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See How to Setup MetaMask on Satoshi Testnet Now

Satoshi Core mining will end on mobile by the 12th of December this year, as a lot of people are just registering and knowing about this beautiful futuristic cryptocurrency called Satoshi Core, it is so important to share with you some of the ways to increase your mining rate, and one of the ways is to start setting up your Testnet and get more than 3000K Hashrate between now and to when the mining will stop.

It is already in the public domain that Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency in the year 2009. Since then Bitcoin has become unique and topped the chart of crypto coins in the market. And in the form of appreciating the founding father of Cryptocurrency, the Satoshi Core was named after Satoshi Nakamoto.

The benefit of Setting up your Satoshi TestNet on Metamask Wallet

Satoshi mining core
  • Setting up your Testnet reward you with 10,000 Hashrate everyday
  • You can start to get a free 3k Hashrate on Testnet
  • Performing Testnet boost and increases your mining rate on a daily basis
  • And most importantly, Testnet was created to familiarize yourself with how transactions can be carried out on Mainnet when it is eventually launched.
  • Testnet help to assure the safety of your mined core
  • It let you see how other crypto wallets work.

Talking about the crypto wallets, the notable and popular among them are Binance, Trust wallet, Gate.io, Coin base and the like. It may interest you to know that you can make free money by registering on some newly Crypto wallets that are trying to find their head up in the crypto world.

Automatically you will need a wallet to buy and sell, withdraw and deposit while transacting crypto coins, as it is imperative normal to have a bank account if you are into financial transactions. And you can create as many wallets as you wish, as those wallets have their own uniqueness. Below is the link to some wallet that rewards you with up to $30 to $40, as some as low as $1 to $2 for saying thank you on joining their platform.

List of Recommended Wallets that Reward with USDT dollars

Mara wallet
Wallets Name OffersRegistration Page
Mara Wallet(You can also join their contest and win up to $500 to $200) Register to joinMara.xyz
Gate.ioGet $30 Instantly (Plus $50 Give Away for Successful Registration)Gate.io/signup
SuperExEarn up to 40% rewards from each spot and futures transaction on SuperExhttps://app.superex.live/register
MetaWalletGet 5000 worth of MetaCoin.Metacoin-exchange.com
RemitanoGet a total of 40% reward on the trading fee, plus an extra 10% on your downline rewardshttps://remitano.net/gb/join/
HiGet free BTC and Giftcards, Plus Claiming of daily rewards hi.com

If you register and join Gate.io today before 11:59 PM you will get $100 Gate.io Points and $5,500 USDTest when you sign up with this link and trade https://www.gate.io/signup/

How to Set up Your Metamask on Satoshi Testnet

As all needed steps were provided on the Satoshi documentation page, some people are not getting it easily, but here is a simple and good guide for you to set up Core Testnet.

It is important to note that the word Testnet means you are doing it for testing purposes, while Mainnet is the real system. However, everything that is built on TestNet is only used for testing and please do not use it for real transactions.

Steps for Setting up Satoshi Core TestNet

  • You need to install a wallet to test on Core Chain TestNet. It is recommended by Core Team to use MetaMask.
  • You can go to Google PlayStore and install MetaMask

After you have installed the MetaMask, then add the Core TestNet

Once the wallet is set up, you can add Core Chain TestNet into network settings.

  • Open MetaMask, go to Settings->Networks and click the “Add Network” button:
  • Network Name: Core Chain TestNet
  • New RPC URL: https://rpc.test.btcs.network/
  • Chain ID: 1115
  • Currency Symbol: tCORE
  • Block Explorer URL: https://scan.test.btcs.network/
MetaMask set uo for Satoshi Core

You will now need to Fetch the tCore

Visit https://scan.test.btcs.network/faucet and fill in your address to get 1 tCORE. One address can only fetch 1 tCORE from the faucet each day. tCORE is only used for testing and it is without any value, please do not use it for real transactions.

After the faucet transaction is successfully saved in a block, you can check the balance change in the wallet.

Send tCORE

You can send tCORE to other addresses from MetaMask.

If you find this guide complex for you, I have a short video on how to set up your TestNet, so Watch the video below.

Watch this video for the guide on setting up your TestNet

It is important to remember that you need to start performing TestNet on your Satoshi Mining App every 24 hours to claim your free Hashrate.

So, you can also get a free Hashrate of up to 10K if you follow the Satoshi Official Twitter account. You will see how to claim both TestNet and Twitter on the button part of the Satoshi Mining App

Thank you for making it to this point, get the bonus article I created on How to Boost and Increase Your Satoshi Mining Rate Quickly in 24 Hours

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