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(OnlineShoppingMall.cc) How to Make Free $20 daily and $351 monthly

In this article, I will share with you how to make money on OnlineShoppingMall, and receive free $20 for completing your registration.

I will be sharing with you a code that will earn you $20 and how to can place a withdrawal, which will be discussed in the embedded short video below. Without delay, let’s start right away.

How to Make Money on OnlineShoppingMall.cc

OnlineShoppingMall.cc is the best online platform to make money and one the rare site that gives a sign-up bonus of $20 dollars for absolutely free.

I am going to share with you a live withdrawal of earned money per day from this wonderful website that enables people to make money online being a beginner or expert in the online space.

All you need are;

Make Money on OnlineShoppingMall.cc with $20 registration bonus
  • Start you free registration on https://onlineshoppingmall.cc
  • Working email address
  • Create your password
  • your invitation code, (to earn you free $20) use the code 0616421

Congratulation, your registration details are complete. Then on the screen, you will see your free 20USDT directly.

How to Withdraw Your 20USDT

To withdraw the free $20, you will be required to perform some task, which to me is the simplest task to earn you much more money daily. And after the task, you will be able to withdraw the $20 and even more directly to your wallet.


On the screen, after you might have completed your registration and use the code 0616421 to earn your free bonus. You will see a lot of tasks and the amount to earn per task, just like the Brad App. All you need to do is to pick your preferred task and earn.

What is required to complete a task on OnlineShoppingMall.cc?

You will be required to subscribe to your preferred task which is about 9 in number and pay as little as $30, but don’t worry, you are not going to pay since you are having a bonus of $20 already, I will share this article with you where you get free money of up to $130 to pay the subscription fee of about $10 and withdraw you remain balance to your wallet. Is that not interesting?

Check the list of my recommended wallet to get free money.

All level offers two (2) tasks, and per task, you can earn from $2 to about $36 daily and more than $3000 monthly. You can as well see how a task is been completed in the short video below. Don’t forget to check the link above to get free money that you will use to start a task on the OnlineShoppingMall.cc platform.

In the below video is a full illustration of how to complete a task, unlock a task and make your daily earnings, in a simple form.

Watch the video to guide you on how to complete your daily task

Watch the video to see how to complete your task

Use the link and code below to complete your registration.

As I earlier say that OnlineShoppingMall.cc requires you to invest some amount to earn, but if you follow my lead as recommended above, you can quickly earn more than $100 from this page, on How to Make Money to your wallet and invest just the $10 from what you might have earned on that page then you need a start to complete your daily two (2) tasks on OnlineShoppingMall.cc and just pocket your remain balance.

How to Make Your Withdrawal on OnlineShoppingMall.cc

To make a withdrawal you will need to have a wallet, crypto coins wallet, as you can use anyone you have, as I will recommend opening any of the below wallets for free and enjoying the scintillating bonus package that comes along with them.

OnlineShoppingMall.cc allows you to withdraw on a daily basis, as you can use any of the wallets you wish to make your withdrawal. Also, check in the video above to see how to initiate your withdrawal on OnlineShoppingMall.cc and get it to your wallet or even directly into your bank.

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