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How to Boost Your Satoshi Mining Rate Quickly in 24 Hours

I received a lot of messages from my group members on how to boost their Satoshi Mining rate so as to earn free more core as well as BTC. Right in this article, I will do justice to some of the tips that can aid quick mining rate on Satoshi coin as well as Pi coin.

Satoshi has done really great job by creating channels to earn faster while mining through the Satoshi App. There are up to 10 general ways to earn free Satoshi mining core. As most of these are tight to you recruiting miners to your Mining factory.

How to Boost Your Satoshi Mining Rate

As everyone, that mine on Satoshi App has up to 25 hours to receive their core in blocks to their core asset. The inability of you not to receive your core on time can lead to getting your mining suspended and this will surely affect how much you earn from the Satoshi mining App daily.

Satoshi mining App
Satoshi mining App

These are the easier ways to boost your Satoshi Mining Rate quickly within 24 Hours;

  • Recruit Miners
  • BTC Giveaway
  • Receive your mine block to core
  • Adding your Twitter handle
  • Contributing to MyHash
  • Adding your wallet (See How to Setup your Wallet and Get Free 30K)
  • Participating in the Giftcard and HashCard
  • Getting your 20% quickly on level 1 and level 2
  • Receiving BTC on New Miner every day

I will show you where and how to use these features to make your Satoshi mining rate boosted and earn more ahead of your friends who joined Satoshi BTCs alongside you.

How to Boost Your Satoshi Mining Rate

Recruit Miners

Imagine yourself being a Geologist and you need to mine mineral resources, like Gold, Diamond etc, you need workers and mechanisms that will make your task faster, quicker and easier

If you have read my previous article where I stated the benefit of recruiting miners, and how to recruit miners, I indicated where to locate your scan poster as well as the link that you can use to add users to your Mining factory as this is one of the top and important way to earn more free BTC coins through Satoshi mining app.

So if you seriously want to make money on crypto coins with Satoshi mining App then work on recruiting miners to your mining factory for absolutely free. A lot of benefits are attached to you recruiting mining for your Satoshi mining App

Benefits of recruiting miners

The truth of the matter is that information is life and with current economic and digital know-how, the online market is full already and everybody wants to make a sale, and one of the better ways to reach out to people is through links to invite, then why do you have to invite a friend to something that will not benefit them or yourself, then it is now the marketing strategy to give referral bonus to whoever gets a referral.

In this situation, the crypto world also needs to secure its system and as many people contribute to their security system through mining, which provides more security to the company and in return, you benefit from whoever you refer to their platform. This is simply called Networking, some people will unknowingly be claiming I can’t do networking business while in this modern world, networking is the fastest and easiest way to make money online.

BTC Giveaway

This is one of the free offers by the Satoshi mining App, you can participate in the Bitcoin giveaway also known as the BTC Giveaway. This is located on the mining page of the App. Click on it and participate directly.

You can only participate if you are able to recruit miners, the better part is that for one (1) recruited miner you get a free 100-vote chance and for two (2) miners in your factory you get a 200-vote chance on the BTC Giveaway and this how it goes on and on. You can see how important is for you to recruit miners for your benefit.

Watch the video below How to Participate and Claim your BTC Giveaway in the Satoshi Mining App

Receive your mine block to core

Satoshi mining occurs 10 minutes interval and gives you a block of a core that you need to move from the mining section to the appropriate place on the App, the duration to complete mining of 150 blocks is 25 hours, and your failure to receive the mined block will lead to suspension of mining and this will hinder your rate of Satoshi mining and even punished you will 10K Hash deduction on the Hash contribution.

In a simple example, if you have a building or store that can contain only 150 blocks, and you are requesting new blocks to be delivered, all you need in this instance is to use the previously mined block or pack it somewhere else for you to get in new stock. So always visit the App at least once in 24 hours to receive the mined block to the core so for you to be able to participate in mining new blocks.

If you refuse to receive the mined block the mining will be suspended and your contributed Hash will be decreased. I believe you will not like this. Talking of Hash, see below for the uses of Hash.

