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How to use MTN Promo Code & Enjoy 30% discount + (MTN Data Bundle Code)

MTN recently sent a message to some selected lines to get a 30% discount on their next data subscription with an MTN Promo Code to be used.

How to Use the MTN Promo Code on your Data Subscription

MTN comes in different manners to reward their loyal subscribers and I believe that is why I am receiving this from one of my MTN lines, this will serve as a motivation and encourage me to use the line more.

MTN Promo code

What is the Steps Needed to Use MTN Promo Code

The first step is to recharge your MTN line with your desired data plan and dial the code *131*1#

This will lead you to a page that requests you to buy a data plan,

  • be it daily plans
  • weekly plans
  • monthly plans
  • 2-3 month plans
  • Mi-fi plan Free YouTube
  • Popular plans
  • Hot deals

And the list goes on and on.

Pick a data plan you wish to buy and then it will ask you to input the MTN promo code, and you need to supply it, that is if you are qualified to use the MTN promo code.

Based on the image attached above you can see that I go for the monthly data plan of N2,500 for 6GB of data.

In its option, it asked to select from some categories like:

  • buying data for friends,
  • auto-renew plans and so on.
  • And lastly on the screen will be to redeem the MTN promo code.

And that is how you can use the MTN promo code, that is if you have any.

For making it to this end, I will be sharing here with you some of the data plans that are either free or cheap on the MTN line.

Cheap MTN Data Plans and their codes

MTN Cheap Data Code for 24GB, 9GB and 1.5GB is now the best and affordable data bundle from the MTN network compared to the likes of Glo 10GB data and 9mobile 7GB data plan.

This data plan is just an offer that varies from one customer to another, and it is called the MTN4me offer.

To enjoy this offer below is the link to full details on how to enjoy up to 40GB of data on the MTN4me offer.

Ways to Get Free Data on MTN

There are up to 4 ways nowadays to enjoy free data on MTN, and this can be enjoyed by all the MTN customers, you can see here in the below link, how to get free data on your MTN line.

The above ways work for both old and new SIM, meanwhile, if you are still using an old MTN line, I will suggest you read on how to enjoy 10GB data and 4GB of data on those MTN sims

This article is two in one, as I will be sharing with you how to enjoy MTN Data Referral promotional and how to get 1GB data for N200.

MTN Data Referral is a promotional programme that allows you to send invites to your friends who have not used data on their lines within 30-365 days to buy any MTN data bundle.

After referring another customer you will enjoy a 10% bonus on the bundle activated by the referred customer. While the referred customer will enjoy 50% of the data bundle she/he purchased.

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Below are some useful and recommended links for other networks.


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