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See How to Complete Rubi KYC Updates in 2-Minutes

In the latest update on the Rubi App was an announcement on RUBI KYC, which is a milestone on any cryptocurrency. It is a necessity in any financial setting to Know Your Customer (KYC) which is for security purposes.

Please Note that I just made an important update to this article today on the new eligibility requirements for the Rubi KYC and three new steps (image guide tutorial) on how to pass the KYC process. See all the updates in the article below.

In this article, I will guide you on how to complete RUBI KYC in a way to makes the process fast and seamless, while this should not take you more than 2 minutes of your precious time.

How to Complete Your RUBI KYC

Rubi KYC will be unique in approach as a small amount of slot was allotted for the first phase of the Rubi KYC Update and this represents less than 10% of the total number of Rubi Coin Miners in the world.

Rubi KYC in the Rubi Mining app

As you can see on the Rubi user growth scale above, it is clear that Rubi Coin is now accepted worldwide with close to a million miners. To this end based on the Rubi Whitepaper got to the stage of introducing the Rubi KYC, where it is obligatory to have real details of their users in regulatory compliance with transparency and safety of the Rubi Network.

How to Participate in the Rubi KYC Process

The requirement to participate in the first phase of Rubi KYC for their miners is so tough that only a small portion of their miners will be picked on the first come, first serve approach.

Then how can you be qualified for the first set of people to participate in the RUBI KYC exercise? It was based on the pop-up information on the RUBI MINING APP, where it was released that Rubi KYC will be open for people of not more than 5000 RUBIERS globally.

This early Rubi KYC gate window is for the rest of the world who are mining the Rubi Coin, and it will serve as a test running of the Rubi KYC process. Then when else is the second phase and how many people will be captured next? That is the question I believe you will not like to experience and that is why you need to perform your Rubi KYC right to be part of the first 5000 miners that will be KYC among about a million miners of Rubi Coin worldwide.

When is the Rubi KYC Starts

“Dear Miners! We are pleased to announce the opening of an identity verification (KYC) portal to provide 5000 “Miner Partner Certificates” to miners who are mining digital resources on the Rubi Network.

Rubi KYC

KYC is an important step in the development of the platform’s mining partner to create a safe. transparent. and regulatory-compliant and the Rubi KYC is set to start on the 6th of September 2023.

The necessity of Rubi KYC can not be overemphasised in digital asset circulation as in this increasingly complex world of digital assets and electronic transactions, identity verification is critical to ensuring network integrity and preventing fraud, money laundering and financing activities as well as terrorism.

The Rubi KYC program also helps verify the identities of the community members and ensures that all trading, mining and asset-creation activities are performed by humans.

So performing Rubi KYC is not just a requirement in mining, KYC is mandatory in any withdrawal from digital protocol assets to banking credit protocols, you need to perform verification.

Let’s take for example, if you have assets on an exchange when making a request to transfer that amount to a traditional bank credit protocol that exchange will definitely require you to pass KYC verification.

Why You Have To Do The KYC (Know Your Customer) Verification

In the field of digital asset mining, the role of miners is extremely important. Ensuring that every miner participating in our network has the correct identity verified helps to protect the correctness of digital assets. Ensuring fairness and helping to eliminate fraud is an important step to validating property, thereby helping owners ensure the value of the property they own.

The stronger and more trustworthy the attestation, the more valuable the digital assets formed from mining partners’ mining become. Completing KYC gives you the network’s “Mining Partner Certificate”, and what is mined by you or your verified mining pool can be migrated to the wallet instantly. Your mined assets will become assets on a freely circulating supply.

Rubi KYC Partner Certificate

Every Rubi Coin Miner is known as a partner, and performing the Rubi KYC makes the miner a Partner Certified with the certified badge attached to your account. So try to be certified as a partner in this first phase of the Rubi KYC update.

What is the Requirement for Rubi KYC

Rubi insists that the number of KYC-only endorsements is limited to the first 5,000 miner partners who complete the KYC request at the earliest. When you submit your verification information, you will receive your queue number.

