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How to Make Quick Money on Coco Wallet (CashOut $100)

In this article, I will take you through 5 simple steps ways to make $100 from Coco Wallet, a brand from the Real Player DAO crypto platform. So start to make passive income from the Coco Wallet App today.

Also in this article, I will share different interesting mining apps to join and earn free cryptocurrency. Many people are into them already, you too can do the same thing and make money through your phone. So let’s jump straight into how to make quick money on the Coco wallet website.

5 Ways to Make Money on Coco Wallet App

Coco wallet is the key product of Real Player DAO, representing the close link between guild, games and users. Coco Wallet can be categorised as a social media platform with easy-to-use features for making money and easy transfer and acquiring crypto assets and trading them.

1. Download the Coco Wallet App

Note that Coco wallet can only be downloaded from the Coco wallet, so not that you may see a security warning since you are not downloading from PlayStore, so no worries everything is fine. Click on the download anyway to complete your Coco wallet installation on your phone.


2. Insert the Invitation Code

You will be required to input an invitation code which will be provided below. The invitation code BA99D7 lets you get your first USTD and 500 points that can be withdrawn to your wallet when you decide to cash out your earnings.

Coco Wallet App Login Page

Use the invitation code BA99D7

3. CoCo Wallet Quiz

Coco Wallet is also a social platform that enables you to earn from a quiz, the simple quiz is user-friendly and you accumulate points that you can convert and cash out immediately if you have the intention to do so without any extra condition.

coco wallet quiz

Coco Wallet Quiz is meant to test your knowledge based on Blockchain and reward you with points and free USDT.

Best Free Mining Apps to Download and Start Making Millions

As I promised you in the second paragraph above on sharing with you some different interesting mining apps to join and earn free cryptocurrency for absolutely free, here are some below to join from my previous articles.

Others that may interest you on various latest updates to start making money online with Cryptocurrency for free are well articulated below as;

Lastly, the Crypto Mining Apps to join right now that can make you money online are these;

4. Screenshot to Claim Your USDT

The uniqueness of the Coco Wallet is how you claim your first earnings and make better points.

  • You need to snap the handheld front page of your Coco wallet screen, this is the page that contains your points, earnings and aaa, see the image below for a sample.
  • You will be required to send above mentioned snapped page with your coped wallet address.
  • Then send/submit the image and the Coco wallet to the link below which is for the Coco Wallet Ambassador WhatsApp group


  • This completes the claiming of your USDT
  • Friend Bonus in USDT

5. Tell Friends and Earn More Free USDT

Lastly on the ways to make money quickly on the Coco Wallet App, for any friends that you tell about Coco Wallet then you get up to $1 as a bonus, this bonus continues as long as your friends join the free platform

Benefits of Coco Wallet

  • Coco Wallet is a platform that allows everyone to make free money online without limitations on what to make and when to make your money.
  • It is a trusted means to make unlimited money
  • You don’t necessarily need to invite friends to make money on Coco wallet
  • No payment is required before you join and start to make money
  • No hidden payment before you cash out
  • Play Metaverse games for free on your PC and earn money

You can see my latest article on the best free 18 crypto games to make your $1000, join for free

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

There are two ways to claim your earnings;

  1. The first is to earn and get credited into your Coco wallet, while
  2. The second way is to claim your referral bonus by sending your Coco Wallet dashboard (front page) along with the Coco Wallet Address to the link page below.

This second approach listed above was meant to authenticate and validate your friends who join the program through you then you get a reward in dollars for the job well done.

You get 1 USDT for every two friends that join from your end. This means you get half a dollar per person from you.

Note that screenshots will not be accepted

And that only the Coco Wallet Ambassadors can help you claim your earnings and bonuses for now.

Submit your Snapped Screen and wallet address to the group link below

  1. Send the snapped page and your coco wallet address to https://cocowallet-ambassador.com/HPRrD, to receive your first USDT
  2. You can convert all your accumulated points from friends and Quiz to USDT and also withdraw it to your wallets instantly when it reaches the threshold of 3000 minimum (Note that to reach the threshold is simple and can be achieved in less than 10 minutes in a day)
  3. Payment is received every Monday of the week (So you can submit your payment from Tuesday to Sunday and get paid instantly on Monday of that same week)

How to Get Started with Coco Wallet

  1. 1 Download the Coco Wallet from their official page and use the invitation code BA99D7

Note that the invitation code enables you to get your first $1 USDT and withdraw it to your wallet. So use the invitation code (BA99D7)

  • 2. Click on login with your working email
  • 3. Enter the OTP sent to your email for login
  • 4. Snap the front page of the app, copy and send your wallet address to claim your USDT to https://cocowallet-ambassador.com/HPRrD
  • 5. Get credited to your wallet instantly

Make Money as a Game Player for RPD

For Game lovers, Real Player DAO (RPD) is currently inviting interested people who wish to apply for their game testing program and get paid as a reward. RPD is test-running a couple of games before been official launch so these games need to be tested by real people.

This is another way to make cool money from Coco Wallet. An interested person who wishes to participate in the game testing can contact the CocoWallet Ambassador page link above. You earn points based on your participation and get a reward by converting your earned points to USDT immediately after it’s mature.

Fact to Know

Coco Wallet is one of the trusted ways to make money for free online nowadays without any fear or worries since you get nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Be the first to benefit from this platform as people learn about Coco Wallet and the busier things in the future. Earn your first $1000 in a week for free from their Quiz competition and referral platform.

I will keep it as part of my duty to update this article as soon as there is any latest update on the Coco wallet, so stay on with Kinfoarena.com and bookmark this article on how to make money on Coco wallet enjoy all the improvements from this coco wallet app.

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