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Glim Network How to Make Free Dollars daily

Glim Network is a massive platform just like Remitano RENEC this was created to launch the token ($GLIM) and allow people to earn free dollars daily.

What is Glim Network?

Glim Network was funded in 2022 to be a leading cryptocurrency exchange, with features focusing on altcoin trading. Glim offers crypto-to-crypto trading in more than 600 cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and its own token Glim Coin ($Glim)
Understanding the Glim Network

How to Make Money with Glim Network

Apart from trading Cryptocurrencies on the Glim App, another notable and wonderful project on the platform is the avenue to make only through an airdrop.

Glim Network

The Glim platform is designed to allow you to claim an airdrop of their base token called (GLIM), which can be exchanged for real money. The claimed GLIM can now be used for trading or swapped for USDT, making it simple for investors to buy and sell tokens.

What is the Glim Network’s listing price?

The Glim Network token launched price was $0.35 and its value will increase over time. One of the best deals of Glim Network is that you can start to accumulate free GLIM tokens right away, all you have to do is to follow the registration link below and register with your email and earn the token on two primary sources.

See the two primary sources of earning on the Glim App here.

4 Benefits of using Glim Network for Beginners


You can easily claim our tokens at predetermined times, and you can earn tokens by claiming or referring others without any hassle. Join us right now.

Crypto swap

You’ll be able to perform swaps between crypto-currencies without leaving any traces or revealing your identity.


Staking is the term used for locking up some of your tokens for a period of time and getting commissions in return. Glim Network has one of the best staking systems here, and whether you’re new or experienced stakers, you’ll undoubtedly profit from it.

Crypto wallet

With Glim Wallet you’ll have full access to the multi-crypto wallet, which lets you manage your assets safely and efficiently.

Crypto wallet App

When is the Glim Network Launched

As I pointed out in the first paragraph of my introduction, Glim correctly follows Remitano with just a year road map, even though Remitano is now launched, you can still join them and earn free RENEC coins daily. To start making money on Remitano check this page out.

Glim token coin Road Map

The claim and earn of Glim token starts in June – August 2022 and will end by Feb – March 2023. The process of development, how it was carried out, and where Glim headed in its project till July 2023. In short term, the launch is in Feb – March 2023.

Watch the stages of the Glim Network tokens road map

Glim App Road map at a glance

June – August 2022 Team assemble and more
  • Glim starts the generation and growth of groups of teams,
  • Social publications and marketing/promotions.
  • In the race to solve specific problems, such as poorly built projects and shackled reputations,
  • The core team implemented an airdrop system through the mobile app for users to claim free $Glim before launching and CEX listings in order to prepare both investors.
  • While the developers further implement swapping, cryptocurrency exchange prices on the GLIM app inbuilt DEX.
Sept – Nov. 2022 Partnerships and more
  • Massive move for partnerships with well-known Crypto/Blockchain projects and problem-solving industries around the crypto sphere.
  • More beneficial features will be implemented in the Glim Inbuilt DEX to keep the community and investors moving.
Dec 2022 – Jan 2023 Concept
  • The Glim Network team and developers begin building the Glim NFT marketplace, as well as the unveiling of their NFT sneak peak and partners.
  • The Glim smart contract will now be available for testing in order to avoid any errors or irregularities, as there will be no room for correction after the mainnet is launched.
  • The Glim free claiming rate may decrease at the end of the quarter
Feb 2023 – April 2023 Launching, Presale and Listing
  • Glim will launch fundraising rounds (pre-sales), followed by
  • the official launch of the $Glim token.
  • Listings on centralized exchanges (CEX) begin in significant masses.
May 2023 – June 2023 Distribution and more
  • The Glim Network smart contract is now operational on Mainnet.
  • Free Glim tokens and Giveaway rewards will be reviewed and distributed to various Solana and EVM addresses.
  • The NFT Marketplace will also be live on the mainnet during this phase, and the NFT launch date will be announced.

Following the distribution of Glim Tokens, the Glim Inbuilt DEX and CEX will fully manifest and expand to a standard Crypto Exchange platform, Their previously mentioned staking protocol on Solana/EVM and Glim’sour app, where $Glim, $GNST, USDT, USDC will stand firm as the primary staking coins and other valuable assets for good yield.

July 2023 – Onwards Furthermore…
  • With another round of airdrops to Blue Chip NFTs holders and Opensea traders, the Glim NFT launches and begins unveiling More Multi chain and Verified NFT partnerships.
  • The core team and DEVs will continue to push the project forward and into various real estate and metaverses worldwide.

How to do Glim Network KYC and Make Withdrawals

Glim Network KYC

Glim recently rolled out their first round KYC tier 1 update, the KYC comes with a new development that enables you to be able to claim your earns as we are heading. Below are steps to follow and get your KYC done without stress.

  • You need to update your Glim Network App on (Google PlayStore) for the KYC features to display
  • Open the Glim Network App on the home page you will locate (Verify Account v1.0)
  • The screenshot must not be older than 5 minutes before you upload
  • Require Telegram ID must be properly generated

It’s important to note that any form of malpractice may lead to the permanent loss of your Glim Network account

To be of help, I will recommend watching the below illustration clip on how to do your GlimNetwork KYC

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