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How to Create Website for Free in Less Than 20 Minutes

You are going to learn with me how to create website for free with both free hosting and a domain name. This article is the continuation of part one of creating website in less than 10 minutes. What makes this article more unique is that it is all about you having to create a website for free.

As stated in the previous article you need two main items to create a website of your choice, this includes hosting and domain. Don’t worry these are common terms in website development. While, if you are interested in knowing what the terms mean, then check here

How to Create Website


Now that you are familiar with the terms Hosting and Domain, these are essential for creating a website for blogging, and businesses among other things. And here is how to do that for free.

It is absolutely possible to have a free and functioning professional website either for your personal use, E-commerce, companies oriented website, entertainment blog site, forum or whatever you love creating.

How to Create Website for Free

To pick a nice website name and to see if other people have not picked or used the name before, then there are website domain registrars were to check the website name for free. This is necessary so as to confirm if you can start to have such a name as your website name (and then no one can use such a name except you alone).

At a glance, how to create website

Here is a summary of part one of this article;

  • 1). I explained how to pick from the best hosting companies such as
WebHostingPadLiquid Web

What these above hosting companies offer in common include;

  • Free 1year Domain name
  • Free SSL
  • 24hours Live Support
  • Free Domain Privacy
  • Free website setup, and much more
  • 2). I show with video illustration how to install your WordPress for free
  • 3). I stated the functions of some plugins, as I recommended some useful plugins needed for a website

With all these being said, I want to focus on how to create website for free

Creating website for Free

Step I on How to create website for Free

To launch a free website we need a hosting company, but here we are going with a free hosting company and that is Profreehost

How to create website for free with Profreehost
How to create website with profreehost

Start to create your free account with Profreehost and get other benefits like (Powerful Servers, One-Click Installation, and Branded Emails) among others.

Step II on How to create website for Free

Before I proceed to the Step II on How to create website for Free, I will advice you start along with me to create your website right away.

since all the steps needed are simple and free to follow by. Statistics shows that many people procastinate while at the end they will be overwhemed with the steps to follow and achieve nothing, even after humping from one blog site to another reading on how to create website for themselve

Now back to business for the second step. Once you have created your free hosting account you can then install and startup your WordPress this is also free. For help see the video below on how to install and set up your free website

Watch how to Install your WordPress in the video below

Watch the video on how to create a website for free step by steps for beginner

In the above video you also learn how to;

  • Choose a design for your website
  • import readymade design for your created website
  • Install plugins
  • How to create a website pages
  • creating images on your website
  • And how to start publishing online for everyone to access your website contents
How to create a free website (step by step for beginner)

Using WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS) offers you the top-notch benefit as this platform is the overall best platform for managing websites in the world with over 47% of website owners using WordPress.

Benefits of Using WordPress include

  • Creating a website without coding or having any programming skill
  • WordPress is free to use
  • Easy to install

Step III on How to create website for Free

In the 3rd stage of the article topic How to create website is to change the long domain name to a smaller and more precise type that you like. To get that done watch the above video above or complete the process from the table below.

How to Change your Website Name (Domain Name) for Free

Choosing a cute and nice domain name is very essential in creating a website, for the free hosting you need a domain (a domain name is the website name) it is your brand name and what people know you to be as a website owner and that is why you need to search and come with the great website name that is compelling for people to associate with.

You can check for the availability of your chosen domain name from this domain registrars below

Have a dream domain name in mind for your brand? Search for it nowCheck for your perfect domain name here
Search ____________for it nowCheck __________Here

Bonus Article for you below

How to Make Your Website Load Fast with Ezoic

They are tones of millions of websites on the internet and what will make your own stand among its competitor are many, this include among others

  • Quality content your site provides
  • How fast is your website loading
  • Is the website easy to navigate
  • Its is beautify

I will share here with you the top secrets of how many websites load faster, this is because they use the right plugin and since websites were built up with HTML, CSS and Javascript they tend to load a site slowly and this is when Ezoic LEAP comes to play and you get the best site speed for your website.

How Ezoic LEAP Make Your Website Load Faster

Ezoic Leap is a free platform that provides everything from optimization features to diagnostics of your websites to make them load fast and pass Core Web Vitals.

With Ezoic Leap you will not need some cache, or optimize plugins any longer and that is even one way to make your website load faster.

You can sign up on Ezoic Leap for free now and make your website load faster and make your site visitors have a good experience.

Leap is 100% free

What are the Benefits of Ezoic?

  • Site Speed, making your website load faster
  • Ezoic monetization with Ezoic Ad, you get Advert displayed on the website (and start to make money online with your website)
  • Ezoic Free website hosting
  • SEO
  • Privacy
  • Video Player Hosting and Video Ad
  • Analytics
  • And much more for free.

I hope you gain and have started strategies on how to create website for free right away.

If you follow my steps it will take you less than 20 minutes to create a website for yourself and monetize it with Ezoic monetization or popularly called Ezoic Ad

If you get any value from this article on how to create a website for free, consider liking and sharing this with your friends and family.

Your Likes and Shares will assist more people out there and this motivates and encourages us to serve you better.

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