Contributing to MyHash

You can contribute to your Hash by recruiting miners, if you are able to recruit one (1) miner you get 10K Hast being contributed to the speed of how you mine.

What is Satoshi Hash? Hash in Satoshi is a reward you get for recruiting mining and it helps you to increase the speed of your mining. It improves the rate at which you mining

Hashrate is the computational measure of the power per second used when mining. More simply, it is the speed of mining. Hashrate is measured in units of hash/second, meaning how many calculations per second can be performed.

How to Earn more Hash?

  • By recruiting miners (you get 10K hash for every miner recruited to your mining factory)
  • If you follow the Satoshi Official Twitter handle from the Satoshi mining App you get a free 10K Hash
  • When you add your wallet to Satoshi App, you get a free 10K Hash (I recommend using Remitano) Why adding your wallet and you participate in the TestNet transfer transaction, you receive the Hash (once daily)

With Remitano you enjoy 40% as a reward for joining and using the platform for transactions.

Participating in the Giftcard and HashCard

Get yourself more BTC by participating on Giftcard and HashCard. The Hashcard exchanges, contribute to or help Satoshi system security, and speed and boost the Satoshi mining rate. While the rewards show on your “MyHash” section, the computational results are shown on the Hashrate.

Getting your 20% quickly on level 1 and level 2

Also if you recruit miners you also get a 20% reward from their Satoshi mining core as level 1 miners and a 10% reward as level 2 miners.

Now imagine how increases your mining rate will be if you have more level 1 miner and your level 1 miner also recruits more miners who will then be your level 2 miners. Their recruitment earns you more Hash which boosts your Satoshi mining rate as well as earns you more BTC.

Receiving BTC on New Miner every day

On a daily basis, Satoshi mining App rewards you with free BTC This is called New Miner Benefits which you can claim to your BTC Asset and withdraw to your local banks immediately (I recommend you use Remitano) All you need to do is to receive the BTC. Remember to always check every day to receive it it value could be 0.00000091 BTC

You can download the Satoshi Mining App and get free Core from the button link below and Remitano App

As I am rounding up on how to increase your Satoshi Mining rate, quickly in less than 24 hours. It is very important I share this little tip for you on how to open a wallet (MetaMask) that you will need to use for TestNet and get free 30K every 24 hours which will contribute to the increase in your mining rate. See details from this newly updated article on How to Setup MetaMask on Satoshi Testnet Now

How to Boost and Increase the Mining Rate of Pi coins

Pi Network is the coin to reckon with, as at the time of making this article up to half a billion is on the internet as publications on Pi Network, the platform is getting a lot of moment ahead of its being listed on the marketplace.

So many parts of the Asia continent have started transacting with the Pi coin already as work is ongoing on the migration of over a 45million + pioneers to MainNet

To this effect, Pi Network is adjusting the mining rate from the Pi Mining App every month starting from their communication in the month of March. The question is as a new Pioneers, how do you boost the mining rate of your Pi coin so as to be buoyant to be on the list of the successful and rich fellows on the Pi Network?

Pi Network listed more than 7 channels to boost the Pi mining rate.

Pi network mining coin

You can’t do it all alone and that is while I believe in the adage that said

if you want to walk fast walk alone but if you want to walk far walk together

Refer More People to your Pi Network

You need to refer people as Pi Network compensate you with boosted mining rate, the more people that mining through your referral link the more mine Pi you get on a daily basis. Imagine yourself alone getting 0.02 Pi per hour, then when are you going to be successful?

If you need more hands, make use of the available social media platforms to inform people of the Pi with your referral link. Start by adding your family members and see how improved your mining rate will be increased.

As you can see from the image above, the mining rate is decreasing month over month, this was a result of Pi moving to another phase of their project, which is being migrated from TestNet to MainNet and after which the Pi Coin should be listed on the coin list.

Add Pi Miners to your Security Circle

You can sense that for you to boost your Pi mining rate you just need to add friends and family to the Pi to boost the mining rate, but the difference here is that you don’t need to refer people, all you have to do is to use the Pi Network App to search for your contact that is on Pi coin mining App and add them all to your security circle. To do this;

  • See the Pi Network Image above, and locate where you can click on the Logo 100% from there you can add an existing Pi user (scroll to the bottom of the App and see where to SHARE CONTACT) do this as well to add from contact.

