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Satoshi Delegation and Staking (See 2 Simple Steps to Follow)

Just on the eve of people waiting for the Satoshi CORE MainNet to go live, the news broke on the need for Satoshi miners to familiarised themselves on how to do the Satoshi delegation and staking of their core mined.

What is Satoshi Delegation and Staking of Core

Satoshi delegation and Staking simply means saving some of your mined core for incentive purpose and help in supporting the first Satoshi Plus platform.

Satoshi delegation and staking

The staked satoshi core will be traded with while you earn more incentive in the process and you can at any time after the minimum of 48 hours of your staking, you can un-stake if you so wish.

Furthermore, It can be briefly explain as fixing your mined core while you get interest on it. Satoshi Delegation on the other hand is still the same as Satoshi staking just the difference comes from the choice of word. To delegate means to assign certain percentage of your mined core.

What are the benefits of Satoshi Staking

Mentorlink believes that Working Together means Staking Together as the Satoshi Core was built on the platform of Proof of Work, (PoW) (This simply means what you mine is what you get and that is your proof of work) and that is the main reason everyone mining Satoshi Core are not getting same core everyday. I once share 7 tips to mine faster on Satoshi App and earn quickly in 24hours.

Now the other part of making huge income on Satoshi is to delgate or stake part of your Core. This is a normal traditions in the Cryptocurrency world as the like of Remitano, Pi Network locked up some of the miners tokens and coins and in return the more you stake the more your reward and incentive to gain.

So Proof of Stake (PoS) by itself may trend towards centralization, when properly crafted and balanced with PoW. Proof of Stake brings token holders directly into the network security process and scales overall blockchain capabilities.

If you are Satoshi CORE holders, the best you can do for yourselves is to stake some of your Core as this is the best way to both advance and participate in Core’s long-term success.

How to Delegate and Stake your Satoshi Core

In other to make the process simple, and not to bored you with long stores and step on Satoshi delegation and staking, I will share below with you a useful clip with practical illustration on how to stake your core.

Watch the video below

Satoshi Delegation and Staking simple process

If you find this article useful, please considered sharing it with your loved ones. I believe it will go a long way to save them time and risk of losing out details about Satoshi Core Delegation and Satoshi Staking.

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