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See How To Migrate Rubi To Wallet in 2-Minutes

The latest update from Kinfoarena is on how to make your withdrawal on Rubi Network, and here in the article is a step-by-step guide on how to Migrate Rubi To Wallet.

How do I withdraw money from Rubi?

For you to ask the question of how to withdraw your money from Rubi, means you are Rubi Network Token Miners, and congratulations as I will be working you the ways to do just that. But before you can start to make your Rubi Coins withdraw there are some things to do and part of it is to migrate Rubi to Wallet.

How to Migrate Rubi to Wallet

For you to have it in mind to migrate the Rubi to your wallet shows that you have already been mining the Rubi, which the price of the Rubi Coin at the time of making this article is said to be equal to about $5.5 and you can see my previous article on How to Start Mining Rubi Network and Make Free $1020 Rubi Coins.

It may interest you that before you can successfully migrate Rubi to wallet, you must complete the task that was stated in this guide of KYC by Rubi and only then you can have a way to migrate Rubi to wallet easily. So my previous article on How to Complete Your Rubi KYC Updates with Few Minutes.

Steps on How to Migrate Rubi to Wallet

I will share with you the simple steps as a guide with image illustrations for you to easily move assets to your RUBI wallet. And see how easy it is to migrate Rubi to wallet these steps include;

1. Check Your KYC Status

Step one is to check your Know Your Customer status which is the KYC status. It is compulsory for any financial-related operation to make sure you have completed K.Y.C. and become a verified partner just like in the case of Rubi Network.

However, what is required of you to quickly finish your Rubi KYC, was adequately stated here for you. See How to Complete Your Rubi KYC Updates in 2 Minutes

2. Use the Mining Button

Step two is to access the Rubi Mining App home page and press on the “Mining” button – this will take you to the application’s resource statistics screen.

How to Migrate Rubi to Wallet

In the above image illustration, the green button indicates the various three steps to see while in the process of migrating your Rubi Coins to the wallet.

3. Select Statistics

Part of the steps is the third stage of selecting the “Statistics Menu” on the Rubi Mining App front page. This displays details of your mining journey and your team members.

The menu also shows you the verification status of your KYC update.

4. Select the Verified

Step 4 is to select the “verified” menu of the Rubi Mining App – this will display verified and moveable mining metrics for you and your team members. With this, you get more details about your team members

At this stage, you can see the migration button, for you to migrate Rubi to wallet.

5. Click on Migration

Here we go at step 5 on how to migrate Rubi to wallet. You are required at this stage to select the “Migration” action – this will move to the migration options screen. And you are required to perform a little confirmation task, which is step 6 below.

6. Drag the Slider

You are required at step 6 to Drag the slider by the way of select the number you will move, you can also see the total available number and moved number on this screen.

7. Click on Apply

Step 7: Click “apply” – this will create a move command from the mining archive to your Rubi wallet.

8. Check Migration History

Step 8 is the last step and is not necessarily a process on how to migrate Rubi to wallet, but the final step to all the aforementioned steps. Check Migration history: – On this screen, you can see your migration history

Note: As a mining network partner, you can freely move mined assets to your wallet according to your needs. The migration will take place immediately with no delay. You can also transfer to your wallet every day if you reach the minimum balance.

People are now serious about making a living out of Cryptocurrencies for free, Below are recommended mining Apps to join.

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