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How to Borrow Data and Airtime for your Friends & Family on Glo for Free

In one of my previous articles I shared how to share data from your own subscription and gift out some part from it, today I will be sharing with you How to Borrow Data and Airtime for other people without touching your own data or airtime balance.

Meanwhile, for Glo customers here in this article is how you can now borrow airtime and data for friends and family with the “Borrow For Others” on the Borrow – Me Credit service.

How to Borrow Data and Airtime

how to borrow data and airtime

This service allows active Glo prepaid subscribers who meet the eligibility criteria, to Borrow Airtime or Data for Friends and Family.

How to be Eligible

Are you out of airtime? Borrow now and pay later by dialling *777# or *321# as borrowed airtime will be deducted from your next recharge.

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This great service from Glo allows you to request for airtime and data for friends and family when they have run out of airtime or data and you are expected to pay back on your next recharge within a specified period.

You can borrow up to 4GB data and even N2000 airtime to anyone that you wish to credit, below is the activation code for any plan or amount you wish to borrow.

You can borrow online or by dialing *321#. Both methods will provide you with the amounts you qualify for. To get specific denominations use the following short codes:

How to Borrow Airtime and Data

  • *321*1*25# for N25
  • *321*1*50# for N50,
  • *321*1*100# for N100,
  • *321*1*200# for N200,
  • *321*1*500# for N500
  • *321*1*1000# for N1000
  • *321*2*2000# for N2000

How to Borrow Data and Airtime

  • *321*2*50# for 35MB,
  • *321*2*100# for 95,
  • *321*2*200# for 200MB,
  • *321*2*500# for 650MB
  • *321*2*1000# for 1.6GB
  • *321*2*2000# for 4,4GB

How simple and convenient is that, you can manually repay back by dialing *321*9*9#. The person you borrowed the Airtime for can use the borrowed credit to call all network, use it for international calls and much more.

Note that if you dial the code *321# and did not get any response, I will encourage you to dial the code again as there is likelihood that there may be many requests on the system and or temporary system downtime.

How to Borrow Data and Airtime Related Articles

If you recharge with borrow me credit on Glo and it is time to repay and Glo did not deduct from your balance, don’t be too happy with it as that may be as a result of slight delay on there system getting recharge notifications from the network.

Glo system is designed to recover airtime as soon as it gets notified of your reload, and if there are delays in such notifications it could result in a delay in deduction after any one of your reloads.

Glo have their system configured in such a way that even if you recieve airtime from Glo ME2U, so far the credit enters in to your main balance and you are owning them from Glo Borrow Me, then the amount will be recovered. Any transaction that credits the main account triggers a recovery if the subscriber has a loan.

And some people may borrow data and airtime but refuses to pay back with the 72days repayment period, then you are looking for Glo trouble as any your account will be swept off any airtime remaining there subject to the loan taken. You will not be able to access the Service until you pay back the entire amount owed, and it will adversely affect your credit rating which is important for qualifying for higher amounts in future.

The Principles behind How to Borrow Data and Airtime on Glo

How to borrow data and airtime of N500 for instance, Glo will credit your family or the receiving friends with N425, and Why?

The amount they receive is less 15% service charge which will be recovered together with the credited amount next time you reload.

How to Borrow Data and Airtime without paying back?

You can borrow for the first time and yet to repay and still borrow airtime and data for the second time and Glo allowed just an additional time to borrow again without repaying the first as long as the loan is within your eligibility Matrix. But you must completely repay the 2 loans before you are eligible for another.

The duration for repayment of the borrow data and airtime for your friends and family is 72hours.

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