $100 Reading Free Books Online

As I promised I will expose you to ways of earning more than what you can imaging daily online by just reading free books online.

There are two websites that I will be sharing with you that you can join them for free based on your choice and complete a giving task and then get paid per hour.

1. ACX

ACX is a short form for Audiobook Creation Exchange, this is one of the the best marketplace for professional narrators, authors, agents, publishers and rights holders to connect and create audiobooks.

As I earlier pointed out, you get task of reading books and send the voice to the author while you get paid by the author of the book.

To start making money from ACX, you need to sign up for free as a narrator. As a narrator you use your God given voice to bring stories to life and generate income.

Do you know that thousands of authors are looking to work with independent or studio narrators on ACX. This means job is readily available for you to earn from on a hourly bases. See the steps to complete as a narrator on ACX and start to make money reading free books online.

1 Create A Profile

The first step to make money on ACX reading free books online is to show the authors that you got what it takes by showcase your talent in your profile.

Your profile is how authors will find you and that is what will determine your status, so try to provide necessary details for authors to see your capacity.

  • Include your background
  • Your experience and
  • Add vocal samples that showcase your range (like if you specialize in dialects or excel in certain genres).

The more details you include in your profile, the more you’ll stand out.

2. Start auditioning

Search for projects and when you find something that seems like a good fit, record and submit an audition. The authors will provide notes about what they’re looking for in the audition recording.

Make sure the production quality is top-notch because you want it to reflect what you can do for their audio project. Take advantage of all of ACX’s useful resources to help you learn how to produce the best possible audition.

I will as well share with you free tools to get you an audio with astonish output.

3. Collaborate to create

Part of your journey to make your first money from this platform by reading free books online, is that you should have a good working relationship with the authors. Work on your terms once you and the author decide to team up, you’ll negotiate the timeline and pay structure.

It’s entirely up to you and the author to arrive at a fair price and schedule. When that’s set, it’s time to start recording.

4. Proof Your Worth

Put your talents to work. For you to make money for free by reading free books online especially on ACX and the likes, is that you need to prove reputable status for you get lucrative jobs.

As a narrator, you’re responsible for the finished audio product, from recording to mastering. And ACX as marketplace for authors and narrators have tons of resources to help you make it perfect.

5. Make sure it’s perfect

Just like I stated in the last step, when your recording is complete and approved by the author, you need to submit your work for Quality Assurance (QA) for review. After you’ve addressed any issues they find and get their approval, it’s time to put your story out into the world and make free money reading free books online.

6. Get paid, then get your next project

The last step is to get paid for the work done. It is now your choice to get paid either by finished hourly or if you chose royalty share. the later option you’ll get paid monthly for any sales of your audiobook.

Even if your pay structure isn’t dependent on royalties, spread the word when your title is released. It’s a great way to show other authors what you can do and get connected to your next project.

How to Participate on ACX Making Money Reading Free Books Online

  • You can start by sign up for free on ACX.com
  • Limited countries are allow to participate through ACX and that is why I will be sharing with you below a better alternative to this first site.
  • What makes this second site best is that you get numerous payment methods and it works for all countries in the world.

2. Author’s Republic

Make money reading free books online

Just like ACX, Author’s Republic is the great platform to work as a narrator and make money reading free books online. It is a platform connecting you with the perfect authors that pay well for your job done.

Author’s republic is unlike other platforms owned that reject people from other part of the world.

Sign up for free with Author’s Republic on their website at www.authorsrepublic.com and pick the option I am professional narrator.

For tutorial on how to get the best audio output, you can see the guide from the Authors Republic website for details here.

Its important to see the frequently asked question for much better explanation on their website.

How to Withdraw Your Earned Money

You are expected to filling your details while sign up on reading free books online and provide your payment details. But in a case while you are not having access to PayPal as a payment option.

I don’t have a PayPal account, then No problem! If you have a US bank account, direct deposit is also an option or better Contact customer service at [email protected], to get ACH payments set up.

How to Turn Your Audio to Quality Types for Free

Based on my promised above, you don’t need any gadgets to get the best of this two platform mentioned above, all you have to do is a read free books online and make a audio version of it through an AI that is explained in the video below.

Also from this video is a way to get your earn money withdraw easily, and thanks to Gerrard for this great video update.

Please watch the video below for details on getting the best of free books online means of making money.

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