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3 Online Business with Zero investment that can earn you $300 in a month as a Student

This post is somehow special as it targets the youth about Online Business and what I meant by youths includes the categories of people who are either students or fresh graduates.

Also, this article Online Business that I will be sharing today will also be suitable for someone who is searching for a stable source of passive income.

I will be showing you how you can build an online business, practice it online as a student, how to make money online as a student, not only a student, but anyone who is looking for building a small business online to get some extra dollars, beyond borders, or maybe more, as much as you work per month as a student.

Also in this post is a video attached that gives you fully do follow steps that will serve as a guide and will show you an action plan and start right now.

So today’s action plan works perfectly if you follow carefully every step I will be explained, so please follow me to the end.

All this Online Business you’re going to start to apply it starting from today and you will build some strong online presence and as well make some extra income.

Stay tuned and follow up.

How to Start Online Business for Beginner

I’m so happy to publish this new article because I know how useful this will be to my audience. And because I am embedding a very useful video that will give you all you need to start a successful online business in a matter of days.

The question that will possibly come to people mind is what’s the idea behind this article and why it’s targeting students

Good, this is simply because this article is structured, in a way it started with the people who can’t invest too much time and can’t invest money.

So usually students don’t have money to invest, they have $0 to invest and they don’t have too much time because they are studying. So in this article that I embedded a thoughtful video guide, I will show you an action plan that requires working one or two hours per day, starting with $0.

At this point let’s stop wasting time and go directly toward explaining the action plan for you. But before please, just some patience. I have two important points for you for this article.

  • Number 1, Don’t forget to watch the video attached as the concept shared here will be absolutely clear with the video as well. The video is somehow short, it’s less than 15 minutes. But it’s very important to follow up step by step. The video was structured in a way it’s connected together to help you build a strong online business. So I’m not listing anything here I am connecting points together showing you an action plan. So please don’t miss any minute.
  • The second point is that in the video there is a special giveaway. And this giveaway was to motivate you as a beginner who wishes to start an online business, So if wish to get the giveaway then watch the video to the end.

Five people will be winning $200 cash from the video. If you want to join, watch the attached video as well. And please don’t forget to support this site by like and share this post with your friends

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Please for the first time I asked about sharing my post this was based on the value you will derive and what people will gain from this special article. So please share it with someone if you feel it will help your friend

Make Money by Starting Online Business

Starting to make money online may be so tricky if you don’t know the appropriate ways (legitimate ways) I have been duped online so many times but I have to keep my head low and search for the best. You will see in this post some examples of a friend’s online business, a lot of case studies, and so on, you can follow the blueprint if you wish.

Anyway, the idea today, I want to pick three methods, three strategies that I’m going to combine together. So you can build somehow a strong online business with three income streams. So we can start to make at least $200 to $300 per month, instead of using one of my approaches, then I will advise you to use the 3 methods I will be sharing.

3 Best Online Business For Student

Here I will suggest you go for the three strategies I will be sharing as going for only one method may not be a wise decision, as if one failed then the others will be a backup will surely lead to success. That is a business trick.

Try to pick the three so we can increase the chance of success in this business. Okay, so usually you want to work online or work from home or work on the internet even on your mobile phone.

There are a lot of methods like;

  • blogging
  • freelancing
  • SAS businesses,
  • YouTube channels
  • Instagram,
  • sponsorships,
  • building online shops,
  • drop shipping and drop services, we have a lot of strategies and methods.

As I told you, In this article, I targeted people who can’t invest a lot of time and can’t invest money. So you need to start your online business for free with $0. And we need to start with almost one or two hours a day as a maximum amount of time to work.

Okay, so what I picked for you to connect together in this article is 3 Best Online Business with little investment.

1. Freelancing.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

3. Blogging.

Please be careful and follow my lead. I will explain things and share some tips that really might help you to be successful in this online business.

So as the number one, is freelancing just for beginners who don’t know what is freelancing.

Whats is Freelancing

Freelancing simply means providing a service online. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can create logos, great graphics, whatever you want, draw something and provide this service online, maybe you are good at translation. So we can create a translation of events or text or whatever.

