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Bee Network KYC (See How to Complete in 2-Minutes)

Bee Network KYC is now open for up to 100k miners every week, in this article, I will open your eyes to how to complete your Bee Network KYC Verification process in just 3 steps within 2 minutes of your time.

When you complete your Bee Network KYC with these steps to be shared below, then you are on your way to the withdrawal of your mined Bee Network Coins.

How to Complete Your Bee Network KYC

Just like the recent Rubi Coin KYC Produre and the most talked about Omega Network KYC process, there are many mining airdrop apps with almost the same requirement for their KYC procedure.

As a financial-related mining app, Bee Network will request some of your personal details, which is not limited to at least two of your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Telegram, Instagram and Medium platform and means of identification be it national identity or international passport.

Bee Network KYC

Steps to Follow in Completing Bee Network KYC

There are procedures to follow if you want to pass the Bee Network KYC, and part of it is to have been mining the Bee Network Coin or start to mine the airdrop with free gift for mining the Bee Network. Below is how to start mining Bee Network and what is the gift that comes with the free sign-up for the Bee Network.

How to sign up for Bee Network Coin Mining

  1. You can download the Bee Network from its official website https://j.bee.com
  2. If you join by invitation and then you earn Bee for a bigger fortune with one click
  3. By using my invitation code to join, you get 1 Bee for free: the invitation code is kinfo.
  4. Note that Bee Network is the world’s largest web3 interactive platform.

The question can be What is the value of 1 bee network? the value of Bee will be revealed during its listing on the Cryptocurrency market, as Bee Network is at the airdrop currently. See the New 5 Best Airdrops to Make You Money as a Miner.

1. Update Your Bee Network

The first step to take if you want to successfully complete your Bee Network KYC is to go to either the Play Store or Apple Store to update the legit Bee Network to the latest edition.

This will enable the Bee Network KYC Verification page to open for you. If you are still using the old version of the Bee Network then it tells you to visit back and that the KYC is not yet open. So in simple terms, update your Bee Network Mining App for the Bee Network KYC Verification to be possible instantly.

2. Follow Bee Network on Its Social Platform

Part of the Bee Network KYC Verification prerequisite is to follow their social network platforms, and majorly recommended is Bee Network’s X handle, and at least one other. This can be Bee Network Telegram, Facebook Page Like and Discord among their social media platform.

The reason Bee Network gave for you to follow them on their social platform what said to be for verification of identity, but to me it is more than that. I believe it is to build their social media platform communities.

How to follow Bee Network on Social Media

  1. Login to the Bee Network App
  2. On the down menu of the Bee Network, click on Profile Menu
  3. In the Profile Menu, you will see the caption Follow us on Social Media
  4. You can follow as many as you like but the minimum social platform to follow is at least two (2)

3. Do the KYC Verification

The next step is to click on the profile as shown in the image illustration above. Click on the KYC Verification if you have successfully completed the step one and two above.

This will lead you to where you are required to input your document details. If it is your Passport to use for the Bee Network KYV Verification process, then you will input your;

  1. Your name and the
  2. Passport number

4. Upload Your Document

At this stage, which is the last step in the Bee Network KYC Verification process is to upload your document, which is either your national identity or the international passport.

  • You are to upload a full photo of your ID card
  • Fill in to ensure that all details in the uploaded image are clearly legible and
  • Ensure that your certificate is original and within the validity period
  • An expired ID Card will not pass the Bee Network KYC Verification process

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