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Pi Network vs Satoshi Core (The Best Free Mining App)

Pi Network is said to be the first digital currency that you can mine on your phone. And after its, invention many other cryptocurrency mining Apps have been launched and one such is Satoshi Core which will be discussed as (The Best Free Mining App) to opt for.

The fact still remains that mining crypto is hard, most especially Bitcoin, but if you lose out on mining BTC, then Satoshi Core is here for you as the best and most suitable alternative.

The truth is that investing in crypto is risky as your money can be devalued based on market fluctuation and the unstable of the crypto market. But the fact still remains that smart people are making their way without investing their hard earn money in crypto, but how do they do that? If you are interested then read my articles on How to Make Money on Mobile | Mine Cryptocurrency for Free with Pi Network App and on How Satoshi Recruit Miners and Enjoy Free Satoshi Coin as Miner

Pi Network vs Satoshi Core, Which is the Best Free Mining App

Too many of us are left out of the cryptocurrency revolution since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008 we are not been adequately informed and it can be a result of fear of what will be the outcome of all these unknown currencies. But as the Jungle Don Mature, many of us are now running helter-skelter to join the moving plan. You are not alone my reader.

You can now start mining cryptocurrency today with these free, energy-light mobile apps of both Pi Network App and Satoshi Coin Mining App for free for now as at time being.

Pi Network Registration

Pi makes crypto mining easy by making it accessible for people to mine on their phones, you can start the Pi Network registration by first going to Google PlayStore and downloading the Pi Network App, which is available for Android and iOS users.

The App can be seen to have been downloaded by over 50 million+ users and still counting with a great review rating on the Google PlayStore.

Satoshi BTCs Mining App Registration

Satoshi mining App on the other hand is also a free and lightweight mining App that has a much more top-review rating on the Google PlayStore, the App is only available on the Android PlayStore at the time of making this Satoshi and Pi Network Review. The Satoshi download App has hit over 1million+ and still counting.

The dual Pi Network Crypto coin and Satoshi coin have been a breakthrough tech that allows you to mine Pi and Satoshi core on your phone without draining your battery.

To Complete your Registration and Verification Faster (See This Video Guide)

To complete your verification follow the 3 steps below;

  1. On the Satoshi App menu bar, click on Me
  2. Then click on Personal Settings and then to
  3. I’m Not a Robot Verification (You now perform the face verification)

Pi Network Coin

Pi Network

To start your registration you need to download the Apps and follow the steps on the requirement of both apps. See the download link below.

After you might have downloaded the App from the link above, let’s start with the requirement of Pi Network Registration.

  • Pick your country of resident
  • You need a working phone for verification
  • Inputting your name
  • creating a username (It is clear that with over a 50million+ active users, you need to be creative in picking a username for your account) This can be related to picking a domain name for a website
  • And Pi Network Invitation code (which you can use Kinfo)

Two (2) Reasons for the Pi Network Invitation Code

  • You will not be able to complete your registration on the Pi mining App without an invitation code like this Kinfo
  • Every user that uses the Pi invitation code also gets a free Pi coin during the registration.

Use the Invitation Code kinfo and get a free 1 Pi and be able to complete your registration.

Satoshi Mining App Registration Requirement

  • You need a working email for verification (as a code will be sent to your mail and input during Satoshi registration)
  • A cleared front phone camera for facial verification
  • See the above video guide for details on how to do the face verification easily

The difference between the Satoshi Mining App and Pi Network is that Satoshi did not require an invitation code and no free Satoshi coin is given upon registration.

How to Start Mining Pi Coin?

To start mining Pi, do check in every 24 hours and hit the lightning button to start mining. Once you start mining you earn Pi coins and contribute to the Pi community.

You can boost your mining rate by inviting your trusted family and friends to join the Pi community.

How to become Pi Network Ambassador?

As an Ambassador, you earn up to a 25% bonus on your base mining rate for each person you invite to the network. You become an Ambassador when new members join your earning team by using your invitation code while signing up for the Pi Network.

Each member earns a 25% boost rate for your mining. While in a contributor role, you need 3-5 trusted members to join your security circle.

How to Start Mining Satoshi Core?

When you are done with both email and facial verification click on start mining. The mining starts automatically except if you refuse to pack all the mined blocks. Then your mining will be suspended until you cleared the mined core.

Benefits of the Pi Network App

  • You get a free 1 Pi coin on successful registration on Pi Network
  • If you refer people to get to mining on Pi App, you get a 20% increase in your mining rate
  • With Pi security circle, you gain an increase in the mining rate
  • Pi Network allows you to lockup some portion of your earned Pi

Satoshi Mining App Benefits

  • Free Bitcoin incentive on registration (This can be withdrawn to your wallet.) I recommend using the Remitano wallet.
  • Get a free 25% increase in mining rate on your new Satoshi recruit miners
  • Participate in Satoshi Giveaway
  • Use GiftCard and HashCard for free

How long can you mine on Pi and Satoshi?

Satoshi on his official Twitter account stated that by 12th December 2022 mining on mobile phones will end. While Pi Network has started diminishing its mining rate based on the communication released on its Official Twitter account. However, Pi Network gave some recommendations on how to boost your mining rate.

In short, no Mainnet migration yet as at the time of making this article on Satoshi, while Pi has started migrating to phase III of their development roadmap with Mainnet migration.

Pi Network founders are known to the public world but no physical details of Satoshi’s founder(s).

No referral link is required for Satoshi Mining App, but you need an invitation code for Pi Network (I recommended using Kinfo as an invitation code to get a free 1 Pi).

How to recruit miners to Satoshi App

I will recommend you see my latest update on how the Satoshi Mining App work and How to get free Bitcoin for all miners recruited.

The Similarities Between Pi Network and Satoshi App

  • Both Pi Coin and Satoshi Core are yet to be listed on the MarketCap
  • They all experience high downloading rates with good user-friendly experience review rating
  • They are both lightweight with no history of battery drain
  • Both Apps uses their Twitter account for prompt dissemination of updates on their currency
  • Mining occurs every 24 hours on Pi Network and 25 hours on Satoshi Mining App
  • Both reward you for referral with a bonus on mining rate and more (Satoshi also give free BTC)


Based on my experience of using these mining Apps, I believed it is a win-win situation. So far the two projects succeeded. I have been getting free dollars on Satoshi and got hope to make a lot on Pi Network.

You can have the two apps on your phone without fear of battery drain or your data being exhausted.

At the moment Pi can be said not to be a quick money App or free money App. It is a long-term project whose success depends on the collective contributions of its members.

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