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See How to Create Omega Network Wallet in 2 Minutes

In this short guide, I will take you through 5 simple steps to create your own Omega Network Wallet Address so you too can be able to receive your token as soon as the Mainnet is launched, which is so close to the time of making this write-up.

Also in this article, I will share different interesting mining apps to join and earn free cryptocurrency for absolutely free. Many people are into them already, you too can do the same thing and make money through your phone. Let’s jump to the guide on how to create an Omega Network Wallet Address in less than 2 minutes

5 Steps to Create Omega Network Wallet Address

The great news is the announcement of Omega Network launched their mainnet. You can see the guide and illustration with a short clip on my recent article How to Claim Your Omega Network Tokens in 2 Ways. Now back to the topic of how to create your wallet on Omega Network you need to take these important simple steps, this includes;

1. Update your Omega Network App

It is very important to update your Omega Network for the necessary features that will enable you to create your wallet to appear.

This is simple you can update the Omega Network App on Google PlayStore or follow this link to the official Omega page

2. Open the Omega Network App

The second step is to open or launched the just download/updated Omega Network App and tap on the three (3) dots on the left top corner of the App.

You will locate the wallet from the latest update of the Omega Network App, if you click on the wallet you will be able to see your token mined balance. That is a good move in the right direction, let go on.

3. Tap on the Omega Network on the Wallet Page

You are to tap on the Omega Network that is at the top centre of the App and click on it. This will show you two options to pick and start to create your Omega Wallet Address.

Omega Network Wallet Address

Network notification pop-up will show on the screen for you to select, you are to pick/click on the BNB Smart Chain since you are to create your Omega Wallet Address.

An interface will appear to create a new wallet or import your wallet if you have already had one before. But if you are yet to create any Omega Network Wallet Address then click on the create a new wallet.

NOTE: It is important to remind you to have completed your Omega Network KYC users verification process before you start to create your Omega Network Wallet Address.

Just like so other mining apps and the tradition of Know Your Customer, KYC is the surest way to start earning Crypto Coins and Tokens online.

Best Free Mining Apps to Download and Start Making Millions

As I promised you in the second paragraph above on sharing with you some different interesting mining apps to join and earn free cryptocurrency for absolutely free, here are some below to join from my previous articles.

Others that may interest you on various latest updates to start making money online with Cryptocurrency for free are well articulated below as;

While lastly the Crypto Mining Apps to join right now that can make you money online also are these;

4. Copy the 12 Keyword Phrase

On the steps to successfully create your Omega Network Wallet, 12 keyword phrases will appear for you to copy and save at a very safe place for reference purposes.

You will also need to write it down as you will use it to recover your Omega Network Wallet.

Then click on the yellow link that says I have written the phrase down. You will be required to input this phrase in the next step so as to know if you keep it and to show that you have written the 12-keyword phrase down.

5. Set Your Password

You need to set your 6 digits password to have access to your Omega Network Wallet Address so other times. This password should be personal to you.

A congratulatory message will appear telling you that your Omega Network Wallet is created successfully. You can now use your wallet now to receive your tokens successfully.

Watch this short video for the full instruction on how to create Omega Network Wallet Address in less than 2 minutes

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