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Airtel Data Plan for 2024 (See How to Enjoy Free Browsing)

Here is A to Z of presently working Airtel Data Plan, meaning you may not need to search further in looking for Airtel Data Bundles anymore, as we try to cover the front and back of Airtel Data Plan.

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Without further delay let talk about Airtel Data Bundles that are still working for us up till today.

Airtel Data Bundles for 2023/2024

First on my list of still working data plans on Airtel is the Airtel Binge, which offers 2GB of data and 1GB of Data for a duration of 24hours.

This I called a cheap based on the quantity of data attached, to read more on how to activate Airtel Binge, then read the full post here

Airtel Data Bundles

Next is the Airtel 4g data plan and how to get free 4GB data on the Airtel network, the good about this free data on Airtel is that you can use it on a 4GB enable device and that your SIM must also be on 4G. But if you are still using the old 3G SIM, then you need to upgrade your SIM to enjoy this bonus.

However, to enjoy this free 4GB, you can see all here on how to enable your Airtel SIM to 4G & get 4GB of Data.

Daily Weekly and Monthly bundles

Many Airtel users may not know that with *444# you can get a 10% bonus on airtime and data with the purchase of N100 and above. This is simple as 1,2 and 3, see details and 10 other benefits of using the Airtel code from here

Airtel Monthly Data Plan, SmartCONNECT is Airtel’s default bonus plan for prepaid customers which offers a 100% INSTANT bonus on every data bundle plus 8 times bonus on every recharge. And it comes with all the normal Airtel Data Plan.

Meanwhile, you can activate the popular Airtel 8x times on this plan. This work on Standard Micro and Nano (in fact on All SIM). Here you can read more on how to benefit 8x times and Free 4GB for up to 6months.

Airtel Data Plans

Best Airtel data plan

Better offers is still ahead of you, now let me share other channels of getting 10x times and take for an instant; If you load N100 gives you N500 for calls and N500 for data while N200 gives you N1000 for calls and N1000 for data. And many others. Read full details on this and how to get 5GB of data here

Free 1GB Airtel Data code, is here for people that wish to get a bonus of 1GB and you can also accumulate this data and get as much data as possible.

For you to enjoy this free Airtel data and accumulate as much as you can, then see details here

Get Free Browsing with Unlimited Data

How to Register Your Airtel Sim & Do It Yourself

Are you been stranded in a location and can not use any other network except Airtel. Here below is the way to Register Your Airtel Sim yourself.

KYC self-help platform (SMS & USSD based) helps customers find the nearest KYC registration location to them. This is to create ease of access to information on nearest KYC registration locations. See the code to register Airtel yourself on this post

Airtel data bundles, do you know that you can enjoy free 3GB on Airtel TV App, this absolutely free and for all users on the Airtel network. To activate the free 3GB data you can see details here

Night Airtel Data Plan for N25 between 12 am to 5 am, this is Airtel Data Plan under Airtel SmartTRYBE. For more on the activation code for the Airtel Night plan and other benefits on SmartTRYBE, see this article

Airtel SmartTRYBE 2.0 Special Benefits

  • Calls at 11k/sec to all networks
  • N25 for 250MB. Valid between 12midnight and 5 am
  • 1GB for N500. Valid for 7 days. Free 15MB every week

Full details on the above are here

How to know your Airtel Number

Have you ever been stranded and wish to know your Airtel phone number, then here is the way out? To know your Airtel mobile number, switch on your phone, insert your Airtel sim and then Dial *121#, then press 3, and enter 4. Or preferable dial *121# >> 3 >> 4 once. And read more on how to get free 1GB Data as well

Airtel Data Plan for SmartBox Outdoor Unit (ODU)

With Airtel SmartBox you can accumulate up to 240GB of data.

The benefits of the Airtel SmartBox Outdoor Unit are

  • Get faster downloads for Video Streaming and access to Virtual Meetings on the Airtel Smartbox,
  • Online Learning and Tutoring,
  • Video Gaming,
  • Transfer & Download of large files,
  • TV and Video Streaming etc.

For details on SOU, see this article

Free Data Offer on Airtel

This is not an Airtel Data Plan but an offer for all users who have not performed any chargeable activity in the last 15 days or more.

Meanwhile, this reason by Airtel was not that 100% true, as I received the message after my recharge. Anyhow the interesting part for us is that we can enjoy Airtel Free 1GB of Data from this exclusive offer. See details on how to check if your Airtel is eligible.

Another Airtel Data Plan to enjoy is the low Airtel Data Plan that offers 5GB and 2GB for as low as N200. Read all about this Airtel Data Plan Offers here.

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Source: Airtel website

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