With this method, you get more boosted mining rate

If this work for you let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for following up with me.

Migrate to MainNet on Time

The earlier the better so they say, it will be nice for you to migrate and perform the Know Your Customer (KYC) on time if you don’t want to be left out of the Pi coin mining Network.

This gives you a greater chance to sell and transact when the Pi coin is listed on the marketplace.

Mine your Pi Coin Frequently

All worth doing, worth doing well, many of us are regretting missing out on Bitcoin when it was launched some years back and that is why we are now running to be part of the Satoshi Mining team and the Pi mining other platforms. The good news is that Pi will always notify you every 24 hours to mine your Pi. So do take that opportunity. The opportunity lost may not be gained back easily.

Lock Up your Pi coin

Do you know that by lockup some of your mined Pi coins, you will be rewarded by the Pi Network with up to a 400% mining boost rate? Check out the details of how to lock up your mining for 2 weeks, 6 months, 1 year and even for 3 years.

The longer the lockup period the more percentage of reward to earn and in return increase your Pi mining rate. So help yourself for Pi network to help you earn faster with the Pi mining lock-up features of the Pi Network App.

Start Mining through Pi Node

See in the video below how to mine on Pi Node

Hope you now understand what mining Pi coin through the Pi node is all about.

Pi Browser

Pi Network comes with an inbuilt Pi browser how frequent you use the browser the more Pi coin mining bonus you get. Also, read about the NetBox browser that gives free bitcoin for the usage

Boost Your Pi Mining Rate Quicker in 24 Hours

Here is the Pi Network Invitation Code (Kinfo) that will also earn you a free 1 Pi coin if you join and register for free. Use the download link below to start to join over 50 Million + happy people who have already joined the Pi Network and use the Pi Mining App once every 24 hours.

How to add a wallet to Satoshi Mining App with MetaMask

Go to Google Playstore to download the MetaMask wallet that will be linking to your Satoshi Mining App, park of the necessity for you to link your wallet to the Satoshi mining App is that it reward you with a free 10K Hash, and you still remember the benefit of gain more Hash to boost your mining rate.

Follow these simple steps to add a wallet to your Satoshi mining App with MetaMask.

  • After downloading the MetaMask App
  • Register by creating an Account
  • Safe the 12 phrases generated for you to log in

You are done with creating an account on MetaMask, now you need to add the account wallet to Satoshi mining App to do that see the below steps.

  • Open the MetaWallet App,
  • Click on the Menu
  • Click on Networks and then
  • Add Network

Input all these details on the form to fill as shown in the image above. Just copy and paste the info below.

  • Network Name: Satoshi Chain Testnet
  • RPC URL: https://rpc.test.btcs.network
  • Chain ID: 1115
  • Symbol: tBTCs
  • Block Explore URL: https://scan.test.btcs.network

You have then successfully created a wallet for the Satoshi mining App.

The next on adding of wallet to the Satoshi mining App and getting a free 10K Hash is to follow up and concentrate on these simple steps;

This to me is the final stage of satoshi mining adding up the wallet with MetaMask.

  • Now go and open the MetaMask wallet App,
  • Click on the tBTCs you just added,
  • what next is to create your tBTCs address with 1tBTCs

And to do that;

  • Open the URL on the MetaMask wallet App,
  • Then Click on the tBTCs you added,
  • Click on Receive and Copy your tBTCs address,
  • Next is to credit your tBTCs with 1tBTCs
  • Go to the browser (You will find the browser in the MetaMask Menu or use your phone browser) and enter the link https://scan.test.btcs.network/faucet. A space or dialogue box will open then paste in your copied receive tBTCs wallet
  • Paste the Receive tBTCs address onto it and
  • Click on Get tBTCs
  • Now go to your MetaMask wallet you will notice your created address has been credited with free 1tBTCs

To make this simpler for you watch the steps in the video below.

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Your shares and like really motivate and encourage us to provide you with this kind of rich and informative article. Please do Share (Sharing is Caring)

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