Maybe you are a programmer, you can develop maybe some games, develop websites, maybe they will have a WordPress website or whatever. Maybe you are a video animator, we can provide video animations, maybe you good in SEO, digital marketing, and provide marketing services, and so on.

So what you have to do now is to think about a skill or a service you can provide to help someone, you can go to websites like fiverr.com and other service providers with the top marketplace for freelancing services, you can go there and look over many categories like graphics and design and see all the services you can provide on Fiverr.com

You can see what you can do, you can take some ideas, these know marketing, like social media, like marketing strategies, content marketing, web analytics, writing, and translation.

You can make sales, like design, email marketing, copy case studies, you can do a lot of things writing ebooks, video, animation, music, and audio programming business lifestyle, They have a lot of ideas and services to provide on Fiverr.com And as a freelancer, what you are going to focus on first is to find some topics, some skills, some ideas that you can provide services.

And so this is your job, you have to sit down get a paper thought brainstorming, What can I do? What can I provide? What skills do I have? maybe you are going to learn a skill. So you have to get first, the skills and the services that you are going to provide whatever you are doing whatever you’re studying, whatever you are good at, and you can provide as a skill as a service on these websites.

Now, to get a better chance of getting some more clients, you can post your gigs and your services on websites like fiverr.com. To create the same gigs and the same services publish on multiple platforms to increase the percentage or to increase the chance to get more clients.

So what you are going to do now is to pick some gigs, some services, learn about freelancing more and publish your gigs on these websites fiverr.com then you get paid for the services provided,you can even get paid per hour.

Very nice. So this the first strategy you apply to publish your service and gigs on the above-mentioned websites. Okay, so the number one, is to pick the topics that you are going to provide services and whatever skills you have, think about what you can provide, a skill, or provide a service on those websites.

And if you can search for more on Google for Fiverr alternatives, publish on different websites, we can maybe get more and more clients. So that is number one.

Way to Make Money on the Internet (Online Business #2)

Now, the number two online business is about blogging. This is a second strategy, blogging.

What is Blogging

Blogging is to build a small website (blog) and provide some useful information for people to use. Just like in my case, I have my blog. Of course, I’m not asking you to build a blog like this advanced blog No, create a blog that will help you promote your services and later on promote affiliate links.

In this way, you are connecting three strategies together freelancing with the blogging, and later on as we will see affiliate marketing so we can get more and more revenue per month with these three income sources.

To create a free website or a blog, just visit a website called blogger.com and create a free blog, and now you can have a new blog, super simple. From there you can start to post new articles for people to read. And you can start writing small posts, whatever you want to write about, you can write but it’s better to pick a topic related to your services.

As an example, if you are a graphic designer, right about graphic design topics, right about maybe your experience in the university, in the college, whatever you are doing, right, something related to your services on Fiverr, or on the freelancing websites.

6 Free SEO Tools for WordPress Website

So in this way, you can connect blogging with freelancing. So what you are going to do is to create a blog published like five (5) to ten (10) articles per month as an example, it will be very good pride to link and promote your Fiverr gigs and your services from the blog at the same time, and you also need to link with affiliate marketing,

How to Start Online Business (Making Money as an Affiliate Marketing)

The question may be what is an Affiliate marketing

What an affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing simply is promoting products and services for someone else, and you will earn the commission. Let’s have an example. Here we have a service called canva.com. Canva, as a website allows you to create graphic designs, logos, banners, social media posts, it’s one of the top applications in this field.

In Canva, there is an affiliate program and it is also a way of starting your online business for absolutely free.

Online business on canva

In the below video you will be guided on how to sign up in order to show you how it works. Try to watch the full video below. So if you are providing freelancing services as a graphic designer, and writing about graphic design services, you can simply promote Canva. So in this way, you are linking everything together in affiliate marketing, with blogging, with a freelancing connecting things together. And then this way, you can build a strong online business.

The below video is to show you the roadmap, the action plan in 30 days, as the first week to publish your gigs. the following week, set up your posts and your blog and start writing articles. the third week is to find affiliate products and link back in your affiliate and your blog, the week number four to start getting traffic and so on.

Watch this below video

If you get value from this great article please like and share this post. I hope everyone succeeds with these 3 tips for starting an online business.

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