The queue will number from 0001 to 6000 including 5000 miners in the main queue and 1000 in the standby queue. When an official account is rejected, it will be replaced by another in the standby queue.

If you are ready for the KYC process, here are 3 simple steps for Rubi KYC you need to take to complete KYC successfully.

Preparation: First, prepare the following!

• The most popular ID card or passport in your country.
• Mobile phone with Rubi app installed has a camera good enough to take clear photos.
• 1 A4 sheet of paper and a dark ink marker to write down information.

Rubi KYC Timeline

The RUBI KYC time will be determined by the validators, Rubi uses the verification rule by Validtors so the time to complete a verification can take from 0-2 weeks.

You are required to monitor the status and notify Rubi about KYC progress on your app. The Rubi KYC is only applicable to global miners except for miners from Vietnam. This means that the 5000 slot is for miners outside Vietnam.

What is the Value of Rubi Coin

(The following is edited content adapted from AI argument content from Rubi Web Page)

RUBI (RBL) is a digital asset with unique and notable characteristics in the blockchain community. Based on the factors and achievements of Rubi Network after more than 1 year of operation, I propose the following dialectic to demonstrate the potential for RBL asset valuation to reach $6 when compared to other digital assets. another famous digital.

So going by this AI proposal the Rubi Coin price is $6 at the time of making this article

Steps to Follow for Rubi KYC Submission

As the KYC is about your identification verification, it is expected to have all the requirements at hand, as a lot of miners will have to fight it out for the small amount of 5,000 slots in the first phase. So how to register and submit a KYC request, see the steps below;

1. Log in to your Rubi Network account

You are required to be on the Rubi Mining App page and log in to your Rubi Network account, after the successful login into the mining app, you will now go to the second step as stated below.

  • For new miners go to the Rubi official site page at www.rubi.click
  • Enter the code KINFO1 to claim your free 5000 mama instantly.

Update account information before KYC.

  • If you have not completed entering personal information, you need to complete the personal information in your profile at least 24 hours before KYC to be eligible to request the KYC process
  • To update, access the RUBI application, go to the main menu, select “Personal page”, then select “My information”. Fill in the information corresponding to the document you will use for KYC (date of birth, gender, country, full name).

Note: Please check carefully before clicking save on this information, because you only have one chance to provide the information.

2. Visit the “Identity Verification” or “KYC” section of your account verification.

Go to the app menu and click on identity verification or it may be updated to KYC, a section for updating your account verification.

Submit KYC request:

At the KYC screen, you need to provide 5 basic information in text form:

  • ID Number,
  • Full Name,
  • Gender,
  • Date of Birth and
  • Country.

Please check and ensure that this information matches the information in the previous profile.

Provide 3 required images:
Photo of the front of your ID card or passport.

Rubi KYC ID card font sample

Photo of the back of your ID card or passport.

Rubi KYC ID card back sample

A picture of yourself, along with an A4 sheet of paper with information according to the instructions.

Rubi KYC Portrait shot sample

Note: Please take high-quality and unobscured photos to ensure quick verification.

Follow the instructions on how to get down your personal information to verify your identity. Part of what will be requested for identity is your identification card in your country.

3. Confirm to Submit

After you might complete your verification process you are required to click on submit. Then your information is ready for capturing and press the request you will receive your queue number which is from 0001 to 5000. The implementation period is from the 6th of September 2023 to any day when 5000 verified Rubierare is completed.

Wait for verification results:

As soon as you submit your verification request, your request will be queued. You can check your queue number. The verification process begins when an authenticator checks and confirms your request. You will receive a notification on the app about the verification status.

If all the information you provide is clear and complete, the KYC process will be completed quickly. If your verification request fails or is denied, you will need to wait until the KYC 2.0 solution is finalized (expected in late 2023) before you can resubmit another KYC request.

Leave your questions and observations in the comment section below, I will attend to them all

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With the above simple 3-step guide, we hope you can complete your KYC easily and successfully. You can participate in giving suggestions on how to improve the Rubi KYC process in the future. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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