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Best Free App to Make Money (How to Make $500 Daily)

This article is about the tip of a Free App to Make Money Online within a day. Numerous Free App to make money online from home are now available for people to earn money up to $500.

All you have to do is make money from this free App to Make Money and send it to your wallet or to your preferred bank

Best Free App to Make Money

As Cryptocurrency have been the order of the day, this creates a new opportunity to make money through some best free app to make money with your phone and this list and how to make money with your phone online will be adequately dealt with below.

1. Neptune Network

Here is a top Secret on How to Make Free Money $500 on Neptune in 2 Minutes. Neptune Network is a new free app to make money with your phone.

How to Claim Your $500 on Neptune Network

You can start to get the best of this free app to make money by downloading the Neptune App on its official web page www.neptune.bet Click on the Android apk for download and ignore the risk warning message and download anyway.

After the successful installation, click on the Create Wallet option then you can generate the private key (do copy and save your private key to a safe place) as you need it very soon

Now what is next and how do you make free $500?

Do follow the next steps to be able to claim your own free $500

  1. On the Neptune Network App, click on the menu My that is below your screen
  2. Tap on Invite friends
  3. Copy and paste the code h5uC7W and then click on bind on the screen
  4. You will be credited with a free $500

If you follow the above four (4) steps and copy and paste the code h5uC7W, then go back to the home page to refresh your screen to see the $500 on your account

How to Withdraw your $500 is also explained in the video below; watch the short video for steps on how to make the withdrawals

2. Biswift Crypto

Biswift is a very popular wallet that now launched its own airdrop, but the good news is that you can start to claim money as this is listed on the Best Free App to Make Money on the web.

How to Make Money Claiming Free Biswift Crypto worth $50,000

As part of the way to motivate their App users, Biswift is rewarding people with their $50,000 cash giveaway on their leaderboard. To claim yours;

  • Visit www.biswift.com to download the App
  • Copy the display code as you will need it below
  • Download your phone OS version of the app
  • Install and insert the code Q9EB92GMNZN2

Now click on Claim the $BSF and see how your reward can be claimed daily for free. Biswift is a very reliable and best free app to make money online due to its time on the cryptocurrency market with a reputation built already.

3. Horizonnft

HorizonNFT is the Best Free App to Make Money and earn up to $200 as a reward for every user just for performing daily tasks. I will share below the code to earn you the $200 in this article.

Benefits to get from Horizonnft as a free app to make money online include;

  1. Free to join as a free app to make money daily
  2. Withdraw your earnings every day
  3. Use any of your preferred payment wallets
  4. Use an invite code during your free sign-up to get $200 (See below for the invite code)
  5. Ability to earn more than $3450 to $9450 daily with instant money withdraw
  6. Withdrawal earnings that hit your account in less than 5 minutes

These and many more are the benefits to get from Horizonnft a Free App to Make Money with Quickly withdrawal Online.

How to Make Free and Quick $200 on Horizonnft

As I promised you earlier I will share with you my invitation code that will earn you your first $200 instantly while completing your free registration.

Steps to follow and get the $200

  1. Start the free Sign-up by visiting www.horizonnft.net
  2. Start the registration by entering your details
  3. Copy and paste the invitation code 366813 and get the free $200

How to Complete the task and make up to $170 every day for 365 days or more.

You are required to perform the daily task and earn what you are able to make daily. I will advise you to make your withdrawal to your safe wallet daily from this Make Money App as this is just my kind advice.

How to Perform the Daily Task on Horizonnft

  1. Click on VIP to pick any level of task you want to perform. Note that the higher the VIP level the more money you make and withdraw daily
  2. Then go to Mission to complete the task
  3. Now make your withdraw

All the 10 VIP Levels and what to earn daily range from.

Free App to Make Money

How to Make Your Withdrawal to the Wallet

1: You can only use USDT currency for deposit investment and choose the TRC20 network.

2: The usage period of each VIP level is 365 days.

3: New tasks are updated every day at 00:00 US time, and you can get rewards by completing merchant orders every day.

4: You can withdraw money only once a day, you can withdraw it at any time, there is no time limit, 1-5 minutes withdrawal, 0 withdrawal fee, minimum withdrawal amount: of 1.7 USDT, and no upper limit. 

See below the full guide on how to complete your daily task and make your withdrawal to your preferred wallet within 1 – 5 minutes daily

In the short video, you also see how to get use of your $200 immediately. Happy watching. Remember to use the code all you have to do is copy and paste the invitation code 366813 and get the free $200

You will need a Cryptocurrency wallet and these are the recommended 7 Best Crypto Wallet to Gift you Upto $100 for Free Sign-up

4. Surveyflix

Surveyflix is a trusted Free App to Make Money the uniqueness of Surveyflix makes it one of the leading Apps that is being downloaded online, having a rating of 4.6/5.0 user satisfaction rate.

How to Sign up on Surveyflix for free on your phone and join the smart guys who make quick money online. With Surveyflix you make quick money online based on how much you wish to make. See below the calculation on how to earn $100 daily.

  1. With Surveyflix you will make a quick $1.5 within 20 minutes
  2. In 1 hour you get 60 minutes and from number one above, you will be making close to $5 every hour.
  3. Now if you do this within 24 hours, then it will be
  4. Making $5 in 24 hours will be equal to $120 daily

The first step is to create a Surveyflix account on surveyflix.org their official website. Then enter your email and phone number as well as your preferred password. Check your Email for email verification.

How to Login to Your Surveyflix

As simple as the Surveyflix Signup seems to be, the stage that will determine if you will be making quick and legitimate money online from Surveyflix is the login interface. So please follow all my step-by-step guides very well.

  1. On the login page, enter your details such as the name
  2. Input your Date of Birth D.O.B (But you have to put the DOB that is above 30 days) even if you are not up to the age. This is only how you can make up to Make Quick Money $100 daily.
  3. Pick your Gender
  4. For your education (You need to pick undergraduate and above) but the best for you is to pick any others like a Master’s holder even if you are not yet a graduate. All these are what make you qualify for the good paying tasks
  5. On the employment: don’t select anything other than you have been employed
  6. Your marital status should be married even if you are still single
  7. And number of kids should be at least two (2)
  8. Select your colour based on your country’s colour complexions, e.g Africans are black

If you follow the above correctly that is when you will get the best-paying task that you can perform and earn up to $5 within an hour.

You can join my WhatsApp group to get the latest updates on the best available tasks to perform and other ways to make money on your phone for free. If you join the group I can be able to inform you fast on a task that is performing great before others fill up, this is a bonus for you if you join the WhatsApp group.

Join the SurveyFlix Update WhatsApp Group

You can watch the below video as a guide on how to make your withdrawals on Surveyflix

  • The below video is a guide to making your withdrawal on Surveyflix
  • And how to start the task that will earn you money

If you find this article useful on the Best Free App to Make Money Online, please Like and share this for other people to benefit. Make use of the social link below to share and if you have a comment, leave that in the comment box below as I will respond to all your comments

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