How to get 40GB MTN4me Free Data & Airtel Free 20GB Data Offers

MTN4me Free Data is not a cheat but bonus centric package from MTN. Meanwhile, I will share with you how to get free data or double data on all your MTN SIMs.

In one of my write up on how to get up to 24GB of data on MTN, here in this post is a follow-up to this post.

And as previously stated this data package is not totally new but it comes with its own uniqueness and that is bumper data and double data for a little insignificant price, compared to the data plans that we get for that same price before now.

Getting 75GB & 40GB MTN4ME Free Data

If you have not been using this plan, then I will assume you are missing a lot so far. All you need is to check for your sim eligibility and that is all.

Confirm on many SIMs as much as you can so as to get multiple bonuses to use based on your need. For quick confirmation and activation of the MTN4Me then check Cheap Data Code here by reading more

MTN4ME Free Data

All these MTN Cheap Data Code bundles come with a 30days expiration period.

MTN4ME Free Data

What is free on this plan is that it gives you double Data from your subscriptions, meaning from Glo, N5000 Data gives you 18GB, Airtel normal data gives 20GB for N5000 as well as by dialing *131# on MTN gives 20GB for same N5000. I believed that was their standard quote. Meanwhile, if you go by MTN4ME then you get more data for the same price (free double data) and even far much cheap data.

Airtel Data Offer

Airtel users also can now benefit from the Airtel Data Offer a more double data bundle for the same old price. People can now get 40GB of data for N5000.

Instead of getting 20GB for N5000, you get double the value.

To Get Airtel Data Offer (Double Data)

  • dial *141#

Another benefit that surfaces from most network providers, most especially Airtel and MTN is their free Night YouTube Data for streaming.

I believe this will be useful to many as you get up to 4GB of free YouTube data on MTN to be used between 11 pm to 6 am every day depending on your data bundle expiration date.

How to share your MTN4ME Free Data

I called it MTN4me free data because I enjoy more data inform of double data for the same money. MTN always separates the data bundle as a bonus and main data whenever you check the data balance with *131*4#

What I truly appreciate with MTN data is that you have first been charged from your bonus data balance and after you might have exhausted the bonus data you will then be charged from the main data balance

The good news here is that as you are busing using the bonus data (for instance you purchased N5000 data for 20GB, and get a free extra 20GB bonus), you will have your main data intact and you can share the main data to your friends and family.

Like in my own case, I sell the main data to people and recur my money back and still used the money to purchase another data while I am only using my bonus to stream the live football matches, download, surf the internet, etc.

MTN4ME Free Data

To transfer MTN data to your friends and family you just dial *131*7*1# to enjoy this double data that I called MTN4me Free Data based on my little explanation dial *121# you will be prompt with options and select Data offer for me or Top Data offer

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