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How to make your first $1 Online | No skill, No website required (Video)

On today’s reactional video of OnlineHustleTV, I will be sharing with beginners who wish to make money online, through their phones, laptop on How to make your first $1 Online. They are numerous channels of making money from home in this digital age. While there are so many fake ways out there, I can assure you that there are many more legitimate ways to make money for free as well.

In this post, I will be sharing with you a website that gives you the opportunity to make money through them without you having any special skills, nor requires having your own website.

This is an absolutely free way on how to make your first $1 online and if you mean business you can make more than $5 within a few minutes.

How to make your first $1 Online

How to make your first $1 Online

To keep the ball rolling, there is a website called Picoworkers. Picoworkers is a website for freelancers who wish to make money working from home. The fantastic part of this is that it works for everyone and for all countries and get paid in your account.

If you stay tuned to the end of this article and get tips on how to open an account and get paid for your work done and earnings

As a beginner how to make your first $1 online with Picoworkers

There are (2) two channels of making money online from this website Picoworkers, but as a beginner who wishes to make their first dollar online, then below are the best and easiest ways to make money from this website for free, without special skills nor having to get a personal website.

  • Take a survey
  • Write an honest review
  • Test an app
  • Write an article

Four ways to Make Money with Picoworkers

Taking a survey: This task allows you to earn money by answering some questions and with a survey, you can make up to $5 in a few minutes.

Giving an honest review: you as well make a lot of money and this is another way on how to make your first $1 online. The task for you is to give an honest review on a video, product, website and you get full pay for just doing that.

Testing an App: another fun feels way to make money online is to help Application developers test their product before they will launch it for the general public. This task is simple and can earn you up to $100 for helping people to test their App.

Writing article: do you know that you can as well start on how to make your first $1 online for writing an article for someone? Then register for free on Picoworkers for free and get more than $200 for writing articles for publishers who are ready to pay for your task

What Business to Promote on Picoworkers

Meanwhile, to cover all the opportunities on this website Picoworkers, if you are a business owner you can get yourself people who get pay for working with your brand.

  • People can work for you to make short video, edit video, format your video and so on. This you get them work for you at a very cheap price.
  • You can pay people to help you share your product on their social platform, and reach more people
  • There are freelancers who can edit photos for you and you get them pay
  • Are you searching for expert in the cryto world, then at Pico you get freelancers who work for your need

Before I continue at this junction, don’t forget to share this post with your loved ones who may like to start making money from home with their phones and laptop.

By sharing this kind of article with them you are help people out there as well. Also, see my latest articles on how to get free browsing that works for browsing and downloading at high speed. Read more here

Another way on how to make your first $1 online with Picoworkers is the affiliate program that earns you $5 for every people that join Picoworkers through you. This is optional but it is another channel to make more money with them.

Important Note on how to make your first $1 online

On getting paid to your bank, PayPal, Skrill, Cryptocurrencies, Spendable Balance, AirTM and other channels on how to make your first $1 online with this platform.

To get paid I will advise you to watch the below video as it covers all that you need to do in setting your payment wallet. Below this video is also some of their dos and doesn’t that can lead to your account been banned if you violate their terms

Some of the terms and conditions of Picoworkers to know on your way on how to make your first $1 online.

A guide to getting you started working or posting jobs properly (how to make your first $1 online)

To submit proper proofs and get paid fairly you need to watch the above video from start to end.

  • Submit clean and correct proofs only. Carefully read the job description and required proofs. The employer has given you specific instructions, as long as you submit exactly what the employer asks for as proofs you will be paid. Do not risk your proofs being marked as SPAM and your account being closed.
  • Do not submit the same proof for multiple job tasks.
  • Do not use Proxy or VPN. Your account will be closed.
  • Do not create multiple accounts. All your accounts will be closed.
  • Do not submit one or two word responses which do not demonstrate you have completed the task. For example, do not say “yes” “done” “finished” “I have screenshot” These responses are not proof you did the work and they waste the time of administrators and employers. These proofs are marked as SPAM and count against your success rate.
  • Do not write the following or similar phrases in your proofs: “Hi, I have finished this task, here are my proofs.” The employer already knows what proofs he asked for. There is no need to repeat. Only write what is asked for. These proofs are marked as SPAM and count against your success rate.

Remember if you do not understand a task, can’t complete a task, or even if you encounter an error, it’s better to not submit incomplete proof.

I hope you have gained from this article on how to make your first $1 online, and if you leverage your time you can make more than $200 in less than 24 hours on Picoworkers

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