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Migrate to Glo Berekete 10X (Make Free Data and N1000-Airtime)

Glo recently introduced another bonus-centric package called Glo Berekete. The term Berekete can be traced to surplus, awuf, or even overload bonus. The Glo Berekete is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards customers with an amazing voice and a 100% bonus on data. While in this updated article, I will show you how to Migrate to Glo Berekete

But the latest update to the Glo Berekete is the Glo Berekete 10X which means more bonuses for you up to 10 times the offer. So see below updates on how to migrate to Glo Berekete 10X

How to Migrate to Glo Berekete 10X

If you migrate to Glo Berekete 10X you are to enjoy new packaged bonuses that include among other benefits of Glo Berekete 10X;

BEREKETE 10X replaces BEREKETE++ as the default tariff plan for new customers. Already existing Glo customers can also enjoy BEREKETE 10X benefits when they dial *777#, but new users don’t have to migrate to Glo Berekete 10X because it is the default plan for Glo new SIMs

(Please note that existing customers are not eligible for the one-off welcome bonus). See details on the benefits on how to migrate to Glo Berekete

1. Get Free N1000 Airtime

Just migrate to Glo Berekete and get a free N1,000 airtime, This benefit from Glo Berekete 10X is for only all New Customers.

The bonus of N1000 airtime can be used for ALL-NET calls and data. The bonus is given one-off after activating a new Glo SIM with a minimum of N100 recharge and making your first call.

Meanwhile, for the old Glo users who want to migrate Glo Berekete 10X, you will enjoy the 10X bonus on all recharges, but they will not be entitled to the One-off welcome bonus as well as the bonus on data plan purchases.

Just like 9mobile which gives a bomber bonus of 7GB free data on eSIM launched, Glo has another game plan for their numerous customers and that is the 100% bonus that you will be enjoying.

2. Glo Berekete Free Data and Free Voice Call

Another benefit that comes in if you migrate to Glo Berekete 10X is the whopping 10X Bonus, which is divided into a voice bonus and a data bonus. You get (400% for Voice & 500% for Data) on all recharges, this can be used for ALL-NET calls and data.

3. Glo Berekete 10X Extra Data Bonus

As part of the benefit to migrate to Glo Berekete 10X is a special extra Data Bonus on the first recharge of the month. That is if you recharge (N100 and above) for 6 months from the date of joining Glo Network. This is not all;

4. Migrate to Glo Berekete 10X and Get 100% Extra Data Bonus

Adding up to all that was highlighted above is another extra data of up to 100% Bonus on Data Plan Purchases for 4 months for you to migrate to Glo Berekete 10X.

Migrate to Glo Berekete 10X Bonus and Get N1000 Bonus

Migrate to Glo berekete 100% bonus

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Benefits of the 100% bonus Glo Berekete 10X Plan

If you Migrate to Glo Berekete 10X comes fully loaded with a lot of benefits for voice and data:

  • Glo Berekete dashed out a welcome bonus of N1000 for all new customers upon successful activation of their lines. Successful activation means registering your SIM, recharging with a minimum of N100 and making the first call. Then what are you waiting for, get a new Glo SIM and start to get bonuses in a Glo Berekete way

Also, enjoy a whopping 10X bonus on every recharge to call ALL NETWORKS and browse the Internet. The great thing about the bonus is that the 10X works on all calls to major networks in Nigeria.

At this junction, I will advise you to visit the Kinfoarena Browsing gist page and get all the free browsing codes and tips now for absolutely free

In addition to the Glo Berekete 100% bonus is this extra 150% data bonus on 1st recharge of the month (Up to 5GB FREE), every month for 4 months. This implies that for another 4month you get more bonuses

New customers also enjoy up to a 100% bonus on every data plan they buy, every month for 4 months. And that is the deal for selected Glo customers.

Who is Eligible for the Glo Berekete 10X bonus

The Glo Berekete 10X bonus is currently available to all new and existing prepaid customers. With reference as stated above.

Glo berekete 100% bonus

What are the detailed benefits that you will enjoy on the Glo Berekete 100% bonus?
A N1000 welcome bonus, upon activation of a new GLO SIM. The bonus can be used for voice and data as follows:

• You will be able to access this bonus after completing your SIM registration, recharging with a minimum of N100 and making your first call
• Both voice and data bonuses are valid for 7 days from when your line is credited
• Note that the welcome bonus is a one-off benefit.

Expected Bonuses if you Migrate to Glo Berekete 10X based on your Recharge Value + the 100% bonus

Recharge AmountMain AccountTotal Bonus Value (700%)All-Net Voice Bonus  ValueData Bonus ValueData Bonus (MB)Special Data Bonus on 1st Recharge of The Month (MB)
• Calls made from the main account balance are charged at 36k/sec
• Calls made from the voice bonus accounts are charged at 77k/sec

Get Full Frequently Ask Questions on the benefits of Migrate to Glo Berekete 10X here Now

Other Best Glo Data Plan

After talking about the benefits for those who want to migrate to Glo Berekete 10X, here below are other great deals on Glo for all users;

Glo Cheap Call rate 11k/s with Data Offer 1GB for N300

Glo came up with another tariff plan with 11kb/sec this is the Glo Cheapest Call rate with service charge just like the popular Glo Gbam. On the Global Comm website also comes the Glo Data Offer of 1GB Data for N300. Glo Cheap Call rate 11k/s and more will be discussed here.

I knew people still preferred the Glo Amebo that gives a lot of voice bonuses of up to 500% on recharge above N100. But with this new Glo Cheap Call rate of 11k/sec, the price plan allows Glo customers to call all networks in Nigeria at 11k/sec after a deduction of N7 on the first call of the day.

The Glo Cheap Call rate 11k/sec plan package is for all new and existing Glo prepaid customers who migrate by dialling the code *311#

Glo cheap call rate 11k/s

Glo Data Offer of 1GB for N300

Glo 1GB for N300

Glo as the first indigenous private Telecommunication company in the country is currently trying to lure the heart of their customers back with blooming plans of the package both on data and Airtime plans. The Glo Splash gives a Data offer of 1GB for N300 and comes as an alternative to Airtel and MTN, which will be discussed shortly below.

Glo Splash Data table

Plan NamePrice (N)Data VolumeValidity
Daily Data Splash 3003001GB1 Day
Daily Data Splash 5005002GB1 Day

dail *777# for the special data

The Special Data Plan for Airtel users, Getting Airtel 1GB for N200

This plan has been on for years now, but many people did not know, including myself not until I got a message that I should enjoy this Awoof data plan by Airtel themselves: And coming of the Glo Cheap Call rate 11k/sec, let take about data

  • N100 for 200MB of data for 1day
  • N200 for 1GB of data for 7 days
  • Airtel 2GB data for N500 with 14days validity period
  • 4GB data for just N1000 and comes with 30 days validity period and
  • 6GB for N1500 for 7days usage period
Airtel 1GB for N200

How to Activate Airtel 1GB for N200

You can activate by checking your eligibility on Airtel 1GB for N200, 4GB for N1000, 2GB data for N500. The activation code for Airtel 1GB for N200 is *141*241#. As I said the data plan is a special one, so you may not be eligible, but I know 99% of Airtel SIMs will be eligible. Read more here

Glo super value: Enjoy free 2.5 GB data + N7950 to browse/call

More Data Glo Super Value Pack was a Combo Offer, which customers can use within Nigeria, or abroad while roaming. Glo Super Value Pack comes in two variants.

This offer is for the customers, who intend to use more data and less voice. The table below displays what you will get when you buy this plan for One hundred naira and more:

Recharge Amount (N)Voice
All Net (N)
On Net (N)
Total Voice (N)Data VolumeData
Total Data  VolumeValidity
100100100200100 MB25 MB125 MB3 Days
200200200400200 MB50 MB250 MB4 Days
5005005001,000500 MB125 MB625 MB7 days
1,0001,0001,0002,0001 GB250 MB1.25GB14 Days
2,0002,5001,5004,0002 GB500 MB2.5 GB30 Days
5,0006,5003,50010,0006.5 GB1.25 GB7.75GB30 Days
10,00014,0006,00020,00014 GB2.5 GB16.5GB30 Days
15,00024,0006,00030,00020 GB3.75 GB23.75 GB30 Days
20,00030,00010,00040,00030 GB5 GB35 GB30 Days

Tariff For Local Calls: 50K/Sec

The New More Data Glo Super Value Pack

To purchase the plan, dial *777#.

To Check the Balance, dial *606#.

Bonus can be view using *127*0# for Data plan, and

*606# for Voice, FnF voice bonuses respectively.

All new and existing prepaid customers are eligible for the offer

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So are you now on Glo Berekete 10 or you are about to migrate to Glo Berekete 10X for all these bonuses? Take the best deal and migrate to Glo Berekete 10X now.

If you get any value from the article on how to migrate to Glo Berekete 10X and its best value, then please consider sharing this with your friends and family.

Also, read my article on how to get Airtel free 1GB Data and Airtel Free 2.5GB in my article Airtel Free Data to All Users

Your sharing and liking of this article will go a long way in motivating us to serve you better. Please do share and like this article.

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