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How to Make Money on Brad Platform and 5 New App

Ever since people have been making huge amounts of income (money) with Brad Platform, there is a sudden drop in people using Brad App to make money nowadays. The reason for this drastic effect can not be far-fetched. This could be a result of many other platforms to make money online serving as alternatives to Brad Platform.

In this article, I will be sharing with you the best alternative ways to make money online without you investing any money with little or insignificant time of fewer than 3 seconds per day.

5 Best Alternatives to Brad Platform Online

Brad Platform is the best way to make money as people are currently on the verge of searching for means of making a living online. See how I make more than N14,000 ($58) within a day on Brad App

As I am not here today to discuss on Brad Platform, I will quickly dive into the alternative means to earn a living and even become a millionaire in a short time with little or no effort, let me also remind you that with no money investment. You can see my article on How to Become a Millionaire with Sidra Bank the First Digital Currency from the Far East.

Sidra Bank the Brad Platform Alternative

The First on my list of alternatives to the Brad App Platform is Satoshi

Satoshi Core Miner.

By the middle of December this year, Satoshi Core will be listed on the MarketCap and all their miners will become financially independent, as it may be very difficult to earn 1 Satoshi Core, if you are able to mine at least 5 Satoshi, then you are as rich as a person that got just 1 Bitcoin. You can imagine what the price of Bitcoin is today.

I will share will recommend you join the Satoshi Miner Team today for free and be financially okay. While joining the Satoshi platform is free, you need to get the mining App which I share with you in this article. Also, you can download the App on the play store. Regrettable iPhone users can not participate as the App is only available for Android users only.

You can download the APK file of the Satoshi App or use the Google PlayStore link page below to Download the App for free

As December 12 this year was slated to end the Satoshi Miner recruitment, you can quickly join and start mining the SATOSHI CORE and achieve your rich life dream in the nearest time soon. As part of my generosity for you to make it in life, here is for you to boost your mining rate. See my article on How to Boost Your Satoshi Mining Rate Quickly in 24 Hours.

To Register as Miner on Satoshi

  1. Download the Satoshi App
  2. Register with a working email
  3. Use a password you will remember easily
  4. verify your email
  5. Do the KYC (Know Your Customer) i.e Face verification

Congratulations you are then a miner and start to earn every 24 hours of the week.

The second alternative on my list to Brad Platform is Richnatum


Ricnatum is the cryptocurrency that belongs to the Rich Continents Universe and is used in the universe. The coin is currently in the CoinMarketCap for people to buy and sell as well as SWAP in the market. But that is not my reason for making this article. I will share with you how to start making your own Ricnatum for free and selling it whenever you wish.

The good thing about cryptocurrencies is the volatility, and the ability for the coin or currency to become very valuable and make you rich suddenly. And that is why I am recommending you start mining the Ricnatum currency for free.

How to join Rich Continents and Start Making Free Ricnatum

  • Register for the Ricnatum
  • Use a working email
  • Verify your details and all the normal things
  • Congratulations you can start to mine every 24 hours

You can download the Rich Continents Mining App below. It will normally ask for your invitation code to join the Rich Continents World. I will also share their code for you to complete your registration and start making money.

Use the code V57UrfscZ6 while completing your registration.

Another great alternative to make money along Brad platform is Shiba Inu Coin

Shiba Inu Coin

Shiba Inu is the coin you can join if you are not willing to be committed to Brad Platform. The Shiba coin is one of the old coins right now in the market. The good part is that you too can start mining it right away after this article, as I will be sharing the link to the mining App with you.

I discussed extensively in my article The Best 5 Mining Apps to Start for free Today. See the full right up and say bye-bye to poverty. The Remitano Alternative Apps to Make Free Crypto coins

How to Start Mining Shiba Inu Coin for Free

  • If you join the Shiba mining team you get free 1 Shiba coin free. (use the code this 8-digit code (18353096))
  • You mine at +4.0 Shiba/hour
  • Get a free reward every 90 minutes (Up to 50 free Shiba coins)
  • Mine twice within 24 hours (12 hours mining interval)
  • Get an extra 1 Shiba coin for every miner that joins through you


Maldorini is the best alternative means of making money just like Brad Platform. Maldorini is a mining App and quite different to Brad Platform.

Maldorini comes with the most simple and fine interface and the task on its page is only to mine and see your earnings.

To Register for free on Maldorini Mining Networking

You can visit download the Android version of Maldorini and the iOS version of Maldorini below.

Maldorini Network as a Team platform allows you to earn free Maldo [MLD]through a unique code, to start free mining, you this generate code during your registration Mu92207074Se you can just copy and paste the code while doing your registration.

Use the code Mu92207074Se to complete your registration and start mining Maldorini.

At the time people are seeking for Brad Platform alternative, you can join over 104 million users of the Bondex App.

Bondex Token

Bondex App is all in one App for searching for real and white-collar jobs. It allows you to fill in your details with them and at the end share them with lovely jobs that are suitable to your curriculum vitae.

As a means of making fast money online, you can join the talent revolution! Bondex is the largest Web 3 professional network in the world. Jumpstart your professional career while you earn BNDX tokens for building your profile, inviting friends, and logging in every 24 hours.

How to join Bondex and Make Money

To me, Bondex looks much more mature and professional than all Brad Platform and I will advise you to join all the above-mentioned Brad Platform.

Bondex may require you to insert an invitation code to join their platform, just make use of CIV9V

Just like other Brad Platform, Bondex Token is called BNDX, and is the native currency, governance and utility token that is powering their professional network.

While I love Bondex Token are the Benefit that comes along it

  • Earn tokens for adding value to the network
  • Stake your tokens in a liquidity pool and earn a yield
  • Stake tokens to get higher visibility as talent and enterprise

You can register and join the Bondex Token, and start to make steady, money right away.

It is very important to watch the immediate video below for you to perfectly verify your account.

What to gain from this video are the crucial things that most people are having difficulties doing, from being unable to activate their Satoshi account. So